10 Incredible Superhero Games PC, XBOX, PS.

 10 Incredible Superhero Games PC, XBOX, PS.

The best superhero games make you feel like you’re embodying the powers and duties that represent your preferred heroes. Reading about their moral actions in comics is one thing, but getting to control them as they fight crime and destroy the capabilities of evil is something else completely.

The idea of games based on comic books remains to this day and is running ahead faster than ever now, with Square Enix and several other top gaming studios now in development with Marvel.

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Injustice 2

Best Superhero Games


After producing Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe at Midway in 2008, Boon founded NetherRealm Studios and successfully rebooted the Mortal Kombat universe in 2011. Following the well-received reinvention of that series, Boon’s team released DC Comics fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us in 2013 using related mechanics. Many thought it difficult to make a Mortal Kombat-style fighter without tons of blood and gore, but they nailed the balance between the dark tone and PG-rated combat.

It also seems suitable given the entire basis for the games are heroes and villains going against the preconceived ideas of what is good and what is evil.

inFamous Second Son


Don’t misunderstand – Second Son is very much an open-world superhero games first, and an attractive one at that. Its flashy powers look and feel glorious in battle, and that’s really what games like this are all about.

While high production values are often a smokescreen for weak characters, Second Son succeeds here, too. Troy Baker’s motion-captured performance as our new Conduit, Delsin, remains believable whether he’s being a snarky, reckless jerk, or a plucky, bohemian do-gooder.

Batman: Arkham Asylum


PS4, Xbox, PC

Perhaps the most innovative superhero game of all time, Batman: Arkham Asylum didn’t just prove how to make a great comic-book game, it influenced several games with its perfected rhythmic combat, as well as its approach to predatorial stealth gameplay

As Batman, you not only get to go toe-to-toe with thugs in fast-paced punch-ups, but you also employ satisfying stealth tactics, play with great gadgets, solve some remarkable riddles, and do a decent amount of detective work.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is a third-person action game casting you as — you guessed it, chum — the Dark Knight himself. The title opens with Batman racing back to Arkham, Gotham’s home for the criminally insane, with the Joker in tow.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Giant Bomb

PS4, Xbox, PC

A game we neglected on our first draft of this list probably because of its association with the terrible, terrible movie of the same name, X-Men Origins: Wolverine goes to places that the movies never could.

In this game we get Wolverine in his prime, slicing up enemy soldiers like a wild animal, his full power under your control at last. At one point he pulls a helicopter pilot out of his seat and uses the chopper’s blades to cut the guy’s head off.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance


PS4, Xbox, PC

Infinity War is one of Marvel Comics’ most epic crossover events. In 1992, it brought together dozens of superheroes to team up against Thanos and his impossibly powerful Infinity Gauntlet.

Throughout this galactic adventure, you’ll have access to 25 playable Marvel characters. Some, including Spider-Man, Thor and Wolverine, are true legends. Others are b-list characters including Blade and Elektra, apparently thrown in to ride the wave of popularity from mildly successful feature films.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

PS4, Xbox, PC

One of the better gaming crossovers out there is the Marvel vs. Capcom superhero games. Birthed in the arcades, they have gone on to build an impressive legacy.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 makes all the customary moves for a Capcom update, bringing in new fighters, new stages, and a few additional features while retaining the crazy sense of style that gives the series distinction in the fighting game genre.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 makes all the customary moves for a Capcom update, bringing in new fighters, new stages, and a few additional features while retaining the crazy sense of style that gives the series distinction in the fighting game genre.

Batman: Arkham Knight

superhero games
Comic Book

PS4, Xbox, PC

Gotham is under attack, again. But while Batman is, as always, on the case, the cracks are beginning to reveal.

Batman: Arkham Knight has a sense of finality. It builds on the innovative strike-and-counter fighting style with strong new moves and enemies; it expands on Arkham City’s open world with a bigger, more detailed version of Gotham; it introduces a new fully playable Batmobile and makes it a major part of the action and puzzles; and it brings all of Batman’s closest family of Gotham superheroes and rogues together for an amazing, great-looking finale.

God of War

superhero games


Introducing mature and passionate writing, hard-hitting tactical combat, and characters we fell in love with, God of War is an unusual reboot of the beloved deity-murdering series and a secretly exciting superhero game.

Set in a new, Norse mythology-inspired world and starring a well-known but thoughtfully reimagined character, God of War’s fish-out-of-Greek-water tale is a nonstop whirlwind of emotions.


superhero games
guil ford voyager


This PS4 exclusive is easily Spidey’s best game ever, and topping it will be a tall order indeed.

By bringing a studio known for its ability to craft imaginative gadgets and deliver supremely fun traversal to the Spider-Man franchise, Sony found a match made in paradise. Spider-Man excels in its web-swinging and fight, but it truly sets itself apart in its storytelling.

Web-swinging is more solid than it’s ever been and there’s so much to understand and do as Spidey that you will be playing it far beyond the fifteen hours it takes to wrap up its pretty compelling story.

Batman: Arkham City

Best Superhero Games

PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Following the runaway victory of Batman: Arkham Asylum, many wondered if lightning could strike twice for Rocksteady.

While its story may not be as focused as Asylum’s or follow the Metroidvania setup of the original, the sequel does a much better job at making you feel like Batman by providing a huge sandbox littered with criminals and collectibles.

The action is magicked straight from the films and comics, where discretion and detection are as important as slamming Bat-fists through the faces of the criminally crazy.

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