10 Anime Where the MC is the King or Royalty

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Looking for anime where mc is king then look no further because in this article we will be giving you our handpicked list of 10 Anime Where MC is King.

And keep in mind that while some of the anime in an article may not entirely meet the mc is king title, one thing is consistent in all of them: mc is a leader of some type.

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Anime Where MC is King

1. Nobunaga the Fool

Anime Where MC is King
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Genres: Action, Historical, Mecha, Sci-Fi

The protagonist and a member of the Oda clan, Nobunaga, from the Eastern Planet. Because of his brazen and impulsive demeanor, he is frequently misunderstood. Leonardo gives him a formidable Giant War Armor mech he calls “The Fool.” Jeanne predicts him as the Savior-King who will reunite the Western and Eastern Planets.

2. Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

Anime Where MC is King

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

The story follows Misumi Makoto is transported to another world to become a hero by the God Tsukoyomi. The other world’s Goddess deems Makoto too ugly and banishes him to her worlds Wasteland, infested with non-humans and monsters, giving him only the ability to understand all languages.

Tsukuyomi intervenes, explaining in Japan Makoto’s abilities were restricted by modern life, but in the new world, he is quite powerful and free to do whatever he pleases.

After wandering the Wasteland for three days Makoto saves a young Orc named Emma from a two-headed wolf monster which he kills, discovering how strong he now is. Emma explains she was supposed to be a sacrifice to the God Shen to dispel the fog around her village so crops can grow.

3. Arslan Senki

Anime Where MC is King

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Shounen

Arslan, the young prince, sets out for the first time on the battlefield to display his courage. When one of the king’s most trusted ministers betrays him, the Parsian army is destroyed and the capital city of Ecbatana is invaded. With his army in shambles and the Lusitanians after his head, Arslan is forced to flee.

4. Code Geass

Anime Where MC is King
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Genres: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Super Power, Drama, Mecha, School

Code Geass is an anime in which the main character, Lelouch vi Britannia, is an exiled prince from Britannia. Nunnally, Lelouch’s sister, was so traumatized that she lost both her sight and her ability to walk after his mother was cruelly killed. Lelouch is taken to Japan as a political pawn, and after Japan is conquered by Britannia, he promises his Japanese ally Suzaku Kururugi that he would one day annihilate Britannia.

5. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime


Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Magic, Fantasy

Satoru Mikami is an ordinary 37-year-old corporate worker living in Tokyo. He is almost content with his monotonous life, despite the fact that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

During a casual encounter with his colleague, an assailant pops out of nowhere and stabs him. While succumbing to his injuries, a mysterious voice echoes in his mind and recites a series of commands which he could not make sense of.

After regaining consciousness, Satoru discovers that he has been reincarnated as a Slime in an unfamiliar world. At the same time, he also acquires new-found skills, particularly the ability called “Predator,” which allows him to devour anything and mimic its appearance and skills.

6. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom


Genres: Action, Fantasy, Harem, Magic, Military, Romance

Summoned to another world to reportedly deal with the threat of the Demon Lord’s Domain, Kazuya instead finds himself with the throne of the Kingdom of Elfrieden and the hand of Liscia Elfrieden thrown at him.

Now, king, Kazuya begins radical reforms in order to improve the standard of living in the kingdom. In the One Week War, Kazuya finds himself in a civil war between himself and Dukes Georg Carmine and Castor Vargas while also having to fight the Principality of Amidonia.

7. The 8th son? Are you kidding me?

Anime Where MC is King
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Genres: Action, Fantasy

Waking up in a new world, 25-year-old Shingo Ichinomiya realizes that he is in the body of a six-year-old. Retaining memories of his stressful life working at a firm company, Shingo learns that the person he is occupying is Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister, the eighth son of a poor noble family living in the countryside.

Awoken to his bizarre situation, Wendelin strives to change his financial and social status for the better. His newly discovered great magical aptitude may prove to be just what he needs to achieve that goal.

8. Snow White with the Red Hair


Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Shoujo

Shirayuki is a normal herbalist in the kingdom of Tanbarun with one unique feature: her beautiful red hair which attracts a lot of attention. Due to her unusual hair color, Shirayuki was raised to always be careful of showing her hair in new surroundings, tying it up with a red ribbon and grew to be an independent, young woman.

However, her hair gets her noticed by Prince Raj, who orders her to become his concubine. Refusing his orders, she cuts her hair and leaves it behind, as she knew that he only wanted her for her unique hair colour and escapes to the neighboring kingdom of Clarines. On her way there, she meets and befriends Prince Zen Wistaria and his two aides, Mitsuhide and Kiki.

9. Kingdom

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Genres: Action, Historical, Military, Seinen

In the kingdom of Qin, Li Xin, a war-orphaned slave, trains vigorously with fellow slave and best friend, Piao, who shares his proud dream of one day becoming a Great General of the Heavens. However, the two are suddenly forced to part ways when Piao is recruited to work in the royal palace by a retainer of the King.

After a fierce coup d’état unfolds, Piao returns to Xin, half dead, with a mission that will lead him to a meeting with China’s young King, Ying Zheng, who bears a striking resemblance to Piao. Kingdom follows Xin as he takes his first steps into the great blood-soaked pages of China’s history. He must carve his own path to glory on his long quest to become a Great General of the historic Seven Warring States.

10. Record of Grancrest War


Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Theo Cornaro is the main protagonist of the series. A wandering knight who obtained a Crest from a Chaos Core. He comes from Sistina, a village ravaged by Chaos and oppressed by their Lord, Viscount Phederico Rossini. After rescuing Siluca Meletes from soldiers and telling her his goal to free his hometown, he forms a contract with her and together they fight to stop the feuding lords and end the Chaos era.

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