10 Best Anime Movies in The Decade (2010-2019)

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Every year, the anime industry releases various titles for the public’s enjoyment. From psychological thrillers to hilarious comedies, here are the 10 Best Anime Movies from 2010-2019.

A lot can happen in a decade, especially in the anime world. The advent of simulcasting and licensed theatrical releases have fundamentally shifted the ways in which Japanese animation is distributed and consumed, as well as advances in computer graphic imagery and post-production technology that have given animators and directors more than ever before Provided more creative possibilities and independence.


Anime Movies in 2010-2019

1. Your Name (2016)

best anime movies
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Your Name is by far best anime movie in this list of Best Anime Movies you can also say this one of the most earning anime movies.

The two teenagers are swapping bodies. But things get more complicated when the boy and girl decide to meet in person.

It’s a beautiful, captivating piece of work that gets off to kind of a rocky start but achieves remarkable momentum toward an emotional, powerful ending. And you won’t see a better-looking animated film all year. rise of human relationships.

8.4/10IMDb8.4/10IMDb 9.1/10MyAnimeList97%Rotten Tomatoes

2. A Silent Voice (2016)

10 Best Anime Movies in 2010-2019
Image:- Eleven Arts

When a grade school student with impaired hearing is bullied mercilessly she transfers to another school. Years later, one of her former tormentors sets out to make amends.

In unearthing the serious and ugly consequences of persecution among peers, K-On! director Naoko Yamada’s beautifully animated film—based on Yoshitoki Ōima’s manga—delivers an emotional and redemptive journey through the depths of depression to uncover the meaning of friendship.

94% Rotten Tomatoes 8.2/10IMDb 9.5/10IGN.com
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3. The Wind Rises (2011)

best anime movies

A lifelong love of flight inspires Japanese aviation engineer Jiro Horikoshi (Hideaki Anno), whose storied career includes the creation of theA6M World War II fighter plane.

In “The Wind Rises”, the fictional story of Zero Horikoshi, the designer of Japan’s World War II airplane (he was responsible for designing the deadly “Zero” fighter plane), a character tells, racing clouds in the sky. Staring, “Airplanes are beautiful dreams.” Miyazaki’s films are beautiful dreams. Her presence has already been missed.

88%Rotten Tomatoes5/5The Telegraph4.6/5Common Sense Media

4. When Marnie Was There (2014)

10 Best Anime Movies in 2010-2019
Image:- Channel 4
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A young girl is sent to the country for health reasons, where she meets an unlikely friend in the form of Marnie, a young girl with flowing blonde hair. As the friendship unravels Marnie has closer ties to the protagonist than we might expect.

The film follows Anna Sasaki staying with her relatives in a town in Kushiro wetlands, Hokkaido. Anna comes across a nearby abandoned mansion, where she meets Marnie, a mysterious girl who asks her to promise to keep their secrets from everyone.

7.7/10IMDb91%Rotten Tomatoes4.2/5Common Sense Media

5. Mirai (2018)

best anime movies
Image:- IMDB
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A young boy named Kun feels forgotten by his family when his little sister Mirai arrives. Running away from home, Kun stumbles upon a magical garden that serves as a time-traveling gateway where he encounters his mother as a little girl and has a series of adventures with his baby sister, who is all grown up, opening a new perspective on his world.

The fantasy sequences – whether they’re Kun’s imagination or something more magical isn’t clear – are lavish; gothic ruins and fish-filled waterspouts exploding out of Kun’s garden refuge convey his inner upheaval. Just as in a four-year-old’s mind, the trivial and the epic are synonymous.

7/10IMDb91% Rotten Tomatoes81% Metacritic

6. Weathering with You

best anime movies
Image:- star2.com

A boy runs away to Tokyo and befriends a girl who appears to be able to manipulate the weather.

The dazzling animation in Weathering With You again combines almost photorealistic scenery and backgrounds with dazzling splashes of light and color, this time refracted through the ceaseless torrential rain that threatens to submerge Tokyo.

Originally titled Tenki no Ko (literally translating to Child of the Weather), Weathering With You is Shinkai’s latest directorial venture. After the film released in Japan in July, it was screened at TIFF in September, and it has now made its way to India in its original language with English subtitles, much to the excitement of Indian anime fans.

7.8/10IMDb100%Rotten Tomatoes3/5IndieWire

7. The Garden of Words

10 Best Anime Movies in 2010-2019
Image:- The Glimpse
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The Garden of Words is my personal favorite anime because of how beautiful this is and by far the best Best Anime Movies in terms of art.

When a lonely teenager skips his morning lessons to sit in a lovely garden, he meets a mysterious older woman who shares his feelings of alienation.

I think The Garden of Words is groundbreaking as far as Shinkai’s work goes because it addresses distance in a socially controversial/unacceptable relationship between a student and a teacher.

7.5/10IMDb8.2/10MyAnimeList9.1/10Breaking Canon

8. The Secret World of Arrietty

best anime movies
Image:- downtownbrooklyn

Arrietty, a tiny teenager, lives with her parents in the recesses of a suburban home, unbeknown to the homeowner and housekeeper. Like others of her kind, Arrietty remains hidden from her human hosts,but occasionally ventures forth from beneath the floorboards to borrow sugar cubes and other supplies. A secret friendship forms when 12-year-old Shawn meets Arrietty, but their relationship could spell danger for Arrietty’s family.

4/5Common Sense Media95%Rotten Tomatoes7.6/10IMDb
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9. Wolf Children

best anime movies

Hana marries a wolf man and raises their two children alone after he dies. They move to the countryside and the children have adventures in the woods and at school.

Wolf Children is a staggeringly beautiful animated feature film from director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars). This epic cinematic achieve from director Hana, a woman who falls in love with a Wolf Man and gives birth to two half human, half wolf children. After the tragic death of her beloved Hana seeks refuge in rural town where she attempts to build a life for herself and her children.

71%Metacritic5/5The Telegraph94%Rotten Tomatoes

10. Letter to Momo (2011)

best anime movies
Image:- Slap Happy Larry
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Momo is recovering from her father’s death and her mother’s decision to move their family from Tokyo to a remote island, when she discovers a message from her father that causes strange events to occur.

After the unexpected death of her father, 11-year-old Momo Miyaura leaves Tokyo with her mother and moves to an old remote island in Seto Inland Sea. The only memento she has from her father is an unfinished letter with only two words inside: “Dear Momo”—along with her heart’s unrest from it.

65%Metacritic7.3/10IMDb80%Rotten Tomatoes

If you like our list of Best Anime Movies in 2010-2019 then comment your favorite one and tell us why.

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