10 Best Games Like Control

Control is a fantastic action-adventure video game, and the fact that you are here indicates that you have already played it and are searching for more of the same. In this post, we will assist you in discovering Best Games Like Control.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten Best Games Like Control and will provide you with the finest action-adventure experience.

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Best Games Like Control

1. Returnal

Best Games Like Control

Control lovers may also appreciate the Ps third-person shooter Returnal. Returnal is a challenging, atmospheric, and imaginative experience with remarkably smooth and engaging gameplay. Returnal may be an immediate PlayStation classic if you combine a compelling story, excellent graphics, and some impressive use of the DualSense controller.

Returnal reimagines roguelike gameplay as a third-person shooter in which players must struggle to survive on a dangerous planet that alters with each death. Players can switch between fire modes instinctively simply using a single adaptable trigger, and they can get right back into the fight after dying. The vivid 3D audio on the PS5 brings the alien world to life around the player, assisting them in navigating the furious positional fighting.

2. Prey

Best Games Like Control

Prey has a lot of Control in it, which is a bizarre and surreal action-adventure title.

With its carefully designed mechanics and fantastic game- and level-design, this excellent first-person action game with a heavy RPG aspect offers various gameplay options. It has an attention-grabbing tale, outstanding scriptwriting, and a ruthlessly stimulating atmosphere, and it does not allow for criticism of logical flaws because it explains everything well. It is technically flawless and operates nicely. A few minor flaws can be overlooked with little remorse.

3. The Sinking City

Best Games Like Control

The Sinking City has a fantastic ambiance that grips the darkest areas of your mind. Oakmont feels nasty, unwelcoming, and full of mysteries, but the game makes it apparent that discovering what they are may cost you more than just your life. Despite flaws in its characters and combat, The Sinking City is an excellent introduction to the supernatural detective category.

Take, for example, The Sinking City.

The Sinking City is an adventure and investigation game set in an open environment inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmos. The supernatural powers have taken control of Oakmont, a half-submerged city. You’re a private detective tasked with discovering the truth about what has possessed the city… and the minds of its citizens.

4. BioShock

Best Games Like Control

Rapture, the underwater metropolis, is one of gaming’s most recognizable locales. The decaying metropolis, like Control’s Oldest House, feels alive, as if it is a character within the game, yet the unclean and flooded parts are a stark contrast to The Oldest House’s sterile office environs.

BioShock is on par with the great classic films that have received Oscars for years, and this one will do the same for the video game industry. The mix of a brilliant plot, fantastic gameplay, and beautiful landscape has resulted in an all-around well-crafted game that it would be a crime not to play.

5. Industria

Best Games Like Control

Industria is another atmospheric shooter with a female that delves into sci-fi themes, including the presence of parallel realities.

Berlin, November 9th, 1989: The streets are teeming with people. Thousands of automobiles are flowing across the inner-German border after four decades of conflict. The Wall has finally been opened!

Simultaneously, a guy vanishes in a secret research site near East Berlin. His farewell message arrives too late. You return to the office, where State Security has already destroyed all records pertaining to the research project. The complex is vacant and devoid of people.

6. The Evil Within

Best Games Like Control

If you enjoy Control with horror components, I’d recommend picking up The Evil Within on a console, which may be on sale. It will undoubtedly satisfy everyone who has been yearning for a return to the glory days of gaming.

Take, for example, The Evil Within.

Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners come upon a dangerous and strong force while investigating the scene of a horrible mass murder. Sebastian is ambushed and knocked unconscious after witnessing the death of fellow officers. When he awakens, he finds himself in a disordered world populated by monstrous animals roaming among the dead. Sebastian embarks on a perilous adventure to discover what is driving this wicked power, despite facing unimaginable terror and struggling for survival.

7. Beyond: Two Souls

Best Games Like Control

Beyond Two Souls is identical to the PS4 version. As a result, it enhances the story with a technological result that accentuates everything. This port, more fluid than ever, presents its most gorgeous version here. Beyond Two Souls has gone down in video game history as a classic.

Experience the life of Jodie Holmes, a young lady with magical abilities thanks to a psychic bond to an invisible entity. Witness the most dramatic events of Jodie’s life as your actions and decisions affect her fate. Jodie will encounter enormous challenges as she travels the world, all against a backdrop of emotionally-charged events never previously seen in a video game.

8. Alan Wake Remastered

Best Games Like Control

Our top pick should come as no surprise given that Alan Wake is another outstanding title in Remedy’s portfolio and has numerous similarities with Control.

Alan Wake was already regarded as an amazing game, and it still holds up well over a decade later. Even after completing the DLC, I found myself extremely engrossed in Remedy, leaving me wanting more. It’s unfortunate that Remastered’s cutscenes have issues, and I hope they can be fixed, but overall, it’s a good job. I cannot recommend Alan Wake Remastered highly enough if you enjoy mystery thrillers.

9. Max Payne

Max Payne Games Like Control

A third-person shooter with a story-driven weapon arrangement that includes over a dozen real-life guns that all fit the crime-story backdrop like a bullet in the head. More than 80 hand-painted comic screens surround the action, enhancing the game’s grim mood and attitude, introducing the game’s homicidal ensemble of characters, and transporting the plot from one area to the next.

The grounded, gritty crime thriller is a far cry from the paranormal thrills of Control, but one can still sense the two’s connected DNA.

10. Quantum Break

Quantum Break Games Like Control

Before Control, Remedy attempted Quantum Break. Quantum Break crosses the boundaries between television and gameplay, combining the two into a single continuous, immersive experience. Quantum Break intertwines the cinematic action of intensive gameplay with the suspense and drama of scripted television, creating a world in which each has a direct impact on the other.

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