10 Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse will always be the requirement for gamers, And as gaming goes, the market is always hot for the new and better mouse. The gaming mouse comes with two types lightweight and heavy gaming mouse, and you want to understand the difference between these two.

A heavier gaming mouse is more difficult to accelerate and decelerate, but it’s more accurate with greater sensitivities. And a Lightweight Gaming Mouse can move quicker and is more accurate when using lower sensitivities.

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Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Lightweight Gaming Mouse
Rocket Jump Ninja

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is the lightest mouse around and an excellent selection for FPS gaming.

Although if you’re using it wired or wirelessly, it has extremely low click latency, which is very useful for gamers. Most hand sizes should be able to use it easily, although smaller hands may try with a fingertip grip.

It’s also very light when used wirelessly, but the cable can create some drag when plugged in.

Glorious Model O

Lightweight Gaming Mouse
Glorious PC Gaming Race

The Glorious Model O is great for ultra-light gaming. While it’s a very lightweight Gaming Mouse, which should satisfy fans of light mice, sadly, it can’t be customized to reduce the weight. Its very good click latency and polling rate make it a good selection for any type of game as well.

While it has great ergonomics and can be used either right or left-handed as well as in any grip type, it’s worth noting that this mouse is on the larger side, and people with small hands may want to consider something smaller.

Cooler Master MM711

Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master MM711 is a great lightweight gaming mouse. Features a quality of best feature pack in a gaming mouse. These features include a lightweight chassis, a precision sensor from PixArt, and of course Omron switches for the buttons.

Together with a solid structure and a quality RGB LED lighting system, Cooler Master has created what may be their best mouse yet.

Glorious Model O Wireless

Lightweight Gaming Mouse
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The Glorious Model O Wireless is exceptional for FPS gaming. It’s lightweight, has low click latency, and the high-quality measures provide a smooth gliding experience.

You can adjust the CPI in small increments, but the sensor is a bit inconsistent. It has an excellent build quality and feels very comfortable to use as well.

Glorious Model D


The Glorious Model D is an outstanding ultra-light gaming mouse. Its honeycomb pattern design makes it one of the most Lightweight Gaming Mouse.

The ergonomic design will feel pleasant in the hand and shows what a difference the combination of a lightweight build and great quality PTFE feet can make.

Razer Viper Mini


The Razer Viper Mini is a superb FPS Lightweight gaming mouse. It’s very lightweight, and its incredibly low click latency means even competitive gamers shouldn’t notice any delay or lag.

The sensor performance is also excellent, and while its max CPI isn’t quite as high as some other options, it’s likely still higher than most people will use.

BenQ Zowie FK1+

Zowie – BenQ

BenQ Zowie FK1+ is a mouse that is fit for purpose and tournament ready and that’s what Zowie gives. The Ambidextrous shape of the FK1+ is one of the most comfortable Lightweight Gaming Mouse. and when you match that with its performance you’ve got a fabulous mouse in your hands.

Sure the clicking could be a little looser, and the mouse wheel could be refined, but there is no doubt this will enhance your gaming experience.

Cooler Master MM720

Lightweight Gaming Mouse
Cooler Master

Cooler Master MM720 is Lightweight, efficient, and comfortable, the MM720 proves that a budget gaming mouse can compete with the bigger mouse.

It’s a logical next step for Cooler Master’s efforts at minimizing weight, and it includes a nice uptick in performance thanks to the design and optical switch.

Endgame Gear XM1 White


The Endgame Gear XM1 is a great mouse if you’re looking for a Lightweight Gaming Mouse. It’s very light, even as much as some mice with a honeycomb pattern to reduce their weight.

This is a solidly built Lightweight Gaming Mouse that gives great clicks all over, a more than decent scroll wheel, great feet, and just about the most flexible stock cable.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

Rocket Jump Ninja

Roccat’s Kone Pure Ultra is an excellent addition to the ultra-light gaming mouse category, offering a streamlined design and a comfortable fit for most grips and hand sizes.

An excellent, fairly basic, the mouse from Roccat that trades some fancy gaming features for a super-light design.

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