GTX 1060 vs 1660: Best For Budget 1080p Gamers.

The Nvidia GTX 1660 and all the GTX 1060 are both decent graphics cards for gaming but which should you pick and is it worth upgrading.

That’s what we’re going to answer here as we comparing the two popular 1080p graphics cards in terms of features, pricing, and performance. We compared both cards to a lot of situations, so you’ll be able to see exactly what kind of performance you can expect.

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GTX 1060 vs 1660


GTX 1060 vs 1660


GTX 1060 vs 1660


Specification wise both are good and both are close but 1660 has a clear advantage in this department because 1660 is a newer card.

CUDA Cores12801408
Boost Clock (MHz)15061785
Standard Memory Config6GB GDDR56GB GDDR5
Memory Speed8 Gbps8 Gbps


Let’s begin with how each card fares at 1920×1080 High settings. In a lot of situations, you’re only looking at a gap of about 5-10fps here, which given the GTX 1060s age isn’t too bad looking for such an old card.

These numbers are taken from The worlds best and worst if you want to know more about game fps then check out.

Games1060 FPS1660 FPS
Apex Legends82 – 8994 – 98
Battlefield V67 – 7078 – 80
CS: GO356357
Rainbow Six Siege158203
Shadow of the Tomb Raider64 – 6776 – 78

So gaming and performance-wise 1660 is a clear winner but you have to give 1060 its credit because a 6 years old GPU competing neck to neck with a much newer GPU.


Right now, the cheapest GTX 1060 is around USD 200. That means you’re spending an additional $40. Given the uptick of around 20% in a performance that you can expect, this could make much sense if you’re ready to trade on your old card. However, if you’re building a new system, it makes sense to consider how long you want your PC to last until you need another upgrade, and what kind of frame rates you consider getting.

Providing additional performance is great, but you have to pay for it. In the case of the GTX 1660, things are pretty straightforward right now, with the cards going to be dead on their $240. There are several configurations available, but we recommend an entry-level model, as these provide the most value for money. GTX 1660 models give greater thermals and faster clocks, but their price levels start to slide very close to RTX 2060 cards, which offer much-improved performance.


At 1080p, the GTX 1660 was a great deal faster than the GTX 1060 6GB, providing a speed boost of between 25 and 30 percent to the minimum frame rate.

The battle between GTX 1060 vs 1660 is quite interesting but there is a clear result, I think the GTX 1660 is the clear winner here, despite the sometimes minuscule improvements to its overall performance. Not only is it more capable of hitting smoother frame rates on max settings at 1080p.

Is it worth upgrading to GTX 1660?

It’s probably not. If you’re currently using the GTX 1060, then the GTX 1660 won’t be a big change. You’d better spend somewhat more and get the RTX 2060 instead or you can go for RTX 3060 If you have enough money.

Is GTX 1060 6GB future proof?

Yes, the GTX 1060 graphics card is quite powerful to manage most games at 1080p in high settings or even at 60 fps, so it’s a good sustainable graphics card.

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