18 Best Split-Screen PC Games in 2023

Despite the fact that this is the year of multiplayer, some gamers still enjoy playing local multiplayer games with their friends and family.

While split-screen and couch co-op games are becoming extinct, there are still some fantastic games that anyone interested in local multiplayer games must try out.

Here’s a list of the 18 Best Split-Screen PC Games that you’ll enjoy playing with your friends and family.

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Best Split-Screen PC Games

1. Overcooked 2

Best Split-Screen PC Games

Overcooked is back with a new batch of frantic culinary action! Return to the Onion Kingdom and construct your chef team in classic couch co-op or online play for up to four people. You’ve spared the world from the ever-peckish Ever Peckish.

Overcooked 2 is an excellent sequel to a co-op classic, expanding on previous gameplay themes in important new ways while improving what was already there. There’s a residual sensation that this is much of the same, but it’s so much fun to play that you won’t notice the lack of substantial advancements; ultimately, this feels like a greater execution of the original goal.

Overcooked 2 is a game with personality and heart, and we’d suggest it to anyone seeking a fun party game.

2. A Way Out

Best Split-Screen PC Games

A Way Out is a co-op adventure in which you play as one of two prisoners attempting a daring escape from prison.

A Way Out is a third-person action-adventure game. It is built specifically for split-screen cooperative multiplayer, which means it must be played with some other player via either local or internet play while both players’ screens are displayed next to each other.

3. Screencheat

Best Split-Screen PC Games

Screencheat is a highly competitive split-screen first-person shooter in which everyone is invisible, forcing players to look at each other’s displays in order to win. Screencheat’s combat is fast and fierce, with a broad selection of one-hit kill weaponry, and it supports both local and internet multiplayer.

4. Don’t Starve Together

Best Split-Screen PC Games

Don’t Starve Together takes the fantastic game that its predecessor is known for and creates a totally different structure around it that truly offers up a lot of different methods of, well, not starving.
Don’t Starve Together is a lot of fun to play, as well as to look at and feel at. This is multiplied tenfold when played with friends, making it one of the best cooperative games available right now… If it could just keep that joy flowing, it would be one of my favorite games.

5. The Lego Movie Videogame

Best Split-Screen PC Games

The Lego Movie Videogame is an action-adventure video game with a Lego theme.
The LEGO Movie Videogame, based on the film, casts LEGO youngsters in the position of Emmet, an ordinary, rule-following, perfectly average LEGO mini-figure who is falsely labeled as the most amazing individual and the key to rescuing the world.

Players guide him as he is drafted into a bizarre fellowship on an epic adventure to stop an evil dictator, a voyage for which Emmet is woefully and hilariously unprepared.

6. Darksiders Genesis

Best Split-Screen PC Games

DARKSIDERS: GENESIS introduces players to the universe of DARKSIDERS before the events of the first game. It also includes the fourth and final horseman, STRIFE, as well as Co-op gaming for the first time in the franchise’s history.

Darksiders Genesis is a fantastic new approach for a game known for taking many diverse paths. While its isometric perspective may conjure images of loot-centric action RPGs like Diablo or Path of Exile, be assured that this is a Darksiders game through and through.

7. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Best Split-Screen PC Games

Divinity: Original Sin is a role-playing video game developed and published by Larian Studios.

The turn-based strategy game is played alone or online or offline on a chair in split-screen mode with up to two people in co-op mode. Combat takes place in turns, and the characters controlled by each player converse with one another in “dual-dialog.” Disagreements, which do occur, are settled using a game of rock, paper, scissors.

8. Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2 on Steam

Sonic Adventure 2 is a fantastic game that I thoroughly loved. It’s a re-creation of the Dreamcast version.

There are two stories in Sonic Adventure 2: “Hero” and “Dark.” Each level has three objective types: Sonic and Shadow go through some fast 3D platforming, Tails and “Eggman” use their robots to blast stuff, and Knuckles and Rogue must find three pieces of whatever happened to spread around the level.

9. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - Stardew Valley 1.4.4 patch out now - Steam News

Stardew Valley is a free-form country-life RPG! In Stardew Valley, you’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farmland.

Convert your unkempt land into a bustling farm! Raise animals, cultivate crops, establish an orchard, build helpful machines, and more! You’ll have plenty of room to build your dream farm. Farming with four players! Invite 1-3 online players to join you in the valley! Players can collaborate.

10. Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers® on Steam

Castle Crashers is a 2D indie-game style hack-and-slash video game.

Hack, slash, and smash your way to a win in this Remastered version of The Behemoth’s classic 2D arcade adventure. Castle Crashers Remastered features high-resolution images like nothing you’ve ever seen before at 60 frames per second. Up to four pals can play locally or online, saving your princess, defending your kingdom, and crashing castles.

11. Trine

Best Split-Screen PC Games

Trine is a puzzle video game with a side-scrolling action platform.

Trine is a fantasy action game in which the player can make and manipulate physics-based objects to solve dangerous puzzles and defeat menacing foes. Set in a world of vast castles and weird equipment, three heroes are tethered to a mysterious contraption known as the Trine in order to save the country from evil.

13. Rocket League

Best Split-Screen PC Games

Rocket League is a powerful hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicle mayhem with simple controls and slick, physics-driven competition. Rocket League features casual and competitive Online Matches, a completely offline Season Mode, special “Mutators” that allow you to completely change the laws, and hockey and basketball-inspired Extra Modes.

14. Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 on Steam

Borderlands 2 advances the unique melding of FPS and role-playing genres to create an iteration of the RPG Shooter. Join forces with up to three other players for 4-player online action, or go old-school with 2-player split-screen couch sharing mayhem as you spend hours leveling up your character and equipping them with one of the millions of kickass weapons.

15. It Takes Two

Best Split-Screen PC Games

The game features a large It Takes Two is an action-adventure game featuring platform game elements. It is developed primarily for split-screen cooperative multiplayer, which means it must be played with another person. The game incorporates a wide range of game mechanics from numerous video game genres. These gameplay mechanics are linked to the level’s plot and concept.

On one level, for example, Cody obtains the ability to rewind time, whilst May can duplicate herself. In order to proceed, players must work together and use their powers. The game also includes a plethora of minigames.

16. Outward

Outward on Steam

Outward is an immersive RPG experience combined with survival gameplay, providing a truly rewarding challenge for the most dedicated gamers. As a regular explorer, you will not only have to conceal or defend yourself against hostile monsters, but you will also have to endure hazardous environmental conditions, guard yourself against contagious diseases, get enough sleep, and keep hydrated.

17. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends | Ubisoft (US)

Rayman Rayman Legends is a video game that takes place on a platform. The game continues Rayman Origins’ gameplay style, with up to four players (depending on the format) navigating through several levels at the same time. Lums can be obtained by touching them, beating foes, or releasing imprisoned Teensies. Collecting Teensies grants access to new worlds, which can be played in any order as they become accessible.

18. Road Redemption

Road Redemption | Nintendo Switch download software | Games | Nintendo

Road Redemption lets you lead a biker gang on an epic journey across the country in this driving combat road rage adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, full 4-player co-op split-screen, and online multiplayer.

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