20 Best Games for GTX 750 Ti in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of PC gaming, the technological advancements often render older hardware obsolete. However, there’s one graphics card that continues to defy expectations and capture the hearts of gaming enthusiasts worldwide: the GTX 750 Ti. Once considered a humble low-end card, the GTX 750 Ti has proven its resilience by delivering remarkable gaming experiences even in the present day.

While many gamers may believe that their trusted GTX 750 Ti can no longer keep up with the demands of modern titles, we’re here to dispel those doubts. In this article, we have meticulously handpicked 20 exceptional games that comfortably run on this budget-friendly graphics card, rekindling the joy of gaming for those who still rely on this capable GPU.

From immersive open-world adventures to breathtaking multiplayer showdowns, the 20 games we’ve chosen demonstrate the power and versatility of the GTX 750 Ti. We’ll guide you through a diverse selection of genres, ensuring there’s something to suit every gaming preference.

Best Games for GTX 750 Ti

1. Apex Legends – Free to play

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti

Apex Legends is the most fast-paced battle royal game, and this game is character-based, which means you can choose a character that has their own unique ability. There are a variety of characters to play with, all having their own unique abilities, so whatever your playstyle may be, this game will give you a good experience. And if you are not a battle royal fan, then worry not, because this game also has a 3 vs. 3 arena mode where you can play a more traditional style of match.

2. No Man’s Sky

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti

No Man’s Sky is an open-world exploration game with millions of planets to explore. There are a lot of planets to discover! And each planet has its own ecosystem and terrain. So, if you want a game where you can just relax and explore at your own pace, this is the game for you.

3. Destiny 2

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter that combines MMO elements. This means that there are both PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) missions. In PvE mode, you work with other players to defeat AI-controlled enemies. In PvP, you compete against other players in a variety of objective-based modes. Destiny 2 also has an enjoyable story campaign that can be completed alone or with friends.

4. RuneScape

RuneScape is a multi-player online role-playing game that has been around for over 15 years. It is one of the most popular online games of all time, with a large active player base even today. In RuneScape, you create your own character and go on quests in Gielinor’s vast world. In this game, you can engage in a variety of activities such as combat, skilling, and more. If you enjoy playing online games with other people, RuneScape is an excellent choice.

5. Raji: An Ancient Epic

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti
Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji: An Ancient Epic is a role-playing game set in ancient India during the Indian era. You take on the role of Raji, a young girl chosen by the gods to save humanity from demonic forces led by the Lord of Demons—Ravana himself! Beautiful visuals and environments inspired by real-life Indian architecture and culture are featured in this game. This game’s combat system is very fluid and satisfying, making it one of the best GTX 750 ti games available.

6. Yakuza: Like a Dragon

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti

Yakuza: Like a Dragon incorporates everything fans loved about Yakuza 0 and Kiwami 1 & 2, but completely changes the gameplay by introducing turn-based RPG mechanics. This change may not be for everyone, but if you liked the previous Yakuza games, chances are you’ll like this one as well. Besides that, it is one of the few turn-based RPGs that have recently been released, so it is definitely worth checking out if that style interests you.

7. Grand Theft Auto V

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti
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The game Grand Theft Auto V requires no introduction. It is one of the most popular video games ever created and continues to receive regular updates and content drops nearly 8 years after its initial release date. GTA V has something for everyone: an expansive open world to explore, a plethora of side missions and activities, and a variety of multiplayer modes… You could easily spend hundreds of hours playing GTA V without getting bored.

8. Rust

Games for GTX 750 ti

Rust was first released in 2013, but it is still receiving regular updates from its developer, Facepunch Studios. The goal of Rust is to survive in the wilderness by any means necessary while also attempting to kill or avoid other players who are attempting to do the same… This is not exactly family-friendly ride! However, if you enjoy survival sandbox games, Rust should be on your radar, especially now that it supports 4K resolution thanks to recent patches.

9. ARK: Survival Evolved

Games for GTX 750 ti

ARK: Survival Evolved challenges players to survive on a dinosaur-infested planet… What more could one ask for? Okay, so maybe domesticating those dinosaurs would be cool as well, which ARK luckily allows players to do if they put in enough effort beforehand! Aside from all things dinosaur, another major selling point for ARK:SE is its massive map size; we’re talking nearly 150 kilometers here, fellas! Needless to say, there is plenty of space for everyone to explore and establish their own little base camp.

10. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Games for GTX 750 ti

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most recent edition in the long-running Counter-Strike franchise. This tactical first-person shooter pits two teams against one another in a variety of objective-based modes, the most popular of which is bomb defusal. While some may argue that CS:GO is showing its age in comparison to more recent FPS releases, it remains an incredibly popular game with a very active competitive scene, making it one of the best GTX 750 ti games available.

11. Crysis 3

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti

Crysis 3 is a first-person shooter set in a New York City overrun by an alien race. As you can imagine, things quickly become hectic as you fight your way through the single player campaign or take on other players in multiplayer mode! One of the coolest aspects of Crysis 3 is how destructible everything is thanks to Crytek’s proprietary CRYENGINE, which means that no two firefights will ever play out exactly the same way twice.

12. Rainbow Six Siege

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti

Rainbow Six Siege was published in 2015, but developer Ubisoft has continued to provide regular updates and additions. R6S sets two teams of five players against one other in a variety of objective-based scenarios, with each side taking turns attacking or defending depending on the game. Rainbow Six Siege has managed to distinguish out from the crowd in what is now a very saturated FPS market place by emphasizing teamwork and tactics over run and shoot gameplay, making it one of the top GTX 750 ti games available today.

13. Need For Speed

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti

Need For Speed is a long-running racing franchise from EA Games that returns for its latest installment: Heat. NFS: Heat takes place in Palm City, a fictionalized version of Miami, Florida, where players can compete in illegal street races by night while also working their way up through the ranks of professional racing by day. This duality provides some unique gameplay features and should appeal to lovers of both arcade type racing games and those who prefer something with a bit more complexity and simulation leanings.

14. Rocket League

Rocket League's free-to-play transition is a red card for its Steam listing  | Ars Technica

Rocket League surprised everyone when it was introduced in 2015, because to its unusual combination of football (soccer) and vehicle combat gameplay types in one package. Rocket League is still as popular today as it was back then, particularly now that cross-platform multiplayer support has been enabled, allowing PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch players to play together regardless of platform! We strongly advise you to check out Rocket League as soon as possible… Just be aware of how addictive it might get!

15. World War Z

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti

World War Z is a cooperative third-person shooter in which players work together to fight through hordes upon hordes of zombies in settings such as Moscow, Jerusalem, New York, and more! If you enjoy zombie movies or TV shows, this game will undoubtedly satisfy your craving… And if you prefer playing cooperative shooters with your buddies, World War Z should be on your radar as well.

16. Just Cause 4

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti

Just Cause 4 continues Rico Rodriguez’s global antics, but with much more explosions, damage, and overall mayhem than ever before! Just Cause 4 also has some fantastic weather effects that not only look great but actually influence how missions play out… High winds, for example, can make flying vehicles difficult (if not impossible) to handle, while heavy rain reduces vision, making covert approaches more difficult. Overall, Just Cause 4 offers a lot of bang for your buck and should keep most action gamers occupied for several hours.

17. Metro Exodus

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti

Metro Exodus expands on everything fans loved about Metro 2033 and Last Light, resulting in one of the best looking GTX 750 Ti enabled games available today. Metro Exodus is set in a post-apocalyptic Russia where players must struggle to survive not just against the harsh climate but also against numerous mutated creatures and hostile human factions. This game combines first-person shooting and stealth action, as well as a compelling plot that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

18. FarCry 3

20 Best Games for GTX 750 ti

FarCry 3 is a first-person shooter with an open environment set on a tropical island. Pirates have seized prisoners on the island, and it is up to you to save them. This game offers some outstanding visuals, especially for a 2012 FPS, as well as a decent variety of things to do such as hunting, crafting, side quests, and more. FarCry 3 should be on your radar if you’re seeking for an FPS with a lot of replay potential.

19. GreedFall

Games for GTX 750 ti

GreedFall is a 17th century colonial era action RPG in which players can explore, battle, and speak their way through many tasks and difficulties. This game has stunning graphics, engaging characters, and a rich narrative that should appeal to RPG enthusiasts. GreedFall also includes different endings based on your choices throughout the game, so there is plenty of replay potential here as well.

20. Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 on Steam

Project CARS 2 is a racing simulator that includes over 180 cars and 60 tracks set in various global locales. If you like racing games, this one should be on your radar… Even if you don’t generally play racing games, we think Project CARS 2 is worth a look because of its excellent aesthetics and attention to detail.

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