5 Best GPU For Old CPUs


This is 2020, and we have newer and better GPUs to pair with better CPUs, but when it comes to older generation processors then there is not a lot of options you have.

Let’s take a look at some of the best GPU For Old CPUs.

Note: Many of these graphics cards might not available in your region and you have to buy old/second-hand GPUs and please don’t pair this GPU with low-end processors like core 2 duo or core 2 quad.

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GPU For Old Intel CPUs

GTX 750ti


First on the list is GTX 750ti, GTX 750 ti is one of the best GPU for people who are still using low-end CPU like 1st, 2nd gen Intel CPUs or maybe you want to buy GPU for you 2nd streaming pc.

It can run pretty much run all modern games in 720p, and this GPU has minimal bottleneck over your CPU.

GTX 950

Best GPU For Old CPUs

GTX 950 is much better than GTX 750 ti, and it can also give you pretty much decent performance in almost all games in 1080p low settings.

This GPU can cause a few problems if you are pairing with 1st gen or equivalent CPUs because of the bottleneck, and if you don’t want bottleneck then you might prefer to pair with 3rd or 4th gen CPUs.

GTX 1050ti

Best GPU For Old CPUs

This GPU needs no introduction GTX 1050 ti is the most popular GPU in this list and also one of the best performing GPU in this list.

GTX 1050 ti can easily handle any games at 1080p low to mid settings, also bottleneck is not that much if you are running higher than i5 1st gen.

GTX 960


GTX 960 is a powerful graphics card, and it many can cause a bit of bottleneck because this GPU is slightly better than 1050 ti.

And this GPU can also cause a bottleneck if you are using a CPU lower than i5 3rd gen, and this GPU will work better with 3rd gen i5 or i7.

RX 470


Rx 470 is by far the best-performing GPU on this list and the only amd card on this list that means there is a higher chance of a bottleneck.

As you know this GPU is much better than other GPU in this list that means you have to pair a much better CPU to avoid fps loss. (Recommended CPU: i5 3rd gen or higher)

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