7.1 Surround Sound vs Stereo: Best For Gaming

The sound reproduction of a game varies depending on the headset. With a stereo output, the difference between left and right is used.

You listen to spatial audio with a surround sound headset. We’re pleased to assist you in selecting the best gaming headset for your needs. That is why we have provided you with a breakdown of the differences and similarities between the sound reproductions.

In this article, we have listed which is the best audio technique for gaming, 7.1 surround sound vs. stereo. That will help you decide which to consider when buying headphones.

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7.1 surround sound vs. stereo

What is surround sound

7.1 surround sound vs. stereo

Surround sound is a technique for improving the quality and depth of sound reproduction by utilizing several audio channels from speakers positioned all around the listener.

The technique improves sound spatialization perception by utilizing sound localization: a listener’s ability to identify the location or source of a detected sound in both direction and distance.

What is stereo Sound

7.1 surround sound vs. stereo

Stereophonic sound, commonly known as stereo, is a means of reproducing sound that recreates a multi-directional, three-dimensional audible perspective.

This is typically accomplished by utilizing two or more separate audio channels via a configuration of two or more loudspeakers (or stereo headphones) in such a way as to produce the sense of sound heard from several directions, as in natural hearing.

Who Is Best for Gaming?

7.1 surround sound vs. stereo

Stereo gaming headphones give superior sound quality because you are investing in two speakers rather than several inferior ones for the surround sound effect. Surround sound headphones are a superior option for serious gamers who rely on directional audio to target their opponents and don’t mind sacrificing sound quality.

The pros and cons of stereo


  • Generally Better audio quality than headset surround sound.
  • They can still produce left and right directional audio.


  • If you want high-quality audio, it will be more expensive.
  • Less Immersive Experience, (But still good enough)

The pros and cons of surround sound


  • Best for gaming.
  • Best for Special Effects sound In movie and games.


  • Not Best for Music.
  • The problem with consoles.


Both techniques are excellent for their respective purposes, such as stereo for music and audio quality, and surround for gaming and movie watching. In general, headphones with stereo and surround sound are available in a variety of pricing ranges, making it simple to pick the perfect headphone for your needs.

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