Advantages and Disadvantages of playing video games essay

Contrary to the traditional belief that gaming is merely an addictive source of entertainment and diversion, Maybe your kid is not aware of the reason, she/he just likes it.

Video games stimulate curiosity and imagination.

Just as workup helps in up and strengthening your muscles, cognitive games help to indulge one’s brain in constant stimulation, thus improving the brain’s performance.

The discussion of the benefits and Advantages of Video Games should be brought into the light.

It is simply that the generation nowadays contemplate surfriding the net and taking part in video games as a part of their existence.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing video games essay

Video games could increase memory capacity

Now a new study says that participating in video games can also promote the creation of memories –

To put this in context, the team notes that between the ages of 45–70, memory performance is normally reduced by about 12%, suggesting that 3D video games can help maintain cognitive Can.

We are acting as we age.

2-D “Angry Birds” game, while others played “Super Mario 3-D World”. At the end of week two, Angry Birds players showed no memory gains, while Super Mario players improved their memory recall by about 12%.

Researchers found that the United Nations agency claims 3D video games improved their scores on memory tests, and by a substantial margin: their memory performance is up twelve%.

Improves coordination

Many times, a gamer has to control a character like a motor race in a fast running environment, where constant vigilance is required to overcome obstacles.

Players were to move along at an excellent pace in conjunction with the various heroes of the game.

This can be useful in applying this ability to various activities with youth and adults who require hand-eye coordination.

Improves problem-solving skills

Video games are really intelligent in serving people, improving problem solving skills

Research from the North Geographical Region State University and Evergreen State State University suggests that ideas pausing in the direction of recreation will improve attention, spatial orientation, and problem-solving abilities.

Due to the absorbing form of the gameplay and therefore the nature of the games themselves – allowing gamers to make a very decision. Choose your own adventure, one among each, in many ways} adventure.

To play – gamers are spending more time than ever before in the world playing their created roles.

Video Games Provide an Opportunity

  • Video Game Designer
  • Video Game QA Tester
  • Video Game Programmer
  • Video Game Artist/Animator
  • Video Game Audio Engineer
  • Video Game Producer

Of course, this is often a bit of a stretch, given that there are actually very few video game jobs on the market.

With proper determination and energy, however, it is possible to get your foot in the business.

But does it bring in enough cash flow to do a full-time job? With this in mind, we moved to two Twitch streamers, which follow two different methods of earning a living in the streaming business.

Those who play, live and interact with their audiences.

It started as a start-up company in 2011 and quickly became one of the leading hosts for e-sports. In 2014, Amazon bought the company for $ 970 million.

Video Gaming Just Might Fight Aging

Research has found that ready-made video games have the potential to additionally aid seniors’ age, allowing them to make their brains sharp and responsive through gameplay.

Researchers at Iowa University in the United States reported on a study of 681 healthy adults over the age of fifty within the United Nations within PLoS One that they were assigned to play.

A game known as a road tour or completing a processed problem.

Compared to clusters that completed crossword puzzles, video game players scored higher on tests of concentration, were willing to make additional switches with ability between completely different tasks, and the new way more quickly.

Games Can Help Your Eyesight

Previous research shows that gaming improves other visual skills, such as the ability to track several objects at the same time and paying attention to a series of fast-moving events, Bavelier said.

New work suggests that playing video games might someday become a part of vision-correction treatment, that currently-depends totally on surgery or corrective lenses.

“Once you have had eye surgery or received corrective lenses, exposing yourself to these games should help the optical system recover faster and better,” Bevelier said.

It was thought that playing games like first-person shooters increase dopamine and adrenaline levels, making the brain more active which in turn helps improve visual acuity.

Maurer is so pleased with the results of the research that his team is now working on creating the right vision-correcting nonviolent video games, taking the most effective bits of the Medal of Honor and giving patients other elements to make the best possible Getting together Chance to improve their vision.

Encourage teamwork

In team games, players will also develop group work skills as they sometimes have to be united to win some challenges.

NTU scientists linked college students and seniors to a series of weekly, 30-minute games to play Wii Bowling, Nintendo’s motion-controlled ten-pin simulator.

Unexpectedly, six weeks after dodging virtual balls together, the students and seniors considered each other friends; But even better, students and seniors reported less concern about the other group, saying that they were more likely to socialize with someone who outpaced the other group (the control group, which only one- Watched TV with another, he did not report any of these improvement feelings).

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