An Overview of OSRS PvP Activities in 2023

Here is what you can expect for OSRS’ PvP activities for this year.

PvP has received quite a bit of love from the jmods in 2022 through numerous updates meant to tackle issues, such as the OSRS GP RMT at the Sand Casino to bring more life into the game with updates such as the wilderness boss rework. Besides the PvP arena update and the wilderness boss rework, the LMS minigame has also received an update in which you can experiment with other PvP builds and have more unpredictability regarding the matches. The PJ timer has also seen an update that will prevent you from losing or earning OSRS gold in certain situations in the wilderness. In addition to all the mentioned changes, the OSRS PvPers also had a temporary game mode, Deadman Reborn, in 2022, on top of the permanent DDM server.

PJ Timer

In March 2022, the PJ timer received an update that will prevent players from hopping in and stealing your kill in most cases while you’re PKing in the wilderness.

Worlds 318 and 319 have remained legacy worlds where you’ll be able to experiment with the old PJ timer. This update will prevent you from combatting with a secondary opponent for 20 ticks. It will be much harder for other players to kill steal (KS) you and obtain your rightfully obtained loot.

PvP Arena

The PvP arena came as a replacement for the dual arena, which Jagex finally decided to remove from OSRS last year due to its malicious use for RMT. The PvP arena features its untradeable PvP-focused rewards and completely new worlds where you’ll be able to compete in duels and tournaments against other players of a similar skill level due to the Elo system.

However, even though this has been one of the most anticipated PvP updates, the hype for it died pretty quickly as the content was not as good as anticipated. There’s no real profit to be made via engaging in this activity, and most players who know their way around PvP prefer the wilderness, where they can lose and earn OSRS GP, while most beginners prefer to learn the ropes in LMS.

LMS Update

LMS is another piece of PvP content that has received a welcomed update. Many beginners prefer this activity because they can earn some profit from it, unlike the case of the PvP arena.

The LMS update included multiple potential PvP builds, such as the zerker and the pure, besides the usual main account build. This added an extra layer of unpredictability that further tackled the LMS bots issue. It also gave some extra flavor to the PvP experience in LMS through more diversity. It also opened up the possibility for further updates that will be easier to deliver and could include other builds.

The two different builds you could get while playing LMS are the zerker and the 1 defense pure, and you will need to select your pre-sets, including your spellbook for each build.

Smaller Changes

Other minor changes that impact OSRS’ PvP have also been delivered this year. Such a change involves the revenants cave entrances and exits, which have been made one way and placed more apart.

Wilderness Boss Rework

The Autumn 2022 PvP update is directed towards a full rework of three of the wilderness bosses. Even though the change is for a piece of PvM content, this update directly affects PvP, especially group PvP. By moving the bosses from the surface of the wilderness into their caves and making them stronger, so they are less likely to be killed by solo players while simultaneously offering solo versions in single areas for players who don’t want to take them down in groups.

A considerable aspect of this update is that the dragon pickaxe will no longer be exclusive to the wilderness but will be added to non-wilderness sources such as the Kalphite queen or the volcanic mines.

The new bosses will give you more OSRS GP per hour but with higher reward comes higher risks as there will be many players hunting other groups of players, and hence the group PvP gets encouraged. Another aspect is that you will need to pay a certain OSRS gold fee to enter the bosses’ layers to raise the stakes.

Moreover, the new reworked rewards—upgrades of already existing wilderness weapons such as the Vigora Chainmace—will bring you the new meta for anti-PKing. This means you’ll be slightly safer while PvMing in the wilderness or hunting the big bosses.

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