Top 6 Anime About Taboo Subject

Anime has been around for decades and has always been a popular form of entertainment. It’s no surprise then that there are anime out there that deal with taboo subjects. These anime can be about anything from violence to drugs. While some people may find these topics offensive, others find them intriguing and thought-provoking.

Taboo subjects can be found in all sorts of anime, from the mainstream to the more obscure. Some examples of anime that deal with taboo subjects. These anime all explore the not talked about side of human nature, and while they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something different.

If you’re interested in watching anime that deals with taboo subjects, then be sure to do your research first. There are a lot of great titles out there, but there are also some that aren’t so great. Make sure you read reviews and watch trailers before committing to anything. And most importantly, don’t take everything you see at face value; think about what the show is trying to say before passing judgment on it.

Anime About Taboo Subject

Papa to Kiss in the Dark

Anime About Taboo Subject

This time, the anime is about incest, and as far as I know, incest is pretty taboo. Munakata Mira is in love with his father, the famous Hollywood actor Munakata Kyousuke. Unknown to the general public, they are both father and son, as well as lovers.

When Mira gets 15 and starts high school, he runs into difficulty when his childhood friend falls in love with him. Furthermore, learning that he is adopted adds to his pain. Then there’s the issue of Kyousuke’s likely marriage to a famous actress, the son of whom seems to be interested in Mira.


6 Anime About Taboo Subject

It discusses human cannibalism, while also Pupa is about siblings. Utsutsu and Yume Hasegawa, abandoned by their harsh parents and with only each other to rely on, are led astray by gorgeous red butterflies that have appeared in their world. These crimson-winged messengers, unknown to them, are announcing the start of a cannibalistic nightmare—a mystery virus known as Pupa is about to hatch.

Yume experiences a hideous transformation into a monstrous creature with an insatiable hunger for flesh after succumbing to the full effects of Pupa; Utsutsu, on the other hand, is only partially affected, obtaining incredible regeneration powers instead. Utsutsu is reaffirming his resolve to honour the vow he made to himself years ago, and is willing to give up everything to always be there for his lovely little sister.

Nana to Kaoru

Anime About Taboo Subject

Again, this is not an innocents anime, but it is far from innocent. Instead, it follows Kaoru, a 17-year-old virgin with an S&M fetish. He has always fantasised of having an SM relationship with his childhood friend Nana, who is considered as perfect and is the target of boys’ attention. Their relationship has worsened over time due to their hanging out with different people and Kaoru not taking his education seriously.

However, Kaoru’s mother delivers some of his S&M toys to Nana for safekeeping one day, and Nana finds the leather one-piece that Kaoru purchased and tries it on, but mistakenly locks herself in it and doesn’t have the key!

Kaoru frees her from the one-piece, but Nana finds she may like Kaoru’s hobby more than she expected, and the two of them begin engaging in “breathers.” These breathers are meant to reduce Nana’s stress, which stems from her efforts to keep her grades and name perfect.

Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?

Anime About Taboo Subject

This is a wild anime journey that follows a story about student and teacher relationships that are not of the innocent type, but rather of a different kind.

Ichirou Satou, a second-year high school student, has always been an average person—that is, until he encounters some not-so-average scenarios with his teacher, Kana “The Demon” Kojima. Satou’s Japanese language teacher, Kojima, is known for being so harsh that even school delinquents kneel down to her. When Satou runs into Kojima in the bathroom one fateful day, they enjoy an intimate encounter that leaves his imagination running wild for days.

Ane Log

Anime About Taboo Subject

Another incest anime, this one featuring brothers and sisters, but don’t worry, it doesn’t go any farther than that.

When Konoe Moyako and her younger brother, Akira, were little, he expressed his desire to marry her. Naturally, Moyako concluded that her younger brother was a pervert who was obsessed with her. Moyako believes she must “rehabilitate” him now that they are both teenagers.

However, it appears that the “perversion” is entirely in her head, and she can’t seem to stop imagining completely benign circumstances as creepy!

The Testament of Sister New Devil

Anime About Taboo Subject

Basara Tojo is a high school student at Hijirigasaka Academy when his father Jin unexpectedly “remarries” and asks him if he wants sisters. Basara meets his two new beautiful stepsisters, Mio and Maria Naruse. Basara discovers immediately after his father left for overseas that the two sisters are actually members of a demon clan, and he is intended to be with the hero clan.

Mio, a Demon princess, is forced to enter into a master and servant contract with Basara, but Maria has it reversed, with Basara as the master. Basara then continues to enter ecchi scenarios, primarily to defend Mio from being followed by other demons who are after her ancestors’ inheritance.

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