6 Anime Where MC Can See Ghosts


The protagonists of the following anime all have the ability to see ghosts. For some, it’s a blessing, but for others, it’s a curse. But, whether they like it or not, these individuals are continuously surrounded by passed-away spirits.



MC Can See Ghosts

When you hear about cute girls doing nice things in a comedy, the last thing that comes to mind is a monster bursting out as in a tv show. That is what happens to Miko, who has the unfortunate condition of seeing the paranormal. In this horror comedy, a high school girl’s usual living has turned into a nightmare.

Unless you happen to be Miko Yotsuya, you should be grateful for Mieruko-chan. She has to deal with the scary situation in which the supernatural follows her everywhere she goes. Miko has to live with the fact that paranormal monsters exist in the reality of the living, whether at school, the park, or even her own bedroom.

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window

MC Can See Ghosts

My favourite BL anime is without a doubt The Night Beyond The Tricornered Window. Of course, no insult to fans of other BLs. But Tricornered Window is so excellent; it contains horror, mystery, and fanservice that is just right for me. (Once you’ve finished the anime, make sure to read the manga! The anime may feel rushed, however the manga will help you understand the story much better.

The protagonist is Mikado Kousuke, a bookshop clerk who is a literal package. He’s peaceful, cute, polite, and courageous.

Mikado’s love interest is Hiyakawa Rihito. You may not like him in the early episodes, but towards the finish of the series, you’ll realise he’s the sweetest boy we all need to save.

Oh, they did various kinds of exorcisms, but I would argue that this anime has a different mood than the other anime. This anime has a greater sense of mystery, sexual tension, and tension.

Ghost Hound

MC Can See Ghosts

I recently started watching this anime, and I have to tell that this is the anime that makes me feel uneasy and eerie anytime I watch any episode.

First and foremost, let me discuss the atmosphere and sound design since this anime has the best environment and sound design of any horror anime I’ve ever seen.

The story begins with our main boy, Tarou Komori, who is seeing unusual visions, spirits roaming the mountains, and disturbing dreams. Because of the trauma of being kidnapped 11 years ago.

He has suppressed the majority of the memories that may give light on what happened all those years ago. However, they resurface in his sleep, along with experiences outside the realm of dreams.

Ghost Hunt

MC Can See Ghosts

The Ghost Hunt story is a lot of fun and fascinating. And, at least for me, one-of-a-kind. It tells the story of ghost hunting in an innovative way, offering you a look into the more scientific and realistic techniques ghost hunting truly works. (If it were real, it would perform effectively.)

It’s also well-told; the episodes, or cases, are all full of twists that keep you guessing and wondering what’ll happen next. And it never fails to provide a satisfying and full ending. Not to mention that each situation is very different from the others, resulting in a wide range of possibilities.


MC Can See Ghosts

Prepare to be taken on a journey of the otherworldly world. Or even a regular journey. I’d have to ask. Having just lately discovered the genre of “supernatural” anime, xxxHOLiC (hence simply “Holic”) was a welcome change from my normal action/fantasy entertainment.

Holic’s story is interesting and engaging, circling around spirits, ghosts, and the bizarre. There is little action in this show, which is aimed for an older and more mature audience, but there is a lot of thought-provoking and really smart conversation.

Holic is the type of anime that sets your mind racing with ideas about fate, destiny, and one’s life’s purpose. Furthermore, it has a component that makes statements about how individuals live and society in general. Not to mention that it is informative. Holic provides insight into a side of Japanese culture that most people do not witness.

Natsume’s Book of Friends

MC Can See Ghosts

Unlike other series, this one lacks creepy atmosphere and sound design, although it does have some elements.

Natsume Yuujinchou is a wonderful gem of a series, and I’m happy I watched it on the advice of a friend. This decent, frequently neglected series is so sweet that I can’t see anyone turning it up!

Because there is no overall narrative, the story is straightforward. The series comprises of self-contained episodes in which Natsume attempts to help youkai with their difficulties and return their names. He occasionally tries to help humans who are bothered by youkai. Natsume, on the other hand, is always attempting to help someone while “Nyanko-sensei” criticises him for his human foolishness.

Each narrative contributes to Natsume’s or the youkai’s character development, or both. The youkai teach Natsume about themselves and humanity, and Natsume ends by teaching the youkai that not all humans are terrible.

As the series progresses, Natsume learns to be more sociable and makes a few new friends. Each episode, for the most part, has a happy conclusion, however some are painful yet beautiful. The show, in general, takes a pretty hopeful view on life, but it does not gloss over possible emotional disaster.

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