8 Anime Where Love Takes a Backseat

Do you enjoy anime but find the emphasis on romance to be tedious? Is it time to move on from stories about teens pining after one other when they have nothing better to do? If so, this post is for you! Here are 8 anime where the main character isn’t interested in love. Whether it’s due to an unavoidable external influence or simply a lack of interest, these main characters are more concerned with saving the day than having their hearts broken. Prepare for an exciting and refreshing change of pace as we explore eight shows in which love takes a second seat!

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

Anime Where Love

Tanaka’s friendship with Oota is solely friendly, despite Tanaka’s dependency on him. While his friendship with Oota provides humor and convenience, romance plays no role. Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless depicts a journey of two friends seeking refuge from the dangers of societal obligations that come with high school life without succumbing to romantic entanglements – a huge contrast to most anime in the same genre, which typically involve some sort of romantic development between characters. In this series, friendships are valued enough as they are, regardless of whether they end in something more or less than what they already are.


Anime Where Love

Handa-kun is ideal for people who wish to watch an anime with a protagonist who is uninterested in love or romantic fantasies. Sei Handa is an outcast because of his own mistaken belief based on a joke told by his best buddy Kawafuji. In actuality, because to his amazing calligraphy talents, attractive looks, and cool attitude, Handa is considered positively by everybody and enjoys respect from many of his classmates.

While Sei seem to be an ideal hero in most shoujo mangas, he is unique in that he does not fall into the traditional traps of romance and instead becomes more focused on focusing in on his genuine interest – making art. Along the way, he discovers himself engaging with and finding value in various people, from the tomboyish Naru, nine, to his long-time closest buddy Kawafuji. Handa-kun is an entertaining story about admiring art for its own purpose rather than falling prey to love or romance.

Blood Blockade Battlefront

Anime Where Love

In Blood Blockade Battlefront, we meet Leonardo Watch, a young guy with a strong sense of duty and responsibility. He has little interest in romantic fantasies and is primarily concerned with his family, particularly his sister. After obtaining unusual powers from the ‘All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods,’ he travels to Hellsalem’s Lot determined to discover a way to restore her sight. All through this journey, Leo shows that the most significant things in life come from understanding and happiness for oneself, not from love interests or flings. The series is likely to keep viewers interested as they explore this new world with Leonardo and discover everything it has to offer!


Anime Where Love

Takuru Miyashiro, the main character of the anime “Chaos;Child,” is an introverted, timid yet proud high school student who appears to want to define himself by having a specific meaning and purpose in life that separates him from others. He also engages in unhealthy activities such as eating and drinking and avoids physical labor in order to live an unhealthy lifestyle.

Takuru’s lack of interest in love or romantic fantasies separates him from other anime characters his age. Instead, we witness him completely entangled in delusional ideas and concerns, which consume the majority of his time while investigating mysterious deaths near Shibuya’s freshly rebuilt district. Finally, Takuru is an excellent example for anime fans looking for something new than the standard high school love narrative.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Anime Where Love

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is a fantastic anime with a unique protagonist in the shape of Kusuo Saiki. Despite having supernatural powers beyond understanding and the ability to manipulate reality as he pleases, Saiki is uninterested in issues of love or romantic dreams. Instead, what keeps him busy is figuring out how to stay out of trouble and live a pretty ordinary life free of the complexities that come with having these remarkable skills under his control.

From telepathy to x-ray vision, Saiki possesses a plethora of remarkable psychic powers that have been with him from birth. He has the ability to accomplish practically anything, but Kusuo is cautious about it, avoiding interactions with humans totally and warping away in the presence of a problem.

Despite his outward appearance, Saiki is a somewhat serious individual who hardly ever smiles or laughs and frequently bluntly speaks on what he perceives to be ridiculous behavior from others around him. His attitude toward romance is similarly unchanged, with his mother wishing for him to find love one day, although Kusuo would much prefer avoid it all together in order to live more happily and peacefully. This disconnected yet hilarious protagonist lifts The Disastrous Life of Saiki K above many other anime series on the market today.

One Punch Man

Anime Where Love

Saitama, the main character of One Punch Man, has a hobby for becoming a hero. After three years of relentless training, he has attained the ultimate level of skill and power, which is so strong that any normal enemies are unable to face him. As a result, Saitama is trapped in a state of temporary boredom until he meets Genos, who quickly becomes his disciple. Soon after, they both join the Hero Association in the hopes of being formally recognized as heroes worthy of public recognition.

Saitama’s strength significantly exceeds that of gods or aliens from outer space, making his battles extremely anti-climactic owing to an ongoing lack of challenge regardless of how powerful his opponents are. He has no particular perspective on justice or righteousness, and his motivations are focused largely on his personal desire for a fresh challenge, ignoring the typical expectations of heroes. Taking everything into consideration, it is evident that Saitama, unlike other protagonists, does not seek romantic love or act out dreams, but instead chases thrilling battles as usual in order to test how far he can go with his ability.

Code Geass

Anime Where Love

Lelouch from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is anything from a romantic, despite his cold and calculating exterior. Love and passion are uninteresting to him since he does not want anything to come in the way of achieving his noble goals. Despite the fact that he is surrounded by individuals who are very interested in such things (such as Shirley), Lelouch remains focused on more important topics such as making alliances with other nations or planning world dominance.

He has a soft spot for people he loves, like as Nunnally and Suzaku, but it’s evident that love isn’t at the top of his priority list. While there may be instances where affections bloom between him and others throughout this anime series, it never becomes a prominent topic, keeping this anime focused on action and excitement.

Classroom of the Elite

Anime Where Love

Classroom of the Elite tells the story of Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, a seemingly ordinary student who enrolls in Tokyo Koudo Ikusei Senior High School. Every month, the school pays students points in cash—a tempting offering that drives most individuals to fulfill their self-indulgent desires. But not Kiyotaka; despite his quiet and modest attitude, he is in reality intelligent and very capable when it comes to understanding the emotions of others.

He prefers to stay solitary and uninvolved in what is going on around him, with no interest in love or romance since his primary goal is to uncover the truth behind Tokyo’Kodue Ikusei Senior High School’s student point system. This makes the show a good choice for anyone searching for anime with MCs that are focused on their own goals and avoid romantic entanglements.

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