10 Anime Where the MC is a God/Deity/Demon

Anime with an OP MC may be common, but anime with a God may not be as frequent as anime with an OP MC.

But today, in this article, we have compiled a list of 10 Anime Where the MC is a God, all of which have great action and amazing humour.

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Anime Where the MC is a God


anime where the mc is a god

The protagonist of the anime Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki, turns into a Soul Reaper or a god of death throughout the series. Despite its length, the anime is packed with action and has excellent character development. Orihime Inoue, Yasutora Sado, and Uryuu Ishida, three of Ichigo’s classmates, help him in his struggle against the evil Hollows, who prey on the souls of humans.

Kamisama Kiss

anime where the mc is a god

In the anime Kamisama Kiss, Nanami Momozono, the lead character, wishes to have a typical high school life but instead has to deal with the reality that her father has racked up a significant gambling debt in her name. She encounters a strange guy named Mikage after being made homeless and forced out of her apartment by debt collectors. He offers her his house as a token of gratitude, but she quickly learns that it is actually a shrine for worshiping.


anime where the mc is a god

In the anime Noragami, Yato, a minor deity, longs to be worshipped by millions of people. He performs odd tasks at five yen apiece to compensate for this. His weapon partner, though, becomes tired of him and leaves him.

Hiyori Iki saves Yato from a vehicle accident by taking the hit for him just when things seemed hopeless for him. She manages to survive the incident, but it has let loose her spirit, which can now leave her body at anytime.

When Hiyori hears that Yato needs a new partner in order to return her to normal, she reluctantly agrees to assist him in finding one. Hiyori demands that Yato return her to normalcy. Yato’s circumstances may be improving with Hiyori’s help.


anime where the mc is a god

The main character of the anime Campione!, Godou Kusanagi, is a deity. He defeats the god of war and rises to the rank of Campione, entrusted with fighting Heretic Gods to save humanity. Godou’s new position as a Campione attracts a number of Gods ready to engage in battle with him as well as a large number of fanatical followers—mostly women—willing to aid him in his wars.

The Seven Deadly Sins

anime where the mc is a god

This is a well-known anime in which there are two main characters, one of whom is a deity and the other is a demon. The anime is enjoyable, funny, and intense at times.

In a setting similar of the European Middle Ages, the feared yet revered Holy Knights of Britannia use incredibly potent magic to protect the realm of Britannia and its kingdoms. But a small band of the Knights supposedly abandoned their country and used their swords against their friends in an effort to overthrow the monarch of Liones.

They were defeated by the Holy Knights, but rumors that these famous knights, known as the “Seven Deadly Sins,” were still alive remained. Ten years later, the Holy Knights carried out their own rebellion and took control of the Kingdom of Liones in a despotic manner.

Platinum end

anime where the mc is a god

In the anime Platinum End, Mirai Kakehashi, the protagonist, receives two powers from Nasse, his guardian angel. He can engage in combat with 12 other candidates for the title of God thanks to these skills. Mirai initially wanted death, but he is now willing to battle for the opportunity to live happily ever after.

Kamisama Kazoku

anime where the mc is a god

Samatarou is not your typical high school student; he is the son of a deity, his mother is a goddess, and his sisters are goddess candidates. They are in the human realm because they want their kid to learn about human customs and the behaviours of the creatures they are protecting, so that Samatarou can become a greater deity.

Tenko is an angel tasked with looking after Samatarou. She and Samatarou were born on the same day and year, and they’ve been best friends ever since.

Although everything seems to be going as usual, when Kumiko, a transfer student, arrives, things start to change. Samatarou falls in love with her, and as a result, his life will never be the same. He will go into trouble for choosing to let her fall in love with him without using his abilities.


anime where the mc is a god

The main character of this anime is not quite a god, but in his world, he is basically a god, and his power is godlike, allowing him to do whatever he wants in his world.

The end of the popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil has arrived. Momonga, a strong wizard and lord of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown, however, decides to spend his final minutes in the game as the servers begin to shut down.

Momonga is surprised to discover that, despite the fact that the clock has struck midnight, he is still fully awake as his character, and that the non-player characters appear to have evolved personalities of their own!

When faced with this unexpected condition, Momonga commands his loyal followers to help him investigate and take control of this new world in an effort to learn what has changed and whether others are experiencing similar circumstances.

Spice and Wolf

anime where the mc is a god

In Pasloe, Holo, a powerful wolf deity, is adored and worshipped for her blessing of the annual harvest. However, Holo, also known as the “Wise Wolf of Yoitsu,” is reduced to a folk tale as time goes on and the society becomes more independent. In exchange for transporting Kraft Lawrence to her home in the north, Yoitsu, Holo promises to join him in business. This happens when Kraft Lawrence arrives at Pasloe.

The smart trader notices Holo’s extraordinary ability to assess a person’s character and agrees to her proposal. Lawrence is getting closer to his ambition of launching his own shop now that he possesses both keen business abilities and a captivating negotiator.

However, as Lawrence explores the countryside with Holo in quest of economic opportunities, he begins to notice that his ambitions are gradually changing into something unexpected.

Misfit of Demon King Academy

anime where the mc is a god

Misfit of Demon King Academy is an anime series in which the main character, Anos Voldigoad, is a god/deity/demon. He reincarnates two millennia later, but he soon realizes that the world’s level of magic has decreased during his absence.

Furthermore, when he enrolls in the academy to recover his proper place, he discovers that demonkind remembers him differently. His demeanor, behaviors, and even his legacy have all been fabricated—all disguised as an imposter. He is the academy’s outlier—a misfit never seen before in history—because of this “lack” of common knowledge.

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