9 Animes Like Akame Ga Kill That You Should Watch.

Akame Ga Kill is a popular anime, mostly because of how dark and violent it is, and if you’re looking for a seriously dark and violent anime, then we do have some good stuff for you.

In this article, we have listed 10 Animes like Akame Ga Kill that will give you the dark and violent experience you are looking for in an anime.

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Animes like Akame Ga Kill

1. The Heroic Legend of Arslan

In this article, we have listed 10 Animes like Akame Ga Kill that will give you the dark and violent experience you are looking for in an anime.

The story is set in a legendary vision of an unclear fusion of over a thousand years of ancient Persia and neighbouring countries. While there is certainly magic in the world in which it takes place, it is of a very limited type. Until the middle of the anime, the only magical occurrences are a few spells and a big humanoid monster. In the second half of the novel series, several horrible monsters, such as ghouls and winged monkeys, arise.

The early half of the series, in particular, is essentially a war drama between human nations. There are also underlying themes that explore the effects of slavery on society, having an absolute ruler who treats the poor as cattle, and religious preoccupation.

2. Vinland Saga

Animes like Akame Ga Kill

Young Thorfinn grew up listening to the stories of old sailors that had traveled the ocean and reached the place of legend, Vinland. It’s said to be warm and fertile, a place where there would be no need for fighting—not at all like the frozen village in Iceland where he was born, and certainly not like his current life as a mercenary.

War is his home now. Though his father once told him, “You have no enemies, nobody does. There is nobody who it’s okay to hurt,” as he grew, Thorfinn knew that nothing was further from the truth.

The war between England and the Danes grows worse with each passing year. Death has become commonplace, and the Viking mercenaries are loving every moment of it.

Allying with either side will cause a massive swing in the balance of power, and the Vikings are happy to make names for themselves and take any spoils they earn along the way. Among the chaos, Thorfinn must take his revenge and kill Askeladd, the man who murdered his father.

3. Tokyo Ghoul

Animes like Akame Ga Kill

The story follows Ken Kaneki, a student who barely survives a deadly encounter with Rize Kamishiro, his date who reveals herself as a ghoul and tries to eat him. He is taken to the hospital in critical condition.

After recovering, Kaneki discovers that he underwent surgery that transformed him into a half-ghoul. This was accomplished because some of Rize’s organs were transferred into his body, and now, like normal ghouls, he must consume human flesh to survive.

4. Berserk

Animes like Akame Ga Kill

The story follows Guts as the “Black Swordsman”, an appearance which was briefly seen in the first episode of the 1997 television series as well as in the final scene of the Golden Age Arc films.

Guts was once a wandering mercenary taken in by the mercenary group known as the Band of the Hawk and he fought alongside them before their mutilated leader, Griffith, sacrificed his followers to become one of the God Hand and continue his dream of ruling a kingdom of his own.

Only Guts and his lover Casca, who lost her sanity and memory from the horrors she saw and endured, escaped the “Eclipse” ritual, though they were branded with marks that attract evil, restless spirits, and other similar entities. With Casca in the care of blacksmith Godo and his adopted daughter Erica as well as Rickert, the only member of the Hawks absent during the Eclipse, Guts set off to hunt down the God Hand’s Apostles to find and kill Griffith in a quest for vengeance.

5. Code:Breaker

Animes like Akame Ga Kill

Sakura Sakurakji is riding the bus one day when she observes people being burned alive with a blue fire while a boy her age stands over them. The next day, she returns to the scene and finds no corpses or signs of any form of murder, only a little fire.

When Sakura arrives at school, she notices that the new transfer student is the same boy she met the day before. Sakura quickly discovers that he is Rei gami, the sixth “Code: Breaker,” a particular type of assassin with an unusual ability and a member of a government-serving covert organisation.


Animes like Akame Ga Kill

Mahiro Fuwa is a high school student whose younger step-sister Aika (who was also the longstanding girlfriend of his childhood friend Yoshino Takigawa) was inexplicably murdered together with their parents a year prior.

Mahiro is approached by Hakaze Kusaribe, the leader of the Kusaribe clan who has been abandoned on an unknown barren island by her followers, and promises to assist Hakaze in exchange for her assistance in identifying the perpetrator guilty for his family’s terrible death.

Yoshino joins his friend on his journey to stand up to the rest of the Kusaribe clan, who plans to awaken the “Tree of Exodus,” whose power can bring destruction to the entire world, after learning of his friend’s intentions.

7. Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

Animes like Akame Ga Kill

When 20-year-old college student Haruto Amakawa dies in a traffic accident, he does not expect to wake up in an unfamiliar world in the body of a young boy named Rio. As their memories and personas fuse, Rio realizes that he now also possesses magical powers. He is relieved to find that his burning passion for revenge against his mother’s murderers has not subsided, despite his newly changed identity.

Not soon after, Rio comes across the kidnapped princess of the Bertram Kingdom and saves her without hesitation. To express his gratitude, the king grants him the opportunity to enroll in the Bertram Royal Academy.

Believing this to be a new chapter in his life, he is excited to study at this prestigious academy, but life here proves to be difficult for him, a slum-dweller surrounded by the majestic children of nobles.

8. Re:Zero

Animes like Akame Ga Kill

Re: Zero is the most unique and probably one of the darkest isekai anime. As all other isekai anime Re: Zero revolves around a neet who got transported into another world.

This anime is full of intense and brutal moments. if you like isekai then you gonna like this too, Personally for me, this by far the best isekai anime.

9. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Animes like Akame Ga Kill

The story revolves around Naofumi Iwatani, an easygoing Japanese youth, was summoned into a parallel world along with three other young men from parallel universes to become the world’s Cardinal Heroes.

Naofumi happened to receive the Legendary Shield, the sole defensive equipment, while the other heroes received a sword, a spear, and a bow, weapons meant for the attack.

Unlike the other heroes who are fully supported by the kingdom and gain several strong allies each, Naofumi’s luck turns to the worse after his single companion, revealed to be the kingdom’s Princess, betrays him, steals all his belongings, and leaves him devoid of all assistance and supplies after she falsely accuses him of assaulting her.

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