7 Anime like Given and Banana Fish

Given is a slice-of-life boy’s love anime with a fantastic musical twist, and if you’re looking for something similar, you’ve come to the perfect place.

In this post, we’ve listed 7 Animes Like Given that will provide you with the best musical/slice of life experience, with many of the anime in this list focusing on the boy’s love genre.

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Animes like Given


DAKAICHI! - Animes like Given

Takato Saij, who has been an actor from childhood, has been named the “sexiest man of the year” in the entertainment industry for five years in a row. His first-place status, however, has been replaced by Junta Azumaya, a young newbie actor. While Takato views Junta as a rival, Junta passionately admires Takato and is in love with him.


animes like given

Haru Kaidou, the family’s eldest son, travels all the way to Canada after learning that his mother is on the approach of death. When he arrives, he discovers that not only did his mother deceive him, but he is also expected to care for his adoptive brother, Ren Kaidou, an antisocial boy who feels more at ease around dogs than people.

Haru initially has difficulty reaching out to Ren due to his new brother’s distrustful demeanour, but their bond strengthens over time. He promises Ren that they will live together in Japan after Haru finishes high school.

Haru, on the other hand, loses all memories of the summer they spent together, including the vow he made, owing to an unfortunate accident. Ren arrives in Tokyo five years later, expecting Haru to keep his pledge; however, Ren is just a random boy claiming to be his brother to Haru.

Love Stage!!

animes like given

Anyone would expect Izumi Sena, who has an actress mother, a producer father, and a rockstar brother, to finally break into the entertainment industry. Izumi, on the other hand, has never been in the spotlight, with the exception of a commercial for a wedding magazine when he was a young child; instead, he aspires to be a manga artist.

However, a decade after the shot, the magazine requests the original kid actors for a 10th anniversary ad. This brings Izumi back into contact with Ryouma Ichijou, a popular actor who, surprising to Izumi’s surprise, has been in love with him since their first meeting! However, because of Izumi’s feminine features and unisex name, Ryouma mistook the boy for a girl and still does to this day. Izumi’s problems are just getting started, because even after learning the truth, Ryouma can’t seem to shake his affections…

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi – The World’s Greatest First Love

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Ritsu Onodera, a proud literary editor, is motivated to establish himself in the profession after dealing with jealousy from his coworkers because he works under his father’s name. To do so, he leaves his work at his father’s publishing company and joins Marukawa Publishing.

Instead of being sent to their literary section, Ritsu is assigned as the rookie manga editor for the Emerald editing department, a staff that works under incredibly tight constraints. There, Ritsu meets the infamous editor-in-chief Masamune Takano, a hardworking man who demands results.

Takano, it turns out, is Ritsu’s high school love, and the pain of that tragedy has caused Ritsu’s hesitation to fall in love again. Takano’s pledge to have Ritsu confess he loves him again marks the reestablishment of their relationship now that the two had been reunited after several years apart.

Those Snow White Notes

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Following the death of his grandfather, the legendary shamisen master Matsugorou Sawamura, Setsu Sawamura flees his little hometown. Matsugorou begged Setsu on his deathbed to give up the shamisen if he was merely going to imitate others and not play in his own style.

Setsu escapes to Tokyo, expecting that the huge city will inspire him to develop his own distinct playing style. Tokyo, on the other hand, betrays his expectations by drowning out all other sounds with the overwhelming noise of metropolitan life.

Setsu’s wealthy and successful mother, Umeko, returns into his life, concerned for his well-being, and pushes him to enrol in Umezono Academy. At school, he meets Shuri Maeda, a girl who is enthralled by the Tsugaru shamisen and wishes to perform a song that her grandmother had heard a long time ago.

Shuri establishes a shamisen appreciation society and persuades Setsu to teach the club’s members how to play the instrument. Will Setsu be able to rediscover his love for the shamisen and discover the unique tone he lacks as he becomes more involved with the club?

Nodame Cantabile

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Shinichi Chiaki is a first-rate musician whose ambition is to perform among Europe’s finest. He comes from a respectable family and is an infamous perfectionist—not only is he harsh on himself, but also on others. Shinichi’s only obstacle to travelling to Europe is his phobia of flying. As a result, he is currently stuck in Japan.

Shinichi meets Megumi Noda, or Nodame as she refers to herself, during his fourth year at Japan’s finest music academy. On the surface, she appears to be an unruly girl with no direction in life. When Shinichi hears Nodame play the piano for the first time, he is blown away by the music she makes. Nonetheless, Shinichi is surprised to learn that Nodame is his neighbour, and worse, she falls head over heals in love with him.

White Album

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Is it possible for a relationship between an average college student and an idol singer to last? That is the question that White Album attempts to address. Touya Fujii is a typical college student with typical concerns, such as balancing his schoolwork and the job he works to pay for school. He is also concerned about the amount of time he has with Yuki Morikawa, or rather, the lack thereof.

Yuki, as an aspiring idol singer, has her own issues. Even though she isn’t as well-known as veteran Rina Ogata, Yuki is attracting attention and landing television interviews. This should be a wonderful thing, but not everyone is pleased with the media’s and Rina’s attention. Rival singers have their sights set on Yuki in the idol world, which is quite competitive.

While seeing your girlfriend on television may sound exciting, how does Touya feel about it all? Their relationship may not last due to the hardships of Yuki’s career and the other people Touya meets at his university…

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