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Apex Legends is getting Zombies Map and Halloween event

People Still busy Exploring season 3, and Respawn Entertainment are already well on their way to give another action-packed part for their battle royale.

Respawn accidentally uploaded a badge for the Fight or Fright event in the battle royale shooter’s loadout screen, confirming its Halloween plans. Data miner Shrugtal, meanwhile, discovered much more information.

Even without formally appearing as a playable character, there are a ton of voice lines already recorded for Legends.

According to Shrugtal’s finding the Apex Legends new leaksnew event mode called Flight and will include a new game mode called Shadowfall. Shadowfall will be a free-for-all solo mode where spiders will jump out of loot boxes and dead players will resurrect into fast zombies that will try to attack the surviving players.


Each of these new enemies, such as spiders and zombies, has their own unique animations that Shrugtal has found and there are some scenes that set the mode.

Shadowfall also seems to take place in a slightly altered nighttime version of the first map of Apex Legends, Kings Canyon and may present the return of giant dinosaur-shaped leviathans, which also appear to be strange and Halloween-themed.

Shrugtal also found some Halloween masks that would probably be part of the event, but they weren’t too specific with what those masks are.

Adding to Shrugtal’s discoveries is fellow data miner That1MiningGuy, who found skins for every character in the game, including for the latest joining, Crypto. Some of the new skins are shown below.

By gathering evidence in the leaks, the final 10 Legends will try to escape the map on an Evacuation Ship, something similar to the survivors who took it out of a map in Dead by Daylight to ensure victory.

In order for the Shadow Squad to win, they must prevent the Skinbags, as Revenant calls the players in the leaked audio files, from escaping to win a victory for the dark army.

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