8 Best Aio Cooler For Overclocking

PC Enthusiasts always love to overclock their CPU, and overclocking the CPU can help you to gain a lot of performance, and gaining that amount of performance can cause a lot of heat, and you need a good AIO for that. these are the 8 Best Aio Cooler For Overclocking.

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Best Aio Cooler For Overclocking

NZXT Kraken X53

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Kraken on the X53: The refreshed Kraken X Series is a must-have for any build, providing better cooling, stunning visual effects, and intuitive installation.

Overall I’d recommend the NZXT Kraken X53 as a tremendous entry-level AIO for anyone looking to build their PC. It’s priced to move at $129.99, looks excellent, and gives moderate temperature improvement over AMD’s stock cooler with almost silent operation.


best aio cooler

The Kraken-X42 combines 360 AIO cooling, an attractive RBG light show, user-friendly software, and excellent cooling performance. It’s a compelling cooling solution that supports just about every modern CPU.

NZXT Kraken X73

best aio cooler
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Kraken X73 water cooler has no trouble cooling any overclocked CPUs. It is also a very attractive cooler. The turnable CPU block also means you can use it in any orientation.

Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO

best aio cooler

The H100i Pro is a fine cooler. On a technical level, there’s nothing wrong with Corsair’s new H100i Pro. It’s fine. It’s not impressive, it’s not disappointing, and it’ll be a good buy once its price falls by about $20.

Corsair’s new H100i Pro proves a well-designed 240mm AIO can perform like a larger, pricier 360mm model while costing a whole lot less.

Corsair Hydro Series H100i 

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The H115i Platinum does prove better than the H100iV2, to no surprise, and better than the Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280, or close to error margins, anyway. 

The 360mm coolers, like NZXT’s Kraken X72 and Corsair’s H150i, outperform the H115i Platinum by way of having more fans and a larger radiator.

With its larger size and RGB fans, Corsair’s H115i RGB Platinum is bigger, bolder, and brighter than its predecessors. Combining higher-than-average noise with average cooling capacity kept it from being the best.

EVGA CLC 280mm

EVGA – Asia

Of the three closed-loop coolers EVGA offers, the 280mm option is probably the best of the bunch in terms of price-to-performance as well as how it stacks up against its competition

EVGA’s CLC 280 combines tried-and-true cooler technology with high-speed fans to produce the ultimate-cooling 2x 140mm system.

Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix

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The H150i Elite Capellix’s performance aligns well with other 360mm AIO coolers in the marketplace. And Corsair adds value by including a Commander CORE hub/control module that provides system builders the flexibility to extend control and management of their PC beyond that of the cooler.

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360

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With a radiator designed to accommodate three (stock configuration) or even six 120mm fans and three P12 high static pressure, high performance 120mm fans included as ‘stock’ Arctic certainly believes that bigger is indeed better.

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