5 Best Anime About Gymnastics

As someone who enjoys both anime and gymnastics, I was eager to dive deeper into the world of anime and discover the best series that feature this incredible sport. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that there aren’t many series that focus on gymnastics.

In fact, after doing some research, I discovered only five series that prominently feature gymnastics. While this may be disappointing to some, it simply means that we must respect the few shows that do exist even more. So, without further ado, here are the five best gymnastics anime!


Anime About Gymnastics
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Shoushukan High School’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Club finishes second-to-last due to penalties for not fielding a full six-man roster. Shoutarou Futaba, the club’s newly recruited sixth member, must learn and master the fundamentals of rhythmic gymnastics while working in tandem with his new teammates to win the title.

The Gymnastics Samurai

Anime About Gymnastics

This is not your typical school sports anime; instead, Joutarou Aragaki, nicknamed Samurai for his signature hairstyle, is a retired gymnast who, five years after his wife’s death, visits Ego Wonderland with his nine-year-old daughter Rei.

They meet Leonardo, a self-proclaimed ninja who is determined to see Joutarou’s gymnastics once more. Joutarou then devotes himself to the most difficult challenge of his career in order to prove that he still has a place in the gymnastics world.

Kaleido Star

Anime About Gymnastics
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The Kaleido Stage is famous around the world for mesmerising audiences with its incredible acrobatics, innovative routines, and extravagant costumes and sets. Sora Naegino is desperate to be a part of the magic. She travels to California from Japan to audition for a spot in the group.

However, Sora quickly learns how difficult it is to be a professional performer in a world where the stakes and stunts are higher and mistakes are deadly!

Ganba Fly High

Anime About Gymnastics

The boys gymnastics team at Heisei Middle School is nothing compared to the girls team. Shun Fujimake, a first-year student, has big dreams of winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Despite his lack of gymnastics experience and athleticism, his determination and fighting spirit help him overcome any obstacle.

Hikari no Densetsu

Anime About Gymnastics

Hikari is a young schoolgirl who aspires to be a great champion in rhythmic gymnastics. Despite her setbacks, she works hard and, with the help and support of Takaaki Oiishi (her school’s best male gymnast), quickly becomes a member of the team.

She develops feelings for Oiishi, but she is not alone; the best gymnast in the school, Hazuki Shiina, also has feelings for him. Hikari and Shiina quickly form a friendship, but also a rivalry in sports and in love. Hikari is also torn between her feelings for Oiishi and an old childhood friend, Mao Natsukawa.

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