Best Cooking Games Available on PC

A Cooking Game has regularly been the best pick to relax for the cooking enthusiast and kids alike.

Generally, Cooking Games means simulator or puzzles games and most of these games are built for the cooking enthusiast or passionate people who love cooking.

That got us thinking — which games make cooking the most fun? No, you don’t get to taste your virtual recipes, but making a meal in games can hit the spot all the same.

So, if you’re after a more genuine cooking game then look no further as we’ve made a list of the best cooking games on PC from time management to puzzles.

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Cooking Games

Overcooked is a competition against time as you and your team try to make and deliver as many dishes as possible in four minutes. Burgers, pizza, and other dishes all come together similarly: chop ingredients, cook ingredients, put cooked ingredients on a plate, and serve before time runs out.

Overcooked gets more fun the more people you have playing it, up to the max of four. It’s a wonderfully ridiculous combination with three or four players that still somehow has room for strategy, but plans can be calmly executed as a more tactical game with only two.

Cooking Simulator

Cooking Games

Feel the world of restaurant cooking in a highly refined, realistic kitchen. Use ovens, gas stands, pots, pans, bowls and plates, everything you need. Cook dozens of lifelike ingredients – from vegetables through fish to steaks and poultry – to cook over thirty real dishes or anything you like.

The purpose of the Cooking Simulator is simple. Essentially a chef in a kitchen, the player needs to make a variety of diverse dishes with degrees of complexity. This means chopping the vegetables, seasoning the dishes, and cooking thoroughly, all to a strict timeframe as hungry punters wait on their meals.

Overcooked 2

Cooking Games

Like the original, Overcooked 2 is a cheerful, non-violent co-op game that’s simple enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Honestly saying, Overcooked 2 will put you into the weirdest kitchens in the world, asking you to cook to complete the customers’ orders. You will have to work unitedly to prepare the ingredients, using the utensils and gadgets scattering in the kitchen.

Overcooked 2 doubles down on the platforming components of the first game, with levels boasting moving sections of the kitchen, jumping puzzles, and even conveyor belts.

Battle Chef Brigade

Cooking Games

This anime game has been added for its beautiful hand-drawn art style and RPG twist on cooking games.
On some level, building and solving puzzles does evoke the technical parts of cooking, and especially, cooking under a tight time limit.

Despite all the other different activities involved, Battle Chef Brigade’s appealing match 3-style cooking puzzles are your main means of progression through the campaign.

Cooking Dash

Cooking Games

When Cookie the Chef leaves Flo’s Diner to pursue a career on a popular reality cooking TV show, there is a shortage of chefs in DinerTown as Cookie invites them all to appear as guest stars.

  • Over 50 levels of gameplay!
  • Master the art of perfectly prepared meals in five different restaurants!
  • Each new restaurant features a different variety of food to delight customers!
  • 3D rendered characters add dimension to the animation.

Mary le Chef – Cooking Passion

Cooking Games

In Mary le Chef – Cooking Passion you’ll enjoy 60 restaurant levels, and 30 extra challenge stages across 6 charming chapters. Prepare 70 different dishes, and upgrade your restaurants and menus.

Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion embraces Gamehouse’s signature bright and bold visuals. The characters move energetically and the visual effects are minimal but efficient.

While cooking all those tasty recipes, you get to watch a wonderful story unfold. Mary works at the large law firm – and being a real Vanderworth, her parents expect Mary to have a successful career as a lawyer.

The Cooking Game

Cooking Games

Enjoy the fun and thrill of cooking fast food dishes, playing with rival chef and serving hungry customers! Now you can cook against another player, and compete to see who has a higher score on the leaderboard. The game is fully playable in single-player and multiplayer PvP mode!

  • 8 different restaurants, from bakery to diner, from American to Chinese
  • more than 300 levels
  • hundreds of kitchen upgrades
  • prepare hundreds of dishes
  • serve thousands of customers
  • personalize your interior with elegant furniture

Bakery Simulator

Cooking Games
Steam Community

The realistic baking game, Bakery Simulator, will need you to master all the skills it takes to be a virtual boss baker, including painstakingly measuring out ingredients, operating potentially deadly tools, and trying to navigate a volatile physics engine.

The action of the simulator will get a place in a city with tens of thousands of citizens situated in a mountain area and several nearby locations. Starting the bakery business, the player will be able to, among other things, select a suitable location for the bakery and plan the use of space.

Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game

Cooking Games

A chef is a Restaurant Management game in which you build your character, earn supreme cooking abilities, customize restaurants, design unique menus, and devise innovative recipes with a sensible editor.

At the start, players are tasked with picking a location for their restaurant, taking into account a variety of factors including rent, what might be nearby that can influence business, and what kind of customers they’ll be most likely to attract. From there they’ll need to purchase equipment and furniture, decorate, create a base menu and hire staff.

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