20 Best Endless Runner Games (Android, IOS, PC)

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Endless Runner Games has become quite popular in recent years, and mostly thanks to the mobile gaming market, but in recent years some of these games have also been released on pc, so if you like games like this then, you might consider reading this list until the end, because In this article we will be listing 20 Best Endless Runner Games.

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Best Endless Runner Games

1. Mars: Mars

Best Endless Runner Games
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Platform: Android, IOS

MarsCorp is ready to take the first group of volunteers on an exciting runner-on-the-marsh trip! Survive and discover what’s out there by jumping around Mars in one of our fresh new jetpacks. In this indie runner adventure, exploration is crucial; you’ll need to withstand powerful jumps on your jetpack, evade UFOs (or become one), and most importantly, have fun!

You will not be in charge of the terraforming adventure; instead, you will take on the role of a UFO to survive the harsh Mars terrain and take on the various runner difficulties the red planet has to offer. This indie exploration game is ideal for testing out your jetpack and playing till Mars is yours!

2. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Best Endless Runner Games

Platform: Android, IOS

The stunning follow-up to SEGA’s smash hit endless runner, SONIC DASH. SONIC BOOM! features the cast and world of the new TV series.

New and amazing 3D worlds, challenges, and gameplay. Play as Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Sonic’s new friend, Sticks. Let’s do this!

3. Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure

10 Tips to Help You Master Alto's Odyssey | NDTV Gadgets 360

Platform: Android, IOS

Soar above windswept dunes, traverse thrilling canyons and explore long-hidden temples in a fantastical place far from home.

You’ll grind through vines, bounce atop hot air balloons, ride towering rock walls, and avoid naughty lemurs all while unraveling the desert’s numerous mysteries.

4. Crash Bandicoot: On the Run

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run Gets a Battle Pass, Micro-Transactions to Speed  Up Progress, and More
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Platform: Android, IOS

Think quickly to keep Crash and Coco running, jumping, spinning, and smashing through obstacles-filled lanes. Speed across unknown places, battling Doctor Neo Cortex’s henchmen.

Swipe to explore wild and exotic locations. Customize Crash and Coco with N.Sane Skins, build an arsenal of stupendous weapons, and hone those running skills for rewards.

5. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers guide: tips, tricks, and cheats | Pocket Tactics

Platform: Android, IOS

Subway Surfers is a smartphone game that has an unlimited runner. In the game, players take on the role of adolescent graffiti artists who, after being discovered “marking” a metro railway site, flee through the railroad tracks to avoid the inspector and his dog.

As they run, they collect gold coins, power-ups, and other items while avoiding collisions with trains and other objects, and they can also jump on top of the trains and surf with hoverboards to avoid capture until the character crashes on an obstacle, is caught by the inspector, or is hit by a train, at which point the game is over. Weekly Hunts and other special events can result in in-game awards and characters.

6. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable Me: Minion Rush - Google Play Trailer - YouTube

Platform: Android, IOS

Players control a minion, who can be Dave (the default character), Carl, Jerry, or Mel; they can also compete with others in amusing, fast-paced tasks. While the minion is running, there are three lanes on the track with floating bananas that minions can gather by being commanded to move left or right to run through.

7. Run Chubby Dudes

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Platform: Android, IOS

Help a few chubby dudes survive as long as possible from certain destruction!

Run Chubby Dudes! is a survival/endless runner game where you control a group of chubby dudes and try your best to keep most of them alive as long as possible.

future plans for the game include different levels, achievements, challenges, leaderboards, power-ups, and more.

8. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 v1.47.1 (Мод: много денег) — скачать игру на Андроид

Platform: Android, IOS

In a race to save your family, you must go through the zombie apocalypse. Arm yourself with a strong array of weapons and do whatever it takes to survive. Maim, mow down, and kill the Dead – whatever it takes to keep moving! How far will you go to survive in a world where no one is safe?

9. Power Hover

Power Hover: Cruise | iOs Gameplay - YouTube
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Platform: Android, IOS, PC

Power Hover is an action game about hoverboarding robots! Defy gravity and enjoy the freedom of controlling a hoverboard! Navigate your way through the desolate world, avoid the hazards and collect the energy! Unfold the story of odd and desolate robot-world…

10. Canabalt

Canabalt Steam gameplay trailer - YouTube

Platform: Android, IOS

The simple and fast-paced platform action game that defined a genre has been recreated for Android devices, with new 3D backgrounds and smooth animation! Choose between vintage 2D artwork and innovative 3D artwork, keep track of your progress on online high scoreboards, and much more! Choose from a variety of game types or play two players on the same screen!

11. Boson X

Game Review: Boson X - Arcade game

Platform: Android, IOS, PC

Quantum jump your way to critical velocity in Boson X: the rotational runner set in a particle collider.

Accelerate inside a giant particle accelerator and produce high-energy collisions to uncover weird new particles. Navigate a subatomic universe without floors or ceilings by using precise timing and quick reflexes. Be quick enough to track down the elusive Boson X.

12. Gravity Guy 2

New Game] Gravity Guy 2 Picks Up Where The Original Left Off, Enters The  Play Store With Seven New Playable Characters

Platform: Android, IOS

Gravity Guy 2 – your mission is to escape from prison and save your companions. To survive, carry out missions, solve current difficulties, and hop from one platform to another.

13. Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition

Endless Runner Games
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Platform: PC

Last Knight is a unique genre mash-up that combines platforming, action-packed riding, and ragdoll physics driven jousting! It’s fast-paced action in an endlessly produced fantasy world driven by Unreal Engine!

14. Fotonica


Platform: pc

Ever wondered what running at 140mph feels like? FOTONICA is a first-person game about the thrill of speed and traveling flawlessly through complex environments.

FOTONICA is simple, but not easy: it follows the tradition of arcade games that are simple to learn but nearly tough to master. A multi-layered level design across eight separate tracks, combined with a generative endless mode, results in an exceptionally rich game. Do you believe you can outrun your friends? Experiment with the split-screen vs challenges.

15. Rolly Vortex

Download Rolly Vortex APK Mod Money/Unlock All for Android/iOS

Platform: Android, IOS

This game is highly virtuous and instills in the player a sense of tranquillity, as well as expectation and urgency. The player’s five senses get diluted, and they are no longer aware of their surroundings.

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