Best Free Games Under 2GB Size On Steam

We all know that feeling of wanting to play a new game, but there are many people who don’t have much internet data or just don’t want to spend hours downloading it. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best free games under 2 GB on Steam! Whether you’re looking for something to pass the time or a new gaming experience, these games are sure to please. From first-person shooters to puzzle games, there’s something for everyone on this list. So what are you waiting for? Get downloading!

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Free Games Under 2GB Size On Steam

1. Nomori: Prologue

Games Under 2GB Size

Nomori: Prologue is a beautiful, calming, but mind-boggling puzzle game in which you manage time and space to navigate around a damaged spirit world. Take chances via portals, shift your perspective, and control the flow of time to go forward in whichever way you like. Nomori is an exploration game that demands players to think independently in order to progress through each level. Each level challenges your understanding of Nomori’s reality and rewards you for experimenting with the cosmos and using your powers to advance.

2. Heal & Hurt

Games Under 2GB Size

Heal & Hurt is a fast-paced old-school arena shooter in which you switch sides from skeleton to angel to others every time you die. When you switch characters, such as the angel, you get the power to fly over the heavens and take out your opponents from high ground.

3. Stumble Guys

Games Under 2GB Size

Stumble Guys is an obstacle course game with up to 32 people in which everyone attempts to complete the level without falling down. It’s wild, chaotic fun that’s excellent for relaxing and laughing with friends. There are also leaderboards where you can check how you stack up against other players.

4. One-armed cook

Games Under 2GB Size

One-armed cook is a hard, fascinating, and messy game in which you must make dishes and also work as a team if you don’t want to work alone while coping with the stress of a busy restaurant. To succeed, you must be precise and faster, because one mistake movement might destroy the food. make the experience more seamless If you’re ever in question, you can always consult the recipe book.

5. TrackMania Nations Forever

Games Under 2GB Size

TrackMania Nations Forever is an online racing game with crazy courses and powerful cars. You may compete against other players from across the globe, or you can attempt to beat your own personal best time. TrackMania Nations Forever will keep you occupied for hours on end with over 65 different tracks to select from.

6. Trove

Games Under 2GB Size

Trove is a free voxel-based online action MMO that allows you to explore a wide variety of planets and combat dangerous creatures. In addition, there are several goods to gather, make, and exchange with other players. Trove provides something for everyone, whether you’re looking for adventure or just want to create the largest base.

7. BattleSteam

Games Under 2GB Size

BattleSteam is a free-to-play online shooter based in a steampunk environment. Build your army and defeat your enemies in turn-based wars. There is also a diverse range of weapons and structures with which to personalize your army. BattleSteam is a fascinating and demanding game that will have you coming back for more.

8. Tank Force

Games Under 2GB Size

Tank Force is a tank fight game in which you may select from a number of tanks and modifications. Then, in fast-paced PvP combat, face off against other gamers from all around the world. Tank Force is a terrific way to let off some steam and has some fun.

9. VRChat

Games Under 2GB Size

VRChat is an online social VR game where you can meet new people from all over the world and hang out with your buddies. You may explore many virtual worlds, play games, or simply communicate with other people. VRChat is a fantastic way to socialize and have fun in virtual reality.

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