Top 4 Best Full Body VR Tracking in 2023

In this post, we will look at the top full-body VR tracking systems on the market right now. Virtual reality technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and users can now fully immerse themselves in virtual worlds by having their entire body movements collected and translated into the virtual world.

This makes the experience more realistic and interactive. We’ll look at some of the greatest full-body VR tracking systems on the market, including their features and capabilities, to help you make an informed decision about which system is right for you.

This article will give you essential information about the newest in VR tracking technology, whether you’re a game developer, animator, or simply searching for an immersive VR experience.

Full Body VR Tracking

Rebuff Reality TrackStrap Plus

Full Body VR Tracking

The Rebuff Reality TrackStrap Plus is a full body tracking solution that lets users to stay in VR full body tracking mode for more than 10 hours without worrying about the tracker’s battery running out. It is compatible with the Vive Tracker 3.0 and Vive Tracker (both sold separately) and includes a 6,000mAh battery built into each track strap.

The breathable elastic neoprene material is made for comfort and securely fits the user’s waist, foot, and shoe sizes. The TrackStrap Plus is UL and CE certified, has a one-year warranty, and is ideal for VR Chat players as well as professionals in the motion capture and field training simulation industries.

KAT Ioco S

Full Body VR Tracking

The KAT Ioco S is a collection of three sensors designed for virtual reality full body tracking. It is a locomotion technology that allows users to move and interact physically within a virtual environment. Its purpose is to improve the immersion of the VR gaming experience. The three sensors are sufficient for most types of full-body tracking, giving users more physical control over their movement in virtual reality.


Full Body VR Tracking

Driver4VR is a virtual reality software solution with full body tracking. It tracks the user’s body in real time using neural networks and deep learning to mimic Vive Trackers. It also comes with gamepad emulation, gesture support, and positional tracking. It includes an easy-to-use UI and can be set up with a single webcam. It can simulate controller rotation with just your hands and allows you to play games with just your hands.

MVN Animate

Full Body VR Tracking

The Xsens MVN Animate system captures crisp character animation in any environment and streams it directly into game engines like Unity or Unreal for usage in virtual, augmented, and mixed-reality experiences. It can record motion from anywhere, making it suitable for participatory performances in live VR and AR.

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