Best Games For i3-1125G4

The i3-1125G4 is a great affordable CPU that can handle most tasks without difficulty. It’s not the most powerful CPU available, but it’s more than enough for casual or even some serious gamers who just want to play without lag or shuttering. If you’re searching for the best games that will run flawlessly on this CPU, search no further! Here are six of the best games for the i3-1125G4:

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Games For i3-1125G4

1. War Thunder

Games For i3-1125G4

Warzone is a free military MMO game in which you can shoot down other players’ planes or destroy tanks and warships. Crossplay allows you to play with people from various platforms. This game has it all, whether you choose to play on land, sea, or air. Furthermore, because of its minimal hardware requirements, you can play on almost any device, even the i3-1125G4.

 2. Paladins

Games For i3-1125G4

Paladins is a free-to-play online shooter that has rapidly taken hold. It has a one-of-a-kind game that allows you to personalize your characters to match your playstyle. Paladins is an excellent game because of its fast-paced gameplay and bright visuals.

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Games For i3-1125G4

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of the most well-known video games yet, is still in high demand. In this tactical shooter, two teams face off in intense combat where each gunshot counts. Look no farther than CS:GO if you’re searching for a challenging and thrilling game.

4. Team Fortress 2

Games For i3-1125G4

Featuring cartoonish visuals and a tonne of character, Team Fortress 2 is a cooperative multiplayer shooter. There is a wide variety of tactics you can utilize in the game to the nine distinct classes available. TF2 features a role for everyone, whether you want to be a medic, soldier, or Pyro.

5. Unturned

Games For i3-1125G4

Unturned is a zombie survival game featuring base-building and crafting features. You’ll need to gather materials and make things to assist you survive the hordes of zombie adversaries wandering the landscape in this post-apocalyptic environment. Unturned works well on the i3-1125G4 thanks to its low system requirements.

6. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Games For i3-1125G4

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is the final game in our list of the best games for the i3-1125G4. With its ragdoll mechanics and strange comedy, this bizarre battle royale game takes the genre and throws it on its head. TABS could be the game for you if you’re searching for something different from the typical stuff.

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