Top 15 Best Games Like Myst

Myst is an adventure puzzle game; if you are a fan of the genre and enjoy playing these games, or if you are seeking anything similar to Myst, this is the place to be.

In this article, we have listed 15 Best Games Like Myst: 15 Titles That Are Just As Mind-Bending.

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Best Games Like Myst

1. Miasmata

Best Games Like Myst

Miasmata is a first-person survival/adventure game created by brothers Joe and Bob Johnson from the ground up. You take on the role of Robert Hughes, a plague-stricken scientist on a quest to find a cure. Your journey begins on the shores of a lonely and enigmatic island.

Long ago, the island was inhabited by a group of indigenous people, whose monuments may still be found dotting the terrain. The island now has a scientific research station, and you want to reconnect with your colleagues who work there. Unfortunately, you’ll quickly realize that something has gone horribly wrong.

During your journey, you will come across a fascinating and terrible beast. This creature may track you for miles, hiding among grasses and other vegetation. You might be able to avoid the beast if you tread cautiously and stealthily. However, if you are reckless, you will be compelled to fight the creature head-on.

2. The Witness

Best Games Like Myst

The Witness is a puzzle video game released in 2016. It is a single-player game in an open world with dozens of places to explore and over 500 puzzles. This game respects you as an informed player and values your time. There is no fluff; each of those problems introduces a fresh concept into the mix. So, this is an idea-filled game.

3. Prominence

Best Games Like Myst

Prominence is a science-fiction point-and-click adventure game in which the Letarri people, after living as persecuted refugees for generations, set their sights on a distant planet as a potential new home. However, when an interplanetary mission to colonize the new world goes horribly wrong, the fate of their people is left in the hands of a lone adventurer. It’s now up to you to solve the riddle of what transpired. Is it still possible to save them and their objective, or is it too late?

4. Obduction

Obduction on Steam

Obduction is a video game adventure. It is a new sci-fi adventure from Cyan, the creators of Myst. You’ve been abducted far beyond the universe and are now on a shattered alien terrain with bizarre parts of Earth. Investigate, discover, solve, and find a way to return home.

On a cloudy night, as you walk near the lake, a strange, biological artifact falls from the starry sky and, unexpectedly, transfers you across the cosmos without your permission. You’ve been snatched from your comfortable existence and transplanted into a strange terrain populated by fragments of Earth from unexpected times and places.

5. The Room

The Room on Steam

The Room is a video game with puzzle elements. A mystery invitation leads to an abandoned house’s attic. There’s a cast-iron safe in the chamber, studded with weird carvings, with a note from your distant companion on top. It promises something ancient and amazing hidden in the iron chamber – all you have to do is find a way in.

6. The Secret of Grisly Manor

The Secret of Grisly Manor | Puzzle Game

Grandpa was always a little odd. He was a wonderful engineer who was always immersed in his work, constantly coming up with new ideas and innovations that as a child held you wide-eyed in awe.

After many years, you return to the house that carries so many wonderful memories for you, accompanied by Grandpa’s promise to show you something very amazing. You can’t even conceive of what it could be!

When you arrive at Grisly Manor, it’s a dark and stormy night. The rain pours down heavily, lightning flashes in the sky, and thunder echoes in your ears. You’re already creeped out, but when you walk inside, the house is strangely deserted. Grandpa has gone missing!

7. What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch on Steam

What Remains of Edith Finch is a 2017 adventure game in which you play as Edith and explore the huge Finch mansion, searching for stories as she investigates her family history and tries to figure out why she’s the only one still alive. Each narrative allows you to live the life of a new family member on the day of their death, with stories ranging from the distant past to the present.

8. Quern – Undying Thoughts

Quern - Undying Thoughts on Steam

Quern – Undying Thoughts is a first-person puzzle adventure game that invites you on a journey to explore and conquer its problems. Put your brain to the test with progressively difficult puzzles as you try to solve the island’s mysteries.

Discover new sites while immersing yourself in the magnificent scenery of the island. As you explore deeper into the story, pay attention to the indications of the past to comprehend the significance of your presence.

9. The Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan på Steam

The Unfinished Swan is a first-person adventure video game in which you explore a mystery all-white terrain by splatting paint to unveil the world around you.

As Monroe, a 10-year-old orphan, you’ll follow a swan that’s stepped out of an unfinished painting and wandered off into a surreal, storybook-inspired kingdom.

Each chapter contains surprises, new methods to explore the realm, a slew of strange (and occasionally dangerous) creatures, and encounters with the eccentric king who established this kingdom.

10. The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle on Steam

The Talos Principle is a narrative-based puzzle game that may be played in the first or third person. The player assumes the character of a robot with apparent human awareness as they explore a variety of locales with over 120 puzzles. Greenery, desert, and stone ruins coexist with futuristic technology in these landscapes.

11. Machinarium

Machinarium on Steam

The award-winning independent adventure game Machinarium was created by the creators of the Samorost series, Botanicula, and CHUCHEL. Aid Josef the robot in rescuing his girlfriend Berta, who has been kidnapped by the Black Cap Brotherhood group!

Machinarium’s purpose is to solve a series of riddles and brain teasers. An overworld consisting of a classic “point and click” adventure story connects the puzzles. The most significant deviation from the overworld is that only things within the player character’s grasp can be clicked on.

12. Zof

Steam 上的Zof

Immerse yourself in a beautiful universe of perplexing technology. Learn how things function and delve deeper into the game. The solutions are simple, but they become increasingly difficult to find as you advance. Zof is not easily swayed. You might become frustrated, and you might get stuck, but when you figure it out, you’ll feel amazing.

13. Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden on Steam

Manifold Garden is a game that reimagines physics and space.

Explore a fantastic Escher-esque realm of inconceivable structures and rediscover gravity. Geometry repeats in all directions eternally and falling down returns you to your starting location. By altering gravity, you may alter your perspective and perceive the world in novel ways. Master the rules of the universe to restore greenery and life to a barren world.

14. Haven Moon

Haven Moon on Steam

Haven Moon transports you to a fascinating world where you must explore abandoned islands and solve their mysteries in order to find a treasure. Use your senses and brains to navigate secret corridors and strange technology in this Myst-like game inspired by Jules Verne’s universe.

15. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds - Echoes of the Eye Coming Soon - Epic Games Store

Outer Wilds is a 2019 action-adventure game that follows an unidentified astronaut player-character as he explores a solar system trapped in a 22-minute time loop that resets when the star goes supernova.

As a result, the player is urged to discover why by exploring the solar system and finding mysteries about an extinct alien race known as the Nomai, who visited the solar system thousands of years ago. The player connects with an old Nomai statue in the initial portion of the game, which ensures that the player keeps information gained in each time loop when it resumes.

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