Top 10 Games Like Phasmophobia 2022


Phasmophobia is a popular investigative horror game, and you’ve probably seen many streams playing it. Even if you haven’t, it’s still a fantastic game, and if you’ve played Phasmophobia and are seeking other games like it, this is the spot for you.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Games Like Phasmophobia in 2022 that will provide you with the best horror experience.

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Best Games Like Phasmophobia

1. Forewarned

Top 10 Best Games Like Phasmophobia

FOREWARNED is a survival horror game for 1-4 players. Prepare to go deep into ancient Egyptian ruins with your team of archaeologists. Investigate the strange occurrences around you, acquire riches, learn lore, and avoid the evil that lurks beneath. Use every tool at your disposal to navigate ancient Egyptian ruins and survive the dangers beneath.

You can also choose to send information to your comrades from outside the ruins in the safety of your excavation tent, utilizing technologies like the radar system or motion sensor array to identify activity. Be wary of each decision you make, as you and your crew will quickly realize that you are not alone beneath the cursed sands.

You can also choose to send information to your comrades from outside the ruins in the safety of your excavation tent, utilizing technologies like the radar system or motion sensor array to identify activity. Be wary of whichever decision you make, since you and your crew will quickly realize that you are not alone beneath the cursed sands.

2. Dead By Daylight

Top 10 Best Games Like Phasmophobia

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer (4vs1) horror game in which one player plays as the ruthless Killer while the other four play as Survivors, attempting to flee the Killer and avoid being captured, tortured, and killed. Survivors play in the third person and have higher situational awareness. The Killer takes a first-person perspective and is more focused on the victim.

The Survivors’ goal in each encounter is to leave the Killing Ground without being captured by the Killer, which seems easier than it is, especially since the landscape changes every time you play.

3. Bigfoot

Top 10 Best Games Like Phasmophobia

BIGFOOT is a survival horror game in which you go on a hunt for Bigfoot. There are two game modes available: you can play against Bigfoot, who is controlled by AI, or you can play as the monster alongside another person.

Its tremendous size, extraordinary strength, and elusiveness are frequently mentioned by eyewitnesses. Researchers sought him for many years, but no one could give proof of his existence.

You are a Bigfoot hunter with an important mission: to put an end to rumors once and for all and prove to yourself that Bigfoot is not just a myth or an invention of the mind… His existence is real, real enough to make your blood run cold. Collect ammunition, study the terrain, and defend yourself from predators. You must use everything available to you to avoid becoming the bottom link of the food chain and to survive the wilderness of the American wildlife sanctuaries.

4. Pacify 

Top 10 Best Games Like Phasmophobia

Pacify is another great horror game with an online co-op in which you and your mates join a ghost investigative business tasked with sleuthing out malevolent spirits from various locations.

Pacify’s basis is quite comparable to Phasmophobia’s. You work for Paranormal Activity Helpers, and your goal is to explore the haunted house and bring back evidence for the agency. It’s not as cutesy as Phasmophobia, with more jumpscares and a concentration on plain terror rather than paranormal research.

That house is said to be haunted by evil. Something about an antique funeral parlor offering a final chance to communicate with their deceased loved ones. There’s also something about lights, laughter, a girl, missing individuals, and so forth… You are aware of the same information that everyone professes to be aware of. Take a group and investigate the location.

5. The Blackout Club

Top 10 Best Games Like Phasmophobia

The Blackout Club isn’t a typical horror title. It’s essentially a horror-themed stealth game with non-lethal components. Cooperative and adversarial multiplayer components help it from becoming too old too quickly, yet post-launch content upgrades are the ultimate measure of its durability. The game will eventually require more locales, opponent kinds, and objectives. A greater emphasis on co-op would also be a tremendous plus.

6. Secret Neighbor


Secret Neighbor is an online horror multiplayer game set in the Hello Neighbor world. Explore the Hello Neighbor house with your friends, but keep in mind that one of you is the Neighbor in disguise. As the Neighbor, use collaboration to rescue your friend from the basement or use it to mess with everyone’s heads!

Your group’s mission is simple: sneak around the home, collecting keys to unlock the cellar door. The only problem is that one of you is the Neighbor, a scheming traitor!

Cooperate with your colleagues, stick with each other or split up tactically, use your perks and talents, and drop those cellar door locks one at a time.


Top 10 Best Games Like Phasmophobia

GTFO is a four-player action/horror cooperative first-person shooter for serious gamers seeking a genuine challenge. Players take on the role of a group of prisoners forced to explore and collect precious items from a massive underground complex infested with scary animals. Collect weapons, equipment, and resources to help you survive – and attempt to uncover the truth about your past and how to escape.

8. Hunt: Showdown

Top 10 Best Games Like Phasmophobia

Hunt: Showdown is ideal for gamers that want to play for a long time. Those who enjoy the rush of endorphins that comes with a long-awaited win, and who are content with death after death after near-victory after idiotic mistake/disconnection/other tragedy that impedes an otherwise immaculate ascension to the next bloodline level.

Hunt: Showdown is a gripping, high-stakes first-person shooter with PvPvE elements. In this merciless – and unforgettable – online multiplayer game, take down horrific monsters as you vie for the bounties that will grant you glory, gear, and riches.

9. Labyrinthine

Top 10 Best Games Like Phasmophobia

Labyrinthine is a horror game that emphasizes teamwork above all else. Friends are trapped inside a strange maze with spine-chilling sights and hard riddles. The party must solve the puzzles and learn about the maze’s past while something lurks in the shadows and watches.

Each run, like Phasmophobia, dumps you into a dynamically created level with various puzzles to complete and things to gather, as well as terrifying entities that will pursue you.

You and up to 3 friends can participate in an online cooperative experience in which you can choose to follow in the footsteps of Joan, a mysterious fairground worker, as you try to solve the mystery of the abandoned Happisburgh hedge maze or tackle procedurally generated mazes that become more difficult as you play.

10. Back 4 Blood

Top 10 Best Games Like Phasmophobia

Back 4 Blood is a delightful mix of the old Left 4 Dead structure and a good number of new elements. The basic zombie shooting delivers just as many memorable and chaotic moments as the developer’s original series, and while the game definitely sings in multiplayer, the solo experience is still enjoyable for those who only get along with bots.

The modern tweaks add depth without detracting from what makes this type of game so enjoyable in the first place. The steps to improve replayability achieve this without feeling forced. Despite a few minor flaws here and there, Back 4 Blood is a great start, and those looking for some genre progression will get it in spades.

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