Top 12 Best Games Like Silent Hill

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Silent Hill is a survival horror game that is famous for being very scary and dark, but if you are also looking for games that will provide you with a similar experience, then this is the place for you.

Classic Japanese games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill have inspired so many current popular survival horror games.

Although lovers of the Silent Hill franchise haven’t had a new major game since 2012’s Silent Hill: Downpour, there have been murmurs about a prospective revival in the development at Konami.

In this article, we have listed the top 12 best games like Silent Hill that will provide you with the best survival horror experience.

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Best Games Like Silent Hill

1. Tormented Souls

Top 12 Best Games Like Silent Hill
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Tormented Souls should be on your list if you’re a fan of vintage survival horror games. It’s a horrifying tribute to Resident Evil, Silent Hill. That’s the type of game that will scare you to your soul and stay with you well after the game ends.

Caroline Walker is the main character in this game. In a scary mansion-turned-hospital, Walker investigates the abduction of twin girls.

Featuring amazing puzzles, a really horrific location to explore, and unsettling monsters to encounter.

Tormented Souls is a modern survival horror masterpiece that definitely carries its old-school influence on its gory sleeve.

2. The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us™ Remastered

In 2013, The Last of Us was launched as an action-adventure game. The Last of Us, like Silent Hill, is a survival horror game with action-adventure elements.

Infected people run amok twenty years after a pandemic fundamentally altered known civilization, and survivors attack one another for food and weapons – basically whatever they can get their hands on.

The Last of Us They have created a consistent and engaging environment that is backed by almost all of the game mechanics. From the complex and horrific battle system to the amazing sound and music, this title immerses the gamer in one of the most deeply felt storylines of this generation.

3. Darkwood

Save 70% on Darkwood on Steam

Darkwood is a survival, exploration, and horror game set in strange woods somewhere in the Soviet Bloc’s territory.

Darkwood is an exciting survival game with plenty of adventure, a deep storyline, and mysterious characters. A bright lighting system, graphics, audio, sounds, and silences have been used to create the crude environment. The forest, which is deep in darkness, is a character with its own way.

Despite a few problematic gameplay mechanics, Darkwood can deliver serious thrills and chills to horror lovers who love the atmosphere of classics like Silent Hill and Pathologic without ever employing a jump scare.

4. Firewatch

Firewatch on Steam
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Anyone wishing for a storyline as deep as Silent Hill except without the horrors you may enjoy Firewatch.

In Firewatch, you take on the role of Henry, a guy who has retired from his hectic life to serve as a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness.

This unique game includes a compelling storyline, stunning natural locations, and beautifully written and great characters.

It takes a realistic look at growing relationships, making decisions, and facing the consequences, all set against the stunning background of the Shoshone National Forest. It’s a title you’ll really want to return to once you’ve completed it.

5. Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake on Steam

Alan Wake Remastered, a disturbed writer, goes on a desperate pursuit for his missing wife, Alice, in this cinematic action thriller. He finds pages of a horror fiction he claims to have written but has no memory of after her strange disappearance from the Pacific Northwest village of Bright Falls.

This game is an excellent illustration of how a game can be considered art. It’s a memorable game because of the usage of loops, light vs. darkness themes, music, and scoring, all while establishing a fascinating set of characters.

That’s the greatest way to get a feel for Alan Wake if you’ve never played it before. There’s a lot to absorb here for anyone who likes horror or Remedy’s past games, with a compelling story and fantastic gameplay.

We suggest any Fans of Silent Hill might look into getting the remastered edition of Alan Wake. This includes both the main game and both expansions, as well as improved visuals.

6. In Sound Mind

In Sound Mind on Steam

In Sound Mind is a psychological horror game that is much more uncomfortable than terrifying, and it offers a different glimpse into the brains of unstable people. It’s a new take on the genre to have each tape/patient give a different environment, with the patient’s internal suffering effectively acting as the level’s boss.

Overall else, In Sound Mind is a lot of fun. The horrors and sadness of the storyline are counterbalanced with light-hearted camp, and the levels are all intertwined exploring puzzles in which a new tool eventually contributes to the discovery of multiple additional locations.

If you’ve loved Silent Hill or other supernatural horror titles in the past, you’ll appreciate this one for similar reasons.

7. The Medium

25% The Medium on
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The Medium is a narratively scary psychological thriller that gives the genre a fresh twist while evoking emotions that Silent Hill lovers will recognize.

You journey to an abandoned hotel resort, haunted by the vision of a child’s death, which was the scene of a tragedy many years ago. You start your hunt for challenging answers there. As a medium with access to both worlds.

The Medium is a horrifying and scary view of human behavior, packaged in a deep, atmospheric, and beautiful-looking game world with a compelling plot, a strange backdrop, and a path full of puzzles to solve.

Although The Medium doesn’t really appear to be really next-gen, Bloober Team’s outstanding dual-reality mechanics and storytelling ability guarantee that it is one of the most mechanically and narratively advanced horror games to appear in years, recalling the best of Silent Hill.

This is the game for you if you’re searching for a scary horror game that’s big yet doesn’t have any jump scares but still gives you chills.

8. The Evil Within

The Evil Within on Steam

Shinji Mikami gets the spot once more with The Evil Within. It appears as the strongest choice in both next-generation and previous-generation horror games.

Players will take on the position of Sebastian Castellanos, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his friends come upon a dangerous and strong force while investigating the scene of a horrific mass killing.

Sebastian is attacked and knocked unconscious after witnessing the death of partner cops. When he wakes up, he discovers himself in a bizarre world filled with terrible animals roaming among the dead. Sebastian goes on a perilous mission to discover what is driving this wicked power, facing horrific misery and struggling for survival.

The Evil Within offers a genuine return to form. This is an excellent game not only for Shinji Mikami but for the overall survival horror genre. Anyone who grew up with games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill will definitely love this game.

9. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 on Steam
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Resident Evil 2 is a masterpiece of survival horror games that sets an insanely high threshold for video game remakes. The unrivaled realism, horror, and difficulty combine to produce a fantastic, interactive environment that, frankly, makes other horror games look awful.

The iconic action, suspenseful adventure, and puzzle-solving gameplay that defines the Resident Evil franchise are back in Resident Evil 2.

Players will join rookie cop Leon Kennedy and student Claire Redfield as they are brought together by a terrible epidemic in Raccoon City that has changed its people into dangerous zombies.

Resident Evil 2: New Edition pulls the horror classic from 1998 into the current era with amazing visuals and cutting-edge systems, and it’s a must-play for every Silent Hill fan.

10. Until Dawn

List of Best Games like Until Dawn Ever Created in History

Until Dawn is a game that successfully integrates choice-based gameplay with horror movie elements. Designed by die-hard horror lovers, this is a game that is well aware of its absurdity and invites players to join it on a wild adventure. This is an experience worth having, whether you play it alone or with a few of your friends.

Things swiftly turn dark when eight friends find stuck on an isolated mountain getaway gone horribly wrong, and they start thinking they aren’t alone. Horror gripping you and group tensions at an all-time maximum, you’ll be forced to make split-second decisions that might spell the difference between life and death for everyone engaged.

While Until Dawn lacks complex mechanics, it balances with engaging characters, stunning graphics, and a thought-provoking narrative. Until Dawn is a brilliant mix of creative genres that is a delightfully self-aware experience that no horror and Silent Hill lover should miss.

11. Outlast

Outlast on Steam

Outlast is a terrifying game that will terrify even the most hardened of hearts. What we have here is a true survival horror game that, unlike so many other horror-themed games these days, doesn’t convert to the action genre.

Miles Upshur, a freelance investigative journalist, chooses to explore a distant psychiatric facility called Mount Massive Asylum, which is nestled deep in the mountains of Lake County, Colorado.

Outlast is a scary, horrible, and ridiculous game. The script is creative enough to weave all of the concepts together into a seamless whole and connect it with some historical truths, but the most key thing to remember is that Outlast is terrifying.

12. Detention

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Detention is a survival horror game set in martial law-era Taiwan in the 1960s. The game provides players with unique visuals and gameplay experiences by combining religious aspects based on Taiwanese culture and mythology.

Detention has great, dark visuals, scary graphics, and horrible, well-thought-out music. I was pretty surprised with the game and the depth of the storyline for an indie game. This game may make you jump a few times and may cause you to have nightmares. Check out Detention if you want to have some fun and be afraid this autumn season.

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