Top 12 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

Slay the Spire combines roguelike-inspired advancement with deck-building card game gameplay, and if you enjoy this game type, this is the post for you.

This post contains a list of the Top 12 Best Games Like Slay The Spire that will provide you with roguelike experience.

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Best Games Like Slay The Spire

1. Across The Obelisk

Top 12 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

Slay the Spire players looking for a new roguelike deck builder are flocking to Across the Obelisk.

Across the Obelisk is a deckbuilding coop RPG roguelike. Play alone or with pals, select your heroes, collect equipment and cards, build your deck, and face off against tough opponents in deep tactical warfare.

If you’ve always wanted to go through Slay the Spire with a partner, Across the Obelisk is the game for you.

2. Rogue Legacy

Top 12 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

Rogue Legacy is a simplistic take on the tried-and-true roguelike model, but it does what it sets out to do exceedingly well, resulting in an endlessly replayable and delightful action-adventure that no lover of the genre should pass up.

Every time you die, your child will take your place. Every child is different. One child may be colorblind, another may have Tourettes, and still, another may be a dwarf.

A high difficulty level, amusing narrative, crisp controls, and gratifying RPG features make this an easy recommendation; the game’s design allows it to be played in short bursts or long periods. If you liked Slay The Spire, Dead Cells, or any other 2D sidescroller in that genre, you’ll probably appreciate this one as well.

3. Darkest Dungeon

Top 12 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

Darkest Dungeon is a difficult gothic roguelike turn-based RPG about the psychological strains of exploring. Recruit, train, and lead a squad of imperfect heroes as they face unspeakable horrors, stress, disease, and the looming darkness.

Rather than gathering cards as in Slay the Spire, players collect different characters with unique skills, abilities, and drawbacks that can be used to complement each other during battle.

Darkest Dungeon is a dark and brutal tactical strategy game with numerous layers of complexity, unpredictable randomization, and a readiness to put our vulnerable heroes in mortal danger if we dare to travel into its depths in search of treasure and glory.

Brilliant narration and stiff but unexpectedly emotional animation make it simple to become engrossed in this hazy world.

4. Banners of Ruin

Top 12 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

Banners of Ruin is definitely worth a look. It is simple to learn and exciting to master thanks to its generous and regular unlocks, as well as its complex-yet-mostly-well-explained fighting systems. Create a deck and battle through Dawn’s Point in a series of turn-based combats with up to 6 party characters.

Players can use the knowledge gained from failed attempts to make smarter decisions, and also gain tokens to unlock additional cards and auras for their next run, similar to Slay the Spire.

Each character has a unique set of cards and abilities that may be used to expand your deck is strong and interesting ways.

5. Trials of Fire

Top 12 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

Trials of Fire is an incredible combination of RPG, turn-based, and roguelike elements that manages to be both deep and engaging. Players select three Heroes and embark on an adventure across a post-cataclysmic wasteland. Engage opponents in a one-of-a-kind blend of card-playing and tactical, positional fighting.

And those with a passing interest in roguelike and role-playing games will find something to like in the game, with a fantastic storybook presentation, dozens of varied options to customize the experience, and the multitude of builds made available by the great deck-building system.

6. Gordian Quest

Top 12 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

Gordian Quest is another deck-building game that contains many similarities to Slay The Spire while also differing in a variety of ways.

Gordian Quest is a polished, competent game even in its Early Access period. If you like the genre, you’ll enjoy a few hours of enthusiastic card-slinging in the first Act as your brave heroes struggle to erase the plague that has befallen the kingdom.

The game already has sufficient content to keep players entertained, and it manages to carve out its own place by blending Collectible card gameplay with roguelike and RPG components.

7. Inscryption

Top 12 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

Inscryption, another deckbuilding roguelike with escape-room style puzzles and psychological horror themes, is one of our top suggestions for Slay the Spire lovers.

Daniel Mullins and his studio have created yet another fantastic experience with Inscryption. Their unique but identifiable take on the already crowded card game and rogue combination. The combat was enjoyable, as was the amount of complexity and the challenge given by the bosses. And I adored how it fits into the game’s larger environment and delivers the story.

8. Griftlands

Top 12 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

Griftlands does what it sets out to do by providing a completely fascinating and distinctive take on its genre influences. It’s yet another outstanding entry into the roguelike deckbuilding genre, and it’s instantly recognizable because of its emphasis on world-building and character depth.

Even better, Griftlands’ plot is a thrilling excursion through a sci-fi world bolstered by an even more exciting card game. Those who enjoyed Hades, Slay the Spire, or other similar games will like Griftlands just as much.

9. Ring Of Pain

Ring of Pain on Steam

I’ve had a lot of experience with other card-based roguelikes like Slay The Spire, and I thought this game would be a wonderful alternative for a while.

Ring of Pain is a genre mashup that puts together a dark and hard quest. The most essential lesson is that it works and delivers hours of fun gaming with many fresh ways to approach situations. Sure, there are a few challenging moments, and a few systems aren’t entirely user-friendly, but there’s more than enough here to keep you amused for hours of dungeon exploring and deck-building.

10. One Step From Eden

One Step From Eden on Steam

One Step from Eden blends strategic deck-building and real-time action with rogue-like aspects, giving your character the option of blazing a path of kindness or devastation.

Fight alone or in co-op with a teammate while casting powerful spells on the fly, battling evolving monsters, and collecting game-changing artifacts.

Overall, the game does a fantastic job of giving a wide range of spells with specific abilities that synergize nicely across the board. This is a clever and complex deck-building action game designed to make you scream in frustration and return for more.

11. Roguebook

Roguebook on Steam

Roguebook will feel eerily similar to Slay The Spire at first, but it will show itself to be more subtle and engaging the more you play it.

While there have been more creative roguelike deck builders recently, Roguebook is still a lot of fun, and there’s enough here to keep you going for a long time if it connects with you.

12. Loop Hero

Top 12 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

Loop Hero is another visually stunning jewel that rogue-lite enthusiasts will enjoy. It’s a mash-up of so many various types of games that it becomes a fully distinct organism on its own, and it’s difficult to think of anything else that gives a similar experience.

This strategy game offers just enough deckbuilding ability to satisfy any Slay the Spire desire while offering some interesting new elements.

It’s a game that pushes you to believe in your own judgment, commit to them, and either reap the benefits or suffer the penalties. The lack of control is part of the game’s appeal.

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