Top 3 Best GPU for i5-2400 in 2023

The Intel Core i5-2400 is a popular mid-range CPU that was released back in 2011. However, despite its age, it is still a decent performer and can be paired with a modern GPU to provide good performance for demanding tasks like gaming, video editing, and graphic design. In this article, we will take a look at the best GPU options for the Intel Core i5-2400 in 2023 and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking for budget options or high-end performance, this article have you covered.

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Best GPU for i5-2400

1. GeForce GT 1030

GPU for i5-2400
Memory Size [VRAM]2 GB & 4 GB
Clock1228 MHz – 1468 MHz
Process Size14 nm

The GeForce GT 1030 stands out as the cheapest GPU for i5-2400 in 2023. It is powered by a 14nm process size and 2 GB / 4 GB of VRAM to deliver silky-smooth graphics from low to mid-range games with very low power requirements (TDP only 30W). You will notice improvements in eSports and DirectX9/11-based titles, making it ideal for casual or indie gamers who don’t need high-performance GPUs. Also, this card has a single slot/low profile form factor, perfect for working with ultra-slim chassis without sacrificing too much GPU power. Finally, its price tag is just unbeatable – the perfect choice if you are on a budget but still want a decent HD gaming experience.

2. GeForce GTX 1630

GPU for i5-2400
Memory Size [VRAM]4 GB
Clock1740 MHz – 1785 MHz
Process Size12 nm

The GeForce GTX 1630 is a great GPU for anyone looking to upgrade their system with an i5-2400 from 2023. It has 4 GB of VRAM, clocks between 1740 MHz and 1785 MHz, and has a 12nm process size with a TDP of 75 W. Compared to the GTX 1050 it is much faster, providing hardware video encoding as well as decent gaming at 1080p resolution.

However, it does have some drawbacks; its price tag will be higher than that of the GTX 1650 and slower than every other more modern GPU on the market. Nonetheless, this powerful graphics card should still provide good 1080p performance when paired with an i5-2400 without any issues arising down the line.

3. Radeon RX 6400

GPU for i5-2400
Memory Size [VRAM]4 GB
Clock1923 MHz – 2039 MHz
Process Size6 nm

The Radeon RX 6400 is the latest graphics card from AMD and this is the best GPU for the i5-2400 in 2023. Boasting 4GB of VRAM and clock speeds ranging between 1923MHz to 2039MHz, it is more than capable of delivering reliable performance when running games at a 1080p medium setting. Despite its impressive specs, it is still slightly pricier than its older cousin RX 6500 XT but provides a better value for money with regards to the i5-2400 due to its improved overall performance. Furthermore, codec hardware might be relatively weaker compared to other GPUs but remains sufficient enough to handle most video content playback tasks effectively.


In conclusion, the Intel Core i5-2400 may be a mid-range CPU from 2011, but it still provides decent performance when paired with a modern GPU. The three best GPU options for the i5-2400 in 2023 are the GeForce GT 1030, the GeForce GTX 1630, and the Radeon RX 6400. but I will recommend you the GTX 1630 and RX 6400 Whether you’re looking for budget options or decent performance, one of these three GPUs will provide you with the best experience for gaming when paired with an i5-2400.


What GPU is best for i5-2400?

The i5-2400 is now a very old processor, and most modern GPUs are going to bottleneck, but still, GPUs like the Radeon RX 6400 and GTX 1630 are great options for the i5-2400.

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