Top 5 Best Linux Distro for Video Editing in 2023

This article will go through the top 5 best Linux distributions for video editing. Finding the correct Linux operating system may make a major difference in your productivity, whether you’re an experienced video editor or just starting out. We’ll evaluate features, stability, and usability to help you decide which Linux distribution is best for your video editing requirements. So, let’s get started and look at the top five choices.

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Best Linux Distro for Video Editing

Zorin OS

Linux Distro for Video Editing

Zorin OS is the first Linux on our list for video editing. This distribution is intended to be simple to use, with an app called ‘Zorin Appearance’ that allows users to change their desktop appearance and feel to a familiar environment – whether Windows, macOS, or Linux. So, if you’re coming from one of these systems and are familiar with the layout, switching over should be rather simple.

Another benefit of Zorin OS is that it is based on Ubuntu, making it extremely stable and trustworthy; ideal for video editing! You’ll have lots of solutions for your project with several renowned video editors available, such as Davinchi Resolve, Olive, and Lightworks, among others, all working smoothly because of the reliability of Ubuntu-based operating systems like Zorin OS.


Linux Distro for Video Editing

Pop! OS is currently ranked second on our list of the best Linux for video editing. This operating system was created with STEM and creative professionals in mind, so there’s plenty of guidance available to get you started. Furthermore, because it is built on Ubuntu, it is extremely reliable and stable, which are critical factors while doing intense tasks such as video editing.

Users may easily use top-tier editors like Davinci Resolve, Olive, and Lightworks on this operating system. Pop! OS is a good choice if you value quality assurance from an experienced team as well as exceptional stability and readability while video editing.

Linux Mint

Linux Distro for Video Editing

Stability and readability are crucial factors in video editing. Linux Mint is based on the great Debian and Ubuntu distributions, ensuring maximum reliability when working on intense video editing tasks. It comes with a wide selection of apps preloaded, making it simple to get started creating media without having to download multiple programs. Along with this, Linux Mint works nicely with all other major video editors such as Da Vinci Resolve, KdenLive, Olive, and OpenShot!


Linux Distro for Video Editing

CentOS is one of the most popular Linux-based video editing systems. It is a good environment for multimedia creation due to its reliability, predictability, and controlled updates. DaVinci Resolve officially supports CentOS, however, alternative Linux video editors are also available through its package. CentOS is still a popular choice among experienced Linux users due to its dependability and well-organized internal architecture.

Rocky Linux

Linux Distro for Video Editing

Rocky Linux is an excellent choice for video editing thanks to its reliability and free availability. It bridges the gap between open-source and enterprise software since it is meant to be 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Rocky Linux provides frequent updates and a 10-year support lifecycle, as well as an easy migration script that allows you to easily switch to another Enterprise distribution. Rocky Linux is therefore incredibly stable for professional-grade video editing tasks, giving a solid environment for your creative endeavors.


What is the best Linux distro for multimedia production?

Pop OS is better for casual content creators, but for professional video editing, Rocky Linux or Linux Mint are better options.

Is Ubuntu best for video editing?

Ubuntu or anything based on Ubuntu is typically more reliable than other Linux distros such as Arch or others, therefore yes, Ubuntu is excellent for video editing.

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