10 Best Male Idol Anime

In this list, we’ll be taking a look at the 10 best male idol anime. These are anime where the male lead or a group of male characters are idols, and the anime itself focuses on their journey to becoming successful. These are anime that are sure to please any fan of the idol genre.


Best Male Idol Anime

Ensemble Stars!

Best Male Idol Anime

The anime is set at Yumenosaki Academy, a school for training boy idols. The student council strictly enforces the school’s traditions, making it difficult for new students to adjust. Anzu, a transfer student and the only female in her class, befriends the members of the idol unit Trickstar. When the student council punishes everyone involved in an unsanctioned DreFes, Trickstar decides to become the revolutionaries of the academy.

B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious

Best Male Idol Anime

The main character of the anime is Tsubasa, a recent hire in Gandala Music’s A&R department. Tsubasa is given the direct responsibility of managing the “B-PROJECT” idol unit, which includes of the idol groups Kitakore, THRIVE, and MooNs. Tsubasa, who is working her first job, encounters numerous incidents and accidents while interacting with this bunch of young men, each of whom has a unique personality.


Best Male Idol Anime

Yuuta Hoshitani enrolls in the prestigious Ayanagi Academy in hopes of finding the high school student who inspired him. The fastest route to entry into the Musical Department is to find a way into a Star Team, which allows him to be taught by a member of the Kao Council.

While Hoshitani struggles with his lack of talent, his friends must also overcome their flaws. Team Ootori must forge their own path in order to perform at the Ayanagi Festival, despite competition from other talented Star Teams, including the other four members of the Kao Council.


Best Male Idol Anime

Tsumugi Takanashi is made the manager of her father’s new male idol group on her first day of work at his production agency. There are seven young boys in the group, and Tsumugi’s first job is to cut four of them. However, she refuses to do this after seeing how well the boys work together as a team. They become IDOLiSH7 and prepare to take on the competitive world of idols.

The [email protected] SideM

Best Male Idol Anime

315 Production, a newly established entertainment agency, specialized in scouting prospective idols who have previously held other jobs. They could work at the agency whether they were a previous lawyer, surgeon, or pilot. As they gain understanding of their new roles, they will try to realize their goals of being top idols!


Best Male Idol Anime

The students of Étoile Vio School are training to become idols, but things are off to a strange start when their bear principal gives them a speech?! The I-Chu boys will have to work hard to find their answer to the question, “What is an idol?”

Tsukipro The Animation

Best Male Idol Anime

The four leaders of idol groups SolidS, SOARA, QUELL, and Growth must compose four new songs for their respective units to perform at the Tsukino Concert. Shiki Takamura of SolidS, Sora Oohara of SOARA, Shuu Izumi of QUELL, and Kouki Etou of Growth all have their own struggles as they work to create new songs and put on a great performance.

Eternal Boys

Best Male Idol Anime

The story revolves around six middle-aged men who have had both successes and losses in their lives. They decide one day to form an idol group and overcome obstacles such as their age and physical condition.


Best Male Idol Anime

Mafuyu Satou, a high school student, encounters fellow student Ritsuka Uenoyama while taking a nap on the gymnasium staircase. Uenoyama berates Satou for letting his guitar’s strings rust and break and agrees to fix it and teach Satou how to play.

Satou’s voice is strikingly beautiful, filling Uenoyama with the determination to make Satou the lead singer of the band. Though reticent at first, Satou takes the offer after an emotional meeting with an old friend.

With the support of his new friends, Satou must not only learn how to play guitar, but also come to terms with the mysterious circumstances that led him to be its owner.

Visual Prison

Best Male Idol Anime

Ange Yuki is a dhampir who moves to Harajuku and gets caught up in the Visual Prison competition, a contest between vampires to see who can sing the most beautiful song. With the help of Guil Brion and Robin Laffite, Ange has to put together a unit and compete against time to win the contest.

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