15 Best Multiplayer VR Games To Play With Friends

VR technology has grown in popularity in a variety of industries, including media, entertainment, and tourism. As VR has grown in popularity, more and more games are being created, and if you purchased a VR headset at the time and are not using it, this is the last time your VR headset will be useless.

In this article, we will list the 15 Best Multiplayer VR Games.

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Best Multiplayer VR Games


Best Multiplayer VR Games

Psychological horror game Phasmophobia is for four players online. The game’s premise is straightforward: paranormal activity is taking place all over the world, and it’s up to you and the other players in your team to utilize all the ghost hunting equipment at your disposal to compile as much proof as you can. The finest experience will be had in VR, while the game is playable on all popular VR headsets and on non-VR devices as well.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Best Multiplayer VR Games

The most recent installment in the long-running series, Microsoft Flight Simulator, is now accessible on Steam. One of the most immersive ways to experience flight simulation is with this game, which fully supports virtual reality headsets. There is a tonne of information to keep you occupied whether you travel alone or with others. Microsoft Flight Simulator is the finest tool to use if you want to experience what it’s like to be a real pilot.

Beat Saber

Best Multiplayer VR Games

Beat Saber is a rhythm game in which you must slash beats as they come at you. It’s a really addicting and enjoyable game that supports multiplayer, allowing you to play with others. The game is also accessible on all major VR platforms, allowing everyone to participate in the enjoyment.

Pavlov VR

Best Multiplayer VR Games

Pavlov VR is a multiplayer shooter that can accommodate up to ten people. There are several game types available, including team deathmatch and bomb defusal. Pavlov VR also fully supports Steam Workshop, allowing you to download additional levels and mods to keep the game interesting.

DCS World Steam Edition

Best Multiplayer VR Games

DCS World Steam Edition is a combat flight simulator that places you in the cockpit of some of history’s most legendary planes. It’s one of the most comprehensive simulators available, with both single-player and multiplayer options. DCS World is the finest method to experience what it’s like to be a genuine jet pilot.


Best Multiplayer VR Games

VRChat is a social networking platform where you may meet individuals from all around the world. The software fully supports virtual reality headsets and is one of the finest methods to meet new individuals who have similar interests to you. You may join existing discussions or make your own, and there are plenty of topics to discuss.

No Man’s Sky VR

Best Multiplayer VR Games

No Man’s Sky VR is an upgrade to the famous space exploration game that includes complete support for virtual reality headsets. The game allows you to explore an endless cosmos, and it’s much more fascinating in VR. No Man’s Sky VR is the finest method to explore space without leaving your house.


Best Multiplayer VR Games

Ragnarock is an online co-op adventure game for four players set in Viking times. You and your allies will have to work together to survive against swarms of adversaries while trying to solve the riddle of what occurred during Ragnarök, the Norse mythological end of days. Ragnarock is now available on Steam Early Access, allowing you to play it before it is officially released later this year.

PULSAR: Lost Colony

Best Multiplayer VR Games

The cooperative multiplayer space simulation game PULSAR: Lost Colony is set in the future. Together with up to three people, you may play while you explore a randomly created cosmos, gather resources, battle foes, and finish quests. You may play the game before its official release later this year by accessing it through Steam Early Access.

The Forest VR Beta

Best Multiplayer VR Games

With the release of The Forest VR Beta, complete support for virtual reality headsets has been added to the well-known survival horror game. The VR beta will let you feel the dread like never before as you battle the cannibals who live in the forest. You’ll need to use all of your cunnings to survive. Early Access on Steam now offers The Forest VR Beta.

Zero Caliber VR

Best Multiplayer VR Games

A military shooter titled Zero Caliber VR has online multiplayer modes that can accommodate up to 16 players. One of the most complete military shooters accessible in VR, the game includes a range of weaponry and vehicles. Zero Caliber VR is the ideal method to accomplish it if you want to get involved in a lively player community.

Hand Simulator

Best Multiplayer VR Games

Hand Simulator is a physics-based puzzle game in which you control two hands at the same time. The goal of the game is to execute numerous chores with only your hands – no other body parts are permitted! While there is no official multiplayer functionality in Hand Simulator, there are modifications that put it in so you may play with pals.

Star Trek™: Bridge Crew

Best Multiplayer VR Games

Star Trek: Bridge Crew allows you and up to three teammates in command of a Federation starship as captain, helm officer, tactical officer, or engineer. You must collaborate to achieve numerous tasks, and there is lots of replay value owing to multiple difficulty settings and unpredictable occurrences. Star TrekTM: Bridge Crew is now available on Steam and other digital retailers.

Rec Room

Best Multiplayer VR Games

Rec Room is a social media platform where you can make new friends from all over the world and play games with them. Even if you don’t own a VR headset, you can still participate in the fun by playing cross-platform with your friends who do. The software includes complete compatibility for VR headsets. Come check our Rec Room today; there’s something for everyone!

OrbusVR: Reborn

Best Multiplayer VR Games

The OrbusVR: Reborn update provides complete support for virtual reality headsets. With up to three other players by your side, you may take on difficult dungeons in OrbusVR: Reborn as you fight through swarms of foes utilizing magic spells and melee weapons. The game is now accessible through Steam Early Access.

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