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Choosing the very best racing games on PC is no simple task. So various elements contribute like Hyper-realistic graphics, more precise physics than ever and higher levels of immersion all features of the top titles right now.

The excellent thing, is they’re also so diverse. Whether it’s rally games, simulation driving experiences, arcade or multiplayer racing games, or games that are connected with Formula 1, there’s so much to choose from.

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Dirt Rally 2

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The idea is that rally cars are performance and strength tweaked to be modified production-model vehicles, but must remain street-legal.

It may be hot on the heels of Dirt 4 – with a couple of tricks pulled from its friendlier stablemate – but make no mistake: Dirt Rally 2.0 reasserts this spin-off series’ reputation as the premier rally simulator of the modern era.

Rallying is an amazingly high-skill discipline, and Codemasters don’t ask any less of you than a real 4WD WRC vehicle would.

Codemasters have been nearby for some time now and they have shown to be a great development studio when it comes to racing titles and it shows in this game.


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Red Bull

iRacing blurs the line between play and work. Its cars and tracks are recreated with extreme consideration to detail, and its league racing rules are about as serious as you’ll find in any racing club or at any track event in the world.

This is a racing game for somebody who wants the real thing and is willing to give hours training for it.

That also means iRacing is something you need to work up to. It has no meaningful single-player component and, with its subscription fees and live tournament schedule, it requires significant investment.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

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Burnout Paradise, first published in 2008 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, is one of Criterion’s best games, so it only makes sense that Burnout Paradise Remastered is even more enjoyable.

Paradise isn’t an online “social” adventure. It’s not all about collectibles and unlocks. You get new cars, but they’re not the point of the game.

Burnout Paradise Remastered has a “Showtime Mode” that tasks players with staging the most dramatic and bounce-heavy crashes. The online, multiplayer “cops and robbers” mode pits a player against others in dynamic, chase and crash-based missions with an emphasis on controlled chaos and big blasts.

For true next-gen arcade racing thrills, Burnout Paradise is most definitely your best option.

Forza Horizon 4

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Popular Mechanics

In 2018, Forza Horizon 4 came on PC just two years after its excellent predecessor, which made some people question the need for the series every-other-year schedule.

With Forza Horizon 4, the magnificent racing-and-music festival formula opens with new vehicles, fresh and addictive solo and multiplayer modes, and seasonal effects.

With significantly more trustworthy performance on lesser hardware than Horizon 3, more intuitive and social multiplayer features, and an ever-changing map that shifts to a new season every week, Forza Horizon 4 manages to develop on a near-perfect arcade racing game.

Forza Motorsport 7

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The Forza franchise of racing games have their groove for car fans, and 2017’s Motorsport 7 continues the streak, offering car enthusiasts an almost ridiculous number of highly specific models of cars.

Forza Motorsport 7 is the newest installment within the main franchise, players will have over 700 vehicles to pick from with over 32 locations to race within.

The addition of dynamic weather effects changes the typical race from a technical course memorization test to an impromptu puddle-dodging marathon in low clarity.

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