Top 5 Best VR Games Without Controller


If you’re looking for VR games that don’t require the usage of a controller, this is the place to go. We have games for you if you need to play VR Games Without Controller for whatever reason.

In this article, we have included the Top 5 Best VR Games Without Controller that will provide you with the best VR experience possible without the use of a controller.

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Best VR Games Without Controller

1. Snow Strike

Top 5 Best VR Games Without Controller

One of the most unique games on our list, Snow Strike VR, gives players snowballs to fight virtually. Snow Strike VR, which provides a 180 ° field of view to its players, is compatible with both Android and the Oculus platform.

To play Snow Strike with only your VR headset Without Controller, line yourself with your opponent and then press the button on the headset. This allows you to launch a single ball at the attacker while also allowing you to avoid approaching balls by moving your head to the side.

2. Epic Roller Coasters

Top 5 Best VR Games Without Controller

This game is designed for those who enjoy riding roller coasters. It may also be played in VR without a controller by simply using VR Headsets thats works best with your iPhone.

The VR mode allows you to experience the coaster from a first-person experience, which is a thrilling exhilarating feeling. The best part is that you don’t need a controller to really enjoy this game.

3. Smash Hit

Top 5 Best VR Games Without Controller

Basically, Smash Hit is best suited for a sociable party game. There’s a lot of joy to be had from breaking stuff up, and it’s interesting enough to investigate and look at.

You’ll find everything that you’re looking for in this amusing, anger journey, whether you’re in it for the whole game, some fun with mates, or simply want to crush some stuff up. With a variety of options to help motion-sick gamers.

Smash Hit VR may be played without the use of any controllers other than your headset. Everything you need is fast vision, quickness, and fingers ready to shoot a ball by pressing the one button on your headset.

4. Darknet

Top 5 Best VR Games Without Controller

It’s a lot of fun to play about on the darknet. It’s not as detailed as other hacking games, but the puzzle element of infecting electronic systems never gets old, particularly as the hurdles increase. Those searching for new methods to live out their hacker fantasies will like the thrill of living in the electronic universe.

This is an excellent strategic puzzle VR game that can be played without the need for a controller. With a headset like Samsung  Gear VR or Oculus, you simply move your headset to look around with eye movements and interact with cyber nodes with a push of a button.

5. Race The Sun

Top 5 Best VR Games Without Controller

Race The Sun offers joy and difficulty at a furious speed; gamers must check at Race The Sun, especially those who enjoy the endless runner-type games.

It’s also excellent at pushing you to play it again and again. As a result, you won’t be able to resume your scheduled activity until you start yet another race you know you’ll lose… and you’re perfectly fine with that too. Race the Sun is an awesome game.

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