Can Battle Royale be an Esport

Battle Royale games have recently taken by storm the gaming industry as well as the streaming world with two major games:

Both Fortnite, PUBG and Apex are vying to become the next big esport in 2019

Although the battle royale genre was a blip on everyone’s radars a few years ago, it’s now dominant, with many popular streamers jumping into the action.

A huge aspect of the battle royale genre, one that ensures the matches are timely, is an ever-shrinking safe zone.

This question is:
Are battle royale games on their way to become proper Esports?

What is an esport?

Generally, the easiest definition is competitive gaming at a professional level.

Competitors from different leagues or teams face off in the same games that are popular with at-home gamers: Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Madden NFL, to name a few.

Are Battle Royale Ready for Esports?

An eSport is meant to be a game that can be played competitively.

Personally, I think that battle royale games still have a way to go to become a legitimate esports genre. There are a few flaws in the game mode that prevents it from being truly balanced and competitive.

Some of the issues raised were about the difference in the style of play between the home experience and the Invitational, the viewing experience or even the frustration for teams who did not have the best start to the tournament knowing they couldn’t come back in the standings.

With PUBG and Fortnite however, you have to scavenge for weapons and materials from the game world. It becomes pure chance as to if you get a decent weapon or not.

Even if person A is better than person B, if person B has a sniper rifle with a good scope and Person A doesn’t, then person B is more likely to win.

But on a competitive level, teams that cannot find anything but a pistol being eliminated by snipers from across the map is a bit unfair. And that feeling might make it less enjoyable to watch as well


In short, no they won’t ever become a good eSport.

Battle Royale games might be the hottest game genre on the market, but they still need to hash out a few issues to make it esports ready.

They need to figure out how to make it more competitively balanced for their competitors.

With an increase in player base, there will be an increase in the skill gap,

allowing the exceptional players to perform at a high standard and could genuinely consider going pro.

I think now is the best time to take BR gaming to the next level.

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