CES 2020: PC Gaming on Size Of a Nintendo Switch

 CES 2020: PC Gaming on Size Of a Nintendo Switch

One of the most interesting PC-related news we saw at CES 2020 was a product not even for sale, but a prototype with a common look.

PC gamers can’t have that portability, as gaming laptops are bulky compared to a Switch. But reasonably there’s hope. At CES 2020, Alienware revealed a new compact gaming PC called the UFO, and it wants to be the Switch of PCs.

Most of your assumptions here are true—this is a handheld device you can pick up and play on away from any sort of charger, and you can remove the controllers from or add them to either side of the screen. It may be “just” a prototype for now, but it is very practical.

PC Gaming on Size Of a Nintendo Switch

CES 2020: PC Gaming on Size Of a Nintendo Switch

The UFO wears its inspiration on its sleeve. Like the Switch, the UFO is a tablet screen with several significant built-in features. On the back is a pull-out kickstand, and the sides carry two detachable controllers.

Alienware has also developed an additional controller grip that attaches to both controllers to form a more conventional-looking single controller.

For yet another gaming option, the prototype can be plugged into an external display for a big-screen gaming experience or hooked up to a keyboard and mouse just like a desktop PC.

Despite its connection to the Nintendo console at first glance, this is an enhancement on the Switch’s 6.2-inch 1280 x 720-pixel screen.

‘With anything you’re going to hold in your hands while you play, it must feel “right” as soon as you pick it up, said Dell in a blog post.

The 8-inch screen has a 1900×1200 resolution and runs all PC games, but sadly, it’s not going to be in production just yet. Alienware hasn’t given any details regarding battery life or innards, or if this will come into production.

The UFO is a full-fledged Windows PC. If you desired to, you could hook up a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, and get some work done on it. But that’s not why you buy the UFO.

It exists to get your PC gaming library anywhere you go. That is, after all, a huge reason why the Switch was so successful. There’s no discernible difference between gaming on the bus and gaming at home.

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