CHEER BOYS!! (Anime Review)


CHEER BOYS!! is an anime that follows Haruki Bandou and Kazuma Hashimoto as they form the first all-male cheerleading team at their university. The anime is heartwarming and inspiring, demonstrating the power of resilience in the face of overwhelming odds. However, it suffers from some pacing issues and a few cliched moments.

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Men take part in cheerleading? Not unheard of, but this show exemplifies male empowerment! With this show being the start of lots of opportunities, no activity should be confined to a specific gender. This is a series that focuses on the sport of cheerleading by following the lives of two former judo competitors who take on this new challenge.


The anime is full of excitement, determination, and friendship, making it an uplifting watch. There are, however, some negative aspects to the show. For example, some characters can be one-dimensional and lack depth. Furthermore, some of the time plotline is fairly predictable and does not provide many surprises. Overall, the story of Cheer Boys!! is entertaining and will leave you feeling inspired.



While the plot is fairly predictable, it is elevated by likeable characters and feel-good moments. Haruki Bandou, Kazuma’s best friend and fellow judo club dropout, is initially opposed to joining a cheerleading squad. However, he eventually comes around and becomes one of The Breakers’ most valuable members. His development throughout the series is one of its best bits.

The other characters are well-written and sympathetic as well. Each member of The Breakers, from Ryz Sakuma to Sichir Suzuki, has their own issues to deal with, but they all come together to form a close-knit family.

Even the supporting cast is really well fleshed out and certainly adds to the story. Another advantage of CHEER BOYS!! is its treatment of serious themes such as injury, self-doubt, and prejudice. While rarely veering into melodrama territory, these topics are handled well and add an emotional punch to scenes that would otherwise be forgettable filler in other shows.


Overall, CHEER BOYS!! is a heartwarming and inspiring story that follows the Breakers, Meishiin University’s first all-male cheerleading team, on their journey. The anime does an excellent job of depicting the team’s challenges and obstacles, both internal and external, and how they overcome them through determination and teamwork. The characters are all likeable and relatable, and each one contributes something unique to the story.

The animation is bright and cheerful, perfectly matching the tone of the show. If you’re looking for an uplifting anime with great characters and an inspirational message, CHEER BOYS!! is a must-see.

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