35 Cool House Ideas for Minecraft: Easy, Modern, Simple

Minecraft is a creative game, and often, creativity comes from building things, and in Minecraft, building houses is one of the most popular things to do, so if you’re looking for Cool House Ideas for Minecraft, then this article will help you find 35 Cool House Ideas for Minecraft That Will Blow Your Mind.

We’ve included numerous sorts of Minecraft house designs that you may create, including timber cabins, beach cottages, urban residences, or even middle age living spaces if you’re an experienced Minecraft builder or taking on this difficult task for the first time. Every house shown on this post comes with a helpful video guide to help you put it together.

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Want to build a MEDIEVAL HOUSE then check out this video to know to build this beautiful MEDIEVAL HOUSE.

2. MINECRAFT Survival House

This is a great and cozy Survival House check this video to understand about this amazing Survival House.

3. Minecraft red roof house

This is a beautiful red roof house, great if you want to build a beautiful red roof house, and check this video to know how to start with this red roof house.

4. Minecraft three-story wooden house

Want to build a small but comfy three-story wooden house then check out this amazing video to know how to build this house.

5. Fantasy Cottage Minecraft

This is for our fantasy fans, now you can build this Fantasy Cottage in Minecraft, live your happy life in this Fantasy Cottage, and check this video to build this Fantasy Cottage.

6. Easy Wooden Survival House Minecraft

Looking for something easy to build then check out this amazing Wooden Survival House YouTube video tutorial.

7. Luxury modern house Minecraft

Looking for something modern to build then Build your modern Luxury house today with the help of this video.

8. Japanese House

If you are a fan of Japanese architecture then many find this Japanese-style house fascinating to build.

9. Oak Survival Farm House

In my opinion, this Oak Survival Farm House is the most good-looking and cozy house to build, and if you like this then you can also try this by checking this video out.


For the fan of underground houses, check out this amazing video about building an underground house in Minecraft.


Looking for something more nature-related then check out this video about building this amazing TREEHOUSE.

12. Minecraft Large Modern House

Another modern house but this one is much simpler to build best for people who are looking for an easy house to build.

13. Modern House Mansion

This one is similar to the previous one but much more appealing; watch this video to learn how to build this Modern House Mansion.

14. Japanese House

Another Japanese-style house, but on a smaller scale; watch this video to learn how to build it yourself.

15. Modern House

If you want to build a millionaire’s home for yourself, watch this video to learn how.

16. 3-Floor White Container House

If you want to build something other than a typical modern house, take a look at this 3-Floor White Container House.

17. Modern House/Villa & INTERIOR

This one is the best-looking modern house on this list by far, and to build this amazing house, you can check out this video to find out how.


Similar to the last one, this is also a new modern house for people who like modern house design.

19. Minecraft modern blue house

This is also a modern house, but for people who are looking to build small and cozy house designs.

20. Modern House

If you’re looking for an easy modern house to build, this video will show you how to make your own new modern house in Minecraft.

21. Large Modern House

Looking to build a large modern house? Then this is especially for you. Watch this video to build this amazing large modern house.

22. Modern City House

Every one of us might dream of living in a house like this, but reality or not, you can make this in Minecraft, but to do that, watch this video.

23. Starter Brick House

This is your typical fairy-tale house, and looks-wise, it’s very amazing. Watch this video to learn how to make this amazing house.

24. Easy Modern House

This is your typical celebrity’s house, design wise its very modern and pleasing to look at, watch this video to make this amazing modern house.

25. Two-Player  Survival House

For a small family, this is a great house to live in, and it is definitely very pleasing to look at, to create this two player survival house watch this video.

26. Mediterranean House

This is your old-fashioned house, again very good to look at and not very hard compared to the others in this list.

27. Ocean House

This is your Ocean House, which is really nice to look at and not too difficult to reach in comparison to the others on this list.

28. Small Modern House

This is a beautiful house to live in for a tiny family, and it is undoubtedly extremely appealing to the eye. To make this two player safety house, watch this video.

29. Large Modern House

This is your normal celebrity’s home; design-wise, it’s quite modern and eye catching; watch this video to learn how to build this fantastic modern home.

30. Jungle House

This is your standard jungle house, and it looks fantastic. Watch this video to find out how to build this incredible home.

31. Ultimate Modern House 

This might be the most modern house on this list, but it is also quite appealing to the eyes. Don’t forget to watch this video before building this amazing modern house.

32. Ultra Modern Minecraft House

This is the most advanced house on the list, yet it is also visually pleasing. Don’t forget to view this video before constructing this incredible modern home.

33. Georgian House

This is a Georgian mansion. If you appreciate this kind of building, I recommend viewing this video.

34. Desert House

You might not know what a desert house looks like, but now you do. To create this desert house, watch this video.

35. Underground House

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