CS GO Callouts For New Players (CS: GO Beginner’s Guide)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been a trendsetter since its introduction. It is considered to be one of the most competitive and one of the best esports games in the world. New players keep entering the CSGO gaming community to enjoy the intensity of this competitive game while looking for ways to get improved.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team-based game, which is apparent. Here alone, you can’t be effective. When you’re playing with others, you can constantly interact to explain your position, respond quickly to the actions of your enemies, and come up with the best possible strategies. It’s easier to use short, lightning-fast terms for this communication.

But after you’ve learned the game – even at the basic stage – it’s extremely satisfying to play Counter-Strike. It sounds great when you make the correct decision or strike your opponent’s head in a matter of milliseconds.

In this post, we’re going to learn about CS GO Callouts. This is going to be awesome for the new Cs to go, players, We are not going to list every map but we will list the most popular one.

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CS GO Callouts For New Players

Mirage Callouts

cs go callouts
Total CS:GO

Mirage is one of the most popular maps. It might be one of the most important cs go callouts in-game and It’s a good map and a lot of csgo players like it.

Some Major Map Callouts:

  • Mid – a large open field in the center of Mirage. Many fights happen here, snipers on both sides sometimes wait for their casualties on Mid.
  • B Site – one of two places to plant the bomb.
  • A Site – a place to plant the bomb, very close to CT Spawn.
  • T Spawn – terrorists launch rounds from this place.
  • A Ramp – an entry to A Location for terrorists. This position is always full of smoke, and CT eyes watch it attentively.
  • CT – counter-terrorists spawn near this location, so they reach A Site from here and often hide, waiting for opponents.
  • CT Spawn – a place for counter-terrorists to launch rounds.
  • Short Corner – a spot on the way from Mid (Catwalk) to B Place.
  • Market – a store on the way from CT Spawn to B Place.
  • Gate – to view from Business at B Place.
  • TV – a TV set in Home.
  • Cart – another intermediate region between T Spawn and Mid.
  • Arches – located between B Short and B Place.

Vertigo callouts

cs go callouts

It’s a very thin, if a little messy, map with a lot of ways to travel from one place to another. Its scale and shape allow players to rotate incredibly rapidly, which makes it distinct from other maps. … At first sight, Vertigo tends to be a good map for a riskier style of play.

Some Major Map Callouts:

  • T spawn Lower/Upper – terrorists start playing rounds here. Stairs distinguish the lower and upper spawns.
  • Generator – spot on the upper t spawn, convenient place to carry on mid
  • T Mid – the portion of Mid which is nearest to T spawn
  • Mid – the middle portion of the map between CT and T spawns. The hottest fights take place here.
  • Boost Mid – it’s a box that allows players to make a boost and keep the T mid with a nontrivial position.
  • Unfair – a kind of box that allows players to keep T and CT Mid.
  • Iron – there are metal rods near the exit after the T mid.
  • Top Mid – the portion of mid which is nearest to CT spawn.
  • CT Spawn – counter-terrorists will start playing rounds here.
  • Under mid – this is a wide corridor between B stairs and connector, that copies Mid on the ground floor.
  • Connector – it’s a hallway that links under mid and room together under elevators.
  • Bridge – it’s a stage that ties the space under elevators and Ramp. It helps players to keep the connector.
  • Backside – it’s a space like CT and plants A.
  • Haven – it’s a platform on the backside. This is a good spot for snipers to hold enemies on plant A.

Dust 2 Callouts

cs go callouts
Total CS:GO

Dust 2 is perhaps the most balanced map in the series, offering perfect reasons as to why it’s played so much. It can be very boring at times, but it is good for practicing basic CS: GO skills such as leaping, movement, target strategy, callouts, and flanking.

Some Major Map Callouts:

  • A Short – counter-terrorists spawn quite near this area. It’s the fastest path for them to A Place. For criminals, it’s a short way as well.
  • T Spawn – terrorists start playing rounds here.
  • A Long – a long corridor-like space on the way of terrorists towards A Site (if they pass through Long Doors.
  • A Cross – this area is visible from several angles, from A Low, A Long, and A Place.
  • A Ramp – a slope from A Site into A Long.
  • CT Mid – an open field between CT Spawn and B Site. Terrorists access it from Mid.
  • Suicide – rather a short way from T Spawn to Mid. It’s a rather risky way, however. Snipers of CT observe this position from Mid Doors.

CSGO Aiming Tips

Aiming is an especially challenging subject in CSGO. First off, in the same direction of your crosshair, the pistol hardly fires. Apart from your target, the motion would result in bullets flying everywhere. The bullets will deviate from the crosshair, which is due to recoil, even though you’re standing still and shooting off a whole magazine.

In most cases, this means that you can’t run and shoot. You can move quite a lot in short-distance battles with an SMG, as these weapons appear to have great running accuracy. But some form of action would give you a hard time hitting even remotely close to your target with rifles like the AK-47. There is a special and defined recoil pattern in any firearm. This means you should learn how to regulate the spray on your pistol. The more you train, the more precise you are going to be able to shoot in CSGO.

Refine your muscle memory

A typical piece of advice that most popular gamers would say to maximize your target is not to glance at the screen at all times and keep your eyes fixed on the crosshairs. That way, you still have your aim in mind as you move your crosshairs above the map.

I have written some articles about aim and muscle memory, you can read if you want.

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