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EA Brings it’s Games In Steam

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There is some good news for fans of electronic arts games. The company has just announced that it has partnered with Valve to put EA Games in the hands of players on Steam.

The partnership starts next month with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and multiplayer games such as Apex Legends and FIFA 20 are on the way to Steam too.

There will probably be more games coming in the future as EA is also bringing its EA Access subscription service to Steam.

So what does this mean for Origin? Well, for starters, it still has Origin Access, don’t worry, this is also confusing for me. Origin Access is the exclusive subscription service of the PC store, which offers a vault of more than 200 games and access to new titles (depending on whether you have Basic or Premier subscriptions).

This is the first time we have seen a subscription service on Steam. Generally, companies limit them to their own storefronts – Xbox Game Pass, Uplay +, etc. adapted to expand to the PlayStation already receiving service earlier this year.

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As the PC gaming landscape fractures — with Epic Games locking down exclusives for its store, and Blizzard and Rockstar having their own launchers — it’s encouraging to see major publishers work with potential competitors’ storefronts.

Anyway, this is great news. When rumors of a Valve-EA detainee began to emerge last week, I thought it was a misunderstanding. Seeing the walls fall around Origin is quite surprising, and although we will probably never know what agreement was made to make this happen, you should ask yourself.

It has competed with Steam in terms of sales by offering its own when Steam sales began. This could be a sign that EA is finally coming to terms with the loss of players that it has seen in recent times. And to top that off it has had it’s game releases turn out to be not so successful.

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