How to Fix Graphics Artifacts in Your Games

Artifacts are frustrating and it’s hard to find a solution, If you are currently facing graphics artifacts in your games, then don’t worry. In this article, we will be showing you the best way to fix graphics artifacts in your games.

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Fix Artifacts in Your Game Graphics

Graphics artifact usually comes in old or overclocked graphics card but it can affect any graphics card but only in rare case scenarios.

The word “artifacts” refers to visual media that has been heavily distorted. This expresses itself as various graphical artifacts in video games. You can notice missing or deformed geometry, wonky textures, flickering components, and other artifacts.



Many times you get the artifact in your games after installing or upgrading your graphics card.

It’s very easy to fix this problem, you just have to install a new driver or you can roll back to the previous driver version, and if this not works then try to reinstall the whole driver or try our other method below.


Fix Buggy Texture and Artifacts
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People face this problem majority of the time after overclocking the graphics card.

Fixing this problem is also quite easy, you can reset your overclocking with the software you use to overclock.

If this not works then you can try to underclock your GPU with MSI afterburner or your software of choice.


Problem With Cable

Fix Buggy Texture and Artifacts

If you have this issue, objects will appear when you turn on your machine, boot Windows, and play computer games.

To solve these problems, simply turn off the computer, detach the cable from the monitor, and reconnect it, as well as the connector on the system unit, or replace the cable.


Graphics Artifacts
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Many times reasons for the artifact might be overheating, check if your artifact starts after you start your game and if your artifact starts after your game then check your GPU temperature by using NVidia, Radeon, or the GPU-Z utility – determine the temperature of the video chip. 

If the temperature is high, for example, 90 degrees or near, then clean the dust off the video cards and you can also replace your thermal pad in your GPU. Or if you don’t want to do this then you can try to underclock your GPU.

Overused or Second Hand

If you have a very old GPU or you bought a used GPU, then this might also affect you and if this is already affecting you, then there are many ways to fix this.

For most used or old GPUs, you can try to clean your graphics card because most of the used GPUs have dust and weak cooling. You can see the video from Tech Yes City about how to clean your GPU.

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