Fortnite Season 11 Event Totally Destroys The Real Map


Usually, when you hear that a game is down, it’s never for a good reason. It may be that the game’s servers are overloaded, or that there are some important bugs that do not allow players to get back into action. But today, Fortnite went offline on purpose. As of this writing, millions are queuing up on YouTube and Twitch to see that nothing happens.

Fortnite Season 11 event has officially taken place, and it appears that the original Fortnite map – the Fortnite map only – is gone. The original map appears to have periodically flown up after a series of rockets under the meteorite exploded at a central point in the map. Now, all that’s left is a screen showing a black hole.

After passing through the new crevice, the meteor wreaked havoc again above the loot lake, where some more power was placed on the vault, where some more matrix-adjacent periodicals are kept. A singularity appeared on the spot, sucking up all over the map and, possibly, all of reality (in Fortnite).

But players were not put back on the map as usual. The leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 was not revealed. All that appeared was a black screen with an astronomical object in the center. At the same time, Fortnite’s social media channels began streaming the same feed. Even the official Fortnite webpage has been suppressed by Livestream.

Big changes are on the way with all the signs pointing to the new map, but I think that what’s next is bigger than just a change of scenery. We will keep an eye on the stream and update as soon as changes are made. In the meantime, start catching up with Season X’s wild times and spin some theories with us.

But if you look at the rubbish around Fortnite now? It is as if none happened. We are back in the hype-land with Fortnite and have been partially helped by all the leaks and chimes leading up to this moment.

The dominant theory is that the black hole will eventually turn into another map, possibly adding new mechanics – a leaked image showing, for example, boats, a type of vehicle not currently near Fortnite.

There is a good reason to believe that when Fortnite returns, things will be very different, otherwise, some points of interest in the game will be changed as it usually is and then has been with the previous season.

Sujeet Kumar
Gamer, Enjoy Anime and Admin.


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