FPS High But Still Stutter? Here’s How To Fix It!

You’re receiving a reasonable frame rate, but the game seems incredibly stuttery; for example, you’re getting 50 to 60 FPS on the number, but what you’re seeing is 20fps.

You tried overclocking your GPU and CPU, as well as optimizing your operating system, but nothing improved.

If you have a low-end or even a mid-range computer, you are most certainly experiencing this issue on a regular basis.

I have come up with serval fixes for this issue, and I am 90% sure that one of them will work for you.

Reduce Your Mouse Report Rate


If you have a gaming mouse, it is most likely set to a 1000 report rate, and for those who don’t know, a higher report rate means less delay between game and mouse, simply higher is better, but a higher report rate can also increase your CPU usage, which doesn’t affect high-end CPUs but can have a significant effect on low to mid-range CPUs.

Lowering your report rate can help make your game seem smoother, but it can also cause your sensitivity to feel higher, however, you can alter game sensitivity to match your previous experience.

Reduce one by one, not only to the ground but until you feel comfortable.

Balance Your Game Setting

When discussing game settings, everyone always talks about how lowering your game settings can increase your performance, which is true if you have an extremely potato pc, but the optimal thing to do in an average pc is to lower the settings that affect your CPU and GPU the most and balance the settings that make a minor difference.

Limit Your Frame Rate


Don’t just limit your fps within the game or NVidia control panel, because that will make thing worse, and I honestly don’t know the exact reason but limiting your fps with RivaTuner Statistics Server make the game feel more smoother and consistent.

Limit the FPS to the refresh rate of your monitor, not just any amount. This implies that if you have a display with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, limit your frame rate to 60. If you are hitting lower fps than your monitor refresh rate, limit to something average. For example, if you are hitting fps of 40 to 50, reducing your fps to 45 fps might be beneficial to your experience.

Sujeet Kumar
Gamer, Enjoy Anime and Admin.

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