Best Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games on Steam [2023]

Are you a fan of puzzle games? Are you on the lookout for some great multiplayer puzzle games that you can enjoy with your friends without spending a single penny? In this article, we have compiled a list of the best free multiplayer puzzle games on Steam, from co-op adventures to virtual escape rooms. With a range of gameplay styles and difficulties, there’s sure to be a puzzle game for everyone on this list. So grab a friend, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and get ready to dive into the world of puzzles and brain teasers. Let’s get started!

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Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games

PROJECT: PLAYTIME is an exciting free-to-play multiplayer horror game that puts players in a team of six, who must work together to create a massive toy while avoiding being hunted by a terrifying monster. The game is set in a toy factory, and players must solve cryptic puzzles and avoid the monsters that roam the closed-off areas to retrieve the toy parts. With a 6v1 battle of survival, players must work together to solve puzzles, craft the toy, and avoid getting caught by the Monster. One player takes on the role of the Monster, who must find and eliminate all the players to win the game. The game offers several character options, each with unique skills that can be used to catch and kill the other players. PROJECT: PLAYTIME promises a thrilling gaming experience for those who love horror and want a free Multiplayer puzzle game.

9. Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories

Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games

Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories is another choice for anyone looking for an exciting and challenging co-operative escape-room-style puzzle game. With a series of mini-stories designed for 1-5 players, each scenario presents a unique challenge that players must overcome to escape. The game is based on various puzzles that require players to use their intelligence and problem-solving skills to succeed. One of the mini-stories, “Jail Breakout,” is available for free, and players take on the role of a thief who must escape from prison. The game’s puzzles are designed to keep players engaged and provide a satisfying gaming experience. With its focus on teamwork, Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories is a perfect free multiplayer puzzle Game to play together.

8. Puzzle Together Multiplayer Jigsaw Puzzles

Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games

If you’re a fan of jigsaw puzzles, then Puzzle Together Multiplayer Jigsaw Puzzles is a must-try game. It’s a free-to-play multiplayer puzzle game that allows you to enjoy jigsaw puzzle fun with friends and players from around the world. The game features millions of beautiful images of all types, and players can also upload their own pictures to create custom puzzles. The best part is that players can create any puzzle they can imagine by simply describing it, making it a unique gaming experience. With voice chat, players can communicate and work together as if they’re sitting around the same table.

Puzzle Together Multiplayer Jigsaw Puzzles also have features like 3D pieces and physics, providing a realistic puzzle-making experience. Players can automatically sort pieces by edges or color, making the game even more enjoyable and convenient. Overall, Puzzle Together Multiplayer Jigsaw Puzzles is a fantastic game for anyone who loves puzzles and wants a free multiplayer puzzle game.

7. In Sink: A Co-Op Escape Prologue

Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games

In Sink: A Co-Op Escape Prologue is a thrilling free multiplayer puzzle game that takes you on an adventure of two friends who are shipwrecked on a mysterious island. As players embark on their journey, they must travel through various themed rifts to other worlds, where they’ll encounter a series of puzzles, escape rooms, and mysteries to solve. The game is a co-op only game, and players must work together to clear the escape rooms, solve puzzles and successfully escape the island.

In Sink: A Co-Op Escape Prologue is a challenging game that requires players to be in sync with each other. Players must think creatively, use their problem-solving skills and coordinate with their partner to overcome the different challenges in each themed rift. The game is perfect for players who love puzzles, mysteries, and co-op adventures.

The game’s unique feature is its emphasis on co-operation and teamwork. Victory in In Sink: A Co-Op Escape Prologue requires players to work together, be in sync with each other and combine their strengths to overcome the various challenges.

In summary, In Sink: A Co-Op Escape Prologue is a must-try game for anyone who loves puzzles, mysteries, and co-op adventures. With its thrilling gameplay, challenging puzzles, and emphasis on teamwork, this game is sure to provide an unforgettable gaming experience.

6. We Were Here

Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games

We Were Here is an intriguing cooperative puzzle game that is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. The game begins with two players trapped inside an abandoned castle, each having different roles and abilities. Player One is confined to a small area of the castle while Player Two roams the halls in search of them. To make matters worse, the castle is filled with challenging puzzles that require both players to work together and communicate clearly with only their voices.

The game’s atmospheric thriller setting is inspired by Castle Rock, Antarctica, and is sure to keep you captivated. You’ll need to explore the castle’s intriguing environments, search for clues, and use your wits to overcome the obstacles in your way. With each player having a completely different game experience, the puzzles are designed to challenge your teamwork skills and keep you engaged throughout.

If you’re looking for a thrilling cooperative puzzle game that will test your communication and problem-solving skills, then We Were Here is a must-play game for you.

5. DYO

Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games

DYO is a local co-op puzzle platformer that will put your problem-solving skills to the test. Take control of two Minotaurs who are trapped in a cursed labyrinth, split apart by a seemingly impassable maze. The only way to escape is to combine your efforts and merge the split screen to navigate through the treacherous levels. Use your brains, not brawn, to manipulate the level structures and carve out a path to the exit.

With 30 carefully crafted levels to conquer, you’ll need to think creatively and work together to solve the numerous mind-boggling challenges that await you. DYO offers 3-4 hours of playtime, with more levels to come, providing a fun and challenging co-op experience for one or two players. So, gather a friend and put your teamwork skills to the test in this immersive puzzle platformer.

4. Unsolved Case

Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games

Unsolved Case is the thrilling prequel to the Cryptic Killer series that takes players on a journey to uncover the origins of the deadly game. As the detective duo Old Dog and Ally, players will be tasked with solving a labyrinth of challenging puzzles and codes set by the devious Cryptic Killer. With only each other to rely on, players must work together to unravel the mystery and find a way out of this dangerous situation.

In this free game designed for two players, you’ll get a taste of the sinister world of Cryptic Killer and test your skills in a 30-60 minute adventure.

3. Tales of Escape

Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games

In “Tales of Escape,” players take on the role of adventurers who are trying to escape from challenging scenarios, using their wits and teamwork to solve a series of increasingly complex puzzles. With six different multiplayer escape room adventures to choose from, players can dive into a variety of exciting and unique stories.

In one such adventure, players find themselves trapped in the abandoned Black Rock Mine, a location that has become legendary for its lost gold and the supposed “living-dead” miners who still guard it. As players explore the depths of the mine, they must solve a series of challenging puzzles and uncover clues to help them escape before their oxygen runs out. With the clock ticking down, the pressure is on to work together and find a way out before it’s too late!

Tales of Escape is a thrilling free multiplayer Puzzle Game on Steam, this escape room game is designed for virtual reality or desktop PC.

2. Escape Room – Der kranke Kollege

Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games

Escape Room – Der kranke Kollege is a thrilling game that immerses you in a realistic escape room experience. As you start the game, you find yourself trapped in a room, and the only way out is to solve puzzles, combine objects, and interpret clues.

The game offers free movement in a 3D environment, allowing you to explore every corner of the room and inspect objects in great detail. The puzzles are challenging, requiring you to use your wits and logic to find a way out.

As you progress through the game, you’ll uncover a haunting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The hint system will help you if you get stuck, but be careful not to rely on it too much!

Escape Room – Der kranke Kollege can be played as a single player, but it’s also possible to team up with 2-6 players in a multiplayer coop mode. Escape Room – Der kranke Kollege is one of the best free multiplayer puzzle games on Steam with over 8k+ Very Positive reviews.

1. The Timeless Child – Prologue

Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games

The Timeless Child – Prologue is a thrilling and immersive 2-player puzzle-adventure game that takes players on a journey through time and space to save Emily Wells from her endless temporal prison. With a first-person view, players will explore the ancient Wells Manor, a 16th-century villa steeped in history and secrets, from two different temporal perspectives.

As Chris Hunt, a skilled hunter on call, or Emily Wells, a child trapped in the past, players will need to work together to solve puzzles that require cooperation and logic to complete. The game features five unique puzzles, each with its own design and solution approach, putting players’ exploratory and descriptive abilities, coordination, logic, and reflexes to the test.

The Timeless Child – Prologue is a tale about family, bonds, and secrets that will keep players engaged and excited throughout the game. If you’re a fan of puzzle games and are looking for a challenge and free multiplayer puzzle games on Steam, this game is the perfect choice.

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