4 Next Big Thing in Gaming: Future of Gaming [2020]

In current years gaming becomes a very big thing and continues to become bigger if you are wondering what is next big industry then gaming is one of them.

Whether, if you are gaming or non-gamer you can all agree that gaming is becoming way better than other entertainment resources because here in gaming, interaction is the key because games require interaction, player. In a game, the player himself is the protagonist, but in movies, it’s not the case.

That’s it for why gaming is better, and to start talking about the real topic here the Future of Gaming.

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Future of Gaming

Cloud Gaming

future of gaming

If you are constantly active in gaming then you heard about cloud gaming, and it can be the future of gaming, and here is why and why not.

In the future, you might don’t have to carry a heavy gaming laptop or any other high-spec devices, you can just play your favorite pc or consoles games on your smartphone or any other devices that access the internet.

There is currently three major Cloud Gaming service.

  • Google Stadia
  • xCloud
  • GeForce Now

All these major Cloud Gaming services are quite impressive if you know how new Cloud Gaming is.

Right now, the only disadvantage cloud gaming has is increased latency and dependence on a good internet connection.

VR Gaming

Future of Gaming
Justin Tse

Virtual reality gaming is where a person can feel being in a three-dimensional atmosphere and interact with that scene during a game. 

VR makes its continued drive into the gaming world and can become Future of Gaming.

The VR gaming as a service, the industry made $286.7 million latter years, according to SuperData Research, but could turn $2.3 billion industry by 2020.

But there are a few disadvantages of VR Gaming like not having enough space to play VR or not having enough games for VR if you are looking for the best games for VR then check out our post about the best VR games.

Mobile Gaming

Future of Gaming

Mobile Gaming is the future of Gaming. Smartphones are getting more reliable and powerful each day. Processor manufacturers like Snapdragon, Samsung, and MediaTek are coming up with strong mobile processors with upgraded gaming performance.

Multiple PC and Console gaming developers are now concentrating on Mobile games now. The main purpose of this is accessibility. Everyone has a phone which can game, so certainly, they will create a game to play with.

Many games like pubg to cod and upcoming apex legends and more to come but as other gaming mobile gaming also has many disadvantages like not having enough quality games or having a small screen can also affect your gaming experience.


Screen Rant

In games with online gaming functionality, the cross-platform explained as the ability of players using different video game devices to play with each other simultaneously like playing games between pc, Xbox, and ps4.

There are so many games who have crossplay feature and continue to add this feature in their games, games like Fortnite, COD, Minecraft, and many more and upcoming games are also likely coming with this crossplay feature, and in future upcoming games, crossplay is a much-needed feature because how close pc and console gaming become in terms of performance.

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