Best Games Like Banished [2023]

Banished is a city-building strategy game in which you play as an exiled group of travelers attempting to survive in a harsh, unforgiving environment. Many people like playing the game Banished. There are, however, other games that provide a comparable experience.

For those looking for something new to play, this post will cover some of the greatest games similar to Banished.


Games Like Banished

1. Anno 2055

Best Games Like Banished
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In Anno 2205, join humanity’s ultimate journey into the future with the hope of a positive future. You will rule Earth, creating rich, thriving civilizations and enormous industrial structures, but in order to ensure the wealth of your population, you need to journey into the cosmos.

It is, without a doubt, the most gorgeous Anno game in the Anno strategic franchise. It includes several significant modifications, primarily to the game’s financial system. Several things are simpler to deal with. Nonetheless, the game has enough opportunity to assist you to improve your city. However, there is no online multiplayer, storyline, or hard situations; instead, it has evolved into multi-session gaming, which combines all of these game types in a persistent game environment.

Without a question, Anno 2205 is the greatest game in the franchise so far in this. The mix of precisely crafted city-building and financial system games creates an engaging and difficult-to-implement away your experience.

2. Folk Tale

Best Games Like Banished

Folk Tale is a sandbox fiction city-building tactical game in which you command a bunch of villagers in building a tiny village into a booming tiny village, meanwhile, the villainous Slavemaster Urzal and his followers plan your destruction. Hear the rallying cry and lead groups of heroes into the wilds to battle back the tide of evil in an endlessly replayable game.

Whether you want to rule with tyranny and oppression, or with democracy and equality, you have a choice. Play as a ruthless expansionist hell-bent on ruin or a gold-hoarding mercantilist in this game. You never know how the storyline will evolve in Folk Tale because of the unpredictable happenings and variable storyline.

3. Age Of Empires

Best Games Like Banished
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Another solid choice for fans of Banished is Age of Empires This latest game in the long-running series takes set during the medieval period (1100-1599) and includes many new mechanics not seen in previous titles.

For example, there is now a focus on religion, with players able to convert opposing civilizations to their faith. There’s also a new card system that lets players personalize their soldiers, giving them even more control over how they play. Overall, Age of Empires is worth a look if you’re looking for an engaging RTS set in the Middle Ages.

4. Forest Village

Life is Feudal: Forest Village on Steam

Continue your search for a game that looks similar to Banished in this. Forest Village is entertaining, providing an interesting albeit rather a modest city construction sim. You must use each commodity and every building site carefully in order to create the finest possible environment for your tiny refugees to stay in and establish a new way of life.

They’ll have to go searching for food, start raising animals, and maintain their harvests. You’ll gain access to a variety of fun features and also new objectives. Woods Villages combines the strategic game with town construction in one pack, with disasters, sickness, and periodic difficulties.

5. Empire Earth

Best Games Like Banished

Empire Earth is a real-time strategy game developed by the primary creator of Age of Empires that allows you to determine the future of a budding civilization across 500,000 years of human history. Choose any period in history and build a civilization that will last through the centuries and rule the globe.

The most compelling aspect is that each of the epochs has different sets of units, heroes, and buildings, translating into over 200 different combat units, structures, and era-appropriate historical heroes. Empire Earth is a game with a lot to offer.

6. Frostpunk

Frostpunk - Frostpunk - The City Must Survive - Steam News

Frostpunk is simply one of the greatest city-building games out there, with steampunk ideas and a multi-part storyline that covers four campaigns. The fact that there are just four campaigns is a tremendous tribute to 11 Bit Studios’ creators, who have crafted such a remarkable experience, complete with sad decisions at every step.

Because recollections of what happened as a result of previous acts may lead future possibilities down alternative courses, the game’s cruelty can have long-lasting ramifications that carry over into subsequent play-throughs. This title might be the ideal pick for those searching for a more relaxed ‘Banished’ experience.

7. Northgard

Best Games Like Banished
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Northgard is a fantastic game to play. Fans of Banished including those fascinated by multiplayer strategies will like it. It also feels, appears, and has a lot of extra content. The single-player adventure is excellent and entertaining as well.

This strategy game is based on Norse mythology, and you play as a Viking clan vying for control of a strange unknown territory known as Northgard. The greatest Northmen have launched ships to find and conquer these new territories, bringing honor to their Clan and creating history through conquest, commerce, and reverence for the Gods. That is if they can avoid the fearsome Wolves and Undead Warriors stalking the land.

8. Dawn of Discovery


Since Anno 1404 is a piece of the Anno franchise, it’s a fun short city-building game that must test your abilities to get things correctly. It’ll all come down to harbor control and assuring your ships can go out onto the open water, so you’ll need to know exactly what you’re up against it.

It also has some great fighting aspects, which, when combined with the game’s fascinating variety of town development and administration capabilities, guarantee that you have something genuinely fun to play. If you like Banished, this is really a must-try; it’s unique, but not always greater.

9. Endzone – A World Apart

Endzone - A World Apart: Distant Places on Steam
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Endzone is a post-apocalyptic survival city-builder in which you lead a group of survivors to rebuild civilization after a worldwide nuclear apocalypse. Construct a new habitat for them and assure their survival on a planet devastated by incessant radiation, poisonous rainfall, harsh weather, and floods.

If you’re a fan of the genre or just curious about Banished, it features a little bit of everything, including testing with layout configurations to allow players to analyze how well they’d do in a similar situation.

10. Going Medieval

Going Medieval on

In this colony-building simulation, establish your position and weather the storms of the Middle Ages. Build a multi-story castle in territory that has been reclaimed by the forest, protect against attacks, and keep your residents comfortable while the landscape surrounding them shapes their life.

Going Medieval is a fantastic colony-building simulation with a huge future and some space for development. Even in its existing Early Access condition, it’s a huge amount of fun and has a lot of gameplay because of its wide personalization. With so many choices to pick from, you may make it as hard as possible.

Going Medieval is a lot of fun, with plenty of intriguing mechanics to learn and a wonderful environment to discover.

11. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars on Steam

Surviving Mars is a science-fiction city-building game in which you must colonize Mars and survive the journey. Choose a space agency to give equipment and financial support before picking on a location for your colony. Create domes and infrastructure, explore new options, and utilize robots to uncover increasingly sophisticated ways to build and expand your community.

After a hard day at work, relax at the bar by growing your own foodstuff, collecting resources, or simply chilling. However, keeping your colonists surviving is the most major element. This is a difficult task in a weird new environment.

12. Pharaoh: A New Era

Pharaoh: A New Era on Steam

One of the first Civilization games requires players to construct a huge Egyptian town along the Nile River, including farmland, granaries, and landmarks. Although fans of Banished may find it somewhat similar, there is enough diversity and creativity to keep things intriguing.

However, Pharaoh: A New Era is being created with all-new technology via Dotemu and Triskell Interactive, and will feature the 2000 addition, Cleopatra: Queens of the Nile, as well as all-new 2D visuals, a completely fresh UI, and enhanced gameplay.

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