Gaming mouse vs Regular mouse The Real Winner

So, you’re probably wondering what’s the difference between a gaming mouse and a regular optical mouse.

Well, if you tend to play games that demand plenty of reaction-based actions, such as real-time strategy or first-person shooter games.

When you’re playing a game you want your results to come down to your personal skill, what you don’t want is out-of-game elements affecting your in-game score/performance.

In this article, we are discussing the difference between a Gaming Mouse vs Regular Mouse.

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Gaming Mouse vs Regular Mouse

What’s Different

Gaming Mouse vs Regular Mouse
  • Gaming mice have improved build quality.
  • Gaming mice have extra programmable buttons.
  • Gaming mice have fancy designs and RGB lighting.
  • Gaming mice have mouse software.
  • Ergonomic advantages
  • Reliable and consistent in-game performance

More often than not gaming mice use optical sensors whereas regular mice, especially older mice, will use laser sensors.

Both sensor types capture thousands of images of the surface and then translate that into mouse movement on the screen.

A gaming mouse will have lower latency as compared to a regular office mouse.

It comes with better software to customize the tweaking, it supports high DPI (also known as CPI or counts/inch) settings.


Sensor technology can be a bit confusing. Most of the time, gaming mice use optical sensors, while normal mice, especially older mice, will use laser sensors. Both types of sensors capture thousands of surface images and then translate them to the movement of the mouse on the screen.

A laser mouse can work on almost any flat surface because it is very sensitive. Optical sensors will not work on all surfaces and are ideally used with a mouse pad.

In this case, you might wonder what the difference would be between a gaming mouse and a normal optical mouse.

Therefore, if you play games that would demand a lot of reaction-based actions, such as a first-person shooter or real-time strategy games, then you would definitely know that sensitivity and reliability would be very important.

Gaming Mouse Benefit

Gaming Mouse vs Regular Mouse

Targeting, aiming, attacking, slashing, some important actions in a PC game that happen with the click of the mouse.

A gaming mouse must offer smooth and responsive tracking, reliable connectivity, and other basic scrolling and click functions.

However, it takes more than these basic functionalities to make a perfect gaming mouse.

The main difference you’re going to see between a regular mouse and a gaming mouse is the sensitivity.

To put it simply, the higher the DPI (dots per inch) of the mouse, the greater the sensitivity will be.

In terms of other benefits that you would be able to enjoy from using a gaming mouse, some of them have been listed below.

It’s one thing for the mouse to fit your hand; it’s another for it to feel right as you move it across your mouse pad. This mouse feels is determined by weight.

Price, Performance, And Conclusion

Overall, a gaming mouse is a wise investment if you’re looking to get something that’s going to perform much better than a standard mouse.

Even the cheapest gaming mouse will run you between $30 and $40, and the best can cost much more than that.

A gaming mouse is not a shortcut to top-level play. The real reason why gamers prefer gaming mice? Comfort, options, and the coolness factor.

The real reason why gamers tend to prefer gaming mice would be because of the options, comfort, and coolness factor that it tends to provide.

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