10 Best Hide And Seek Games On PC

We’ve all played Hide And Seek at some point in our lives, but as time passes, we have to move on. However, we can’t let such a great experience pass us by, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Hide And Seek Games On PC in this post.

Best Hide And Seek Games On PC

1. Unspottable

Unspottable on Steam

Unspottable is a couch multiplayer party game that accommodates two to four people. Use the numerous different environmental rules, blend in with the horde of AI avatars, and track down other people to achieve victory. It was a tried and true approach for combining hide-and-seek components into a game, but it really benefits from Unspottable’s unusually colorful and bubbly style.

2. Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer on Steam

A group of burglars tries to rescue his buddy from the creepy neighbor’s house basements inside this multiplayer thriller game called Secret Neighbor. The only problem is that one of the thieves is actually the neighbor who has disguised himself. It was just an issue of time until we got a multi-player turn based on the original as the psychological horror game in Secret Neighbor has always possessed a hide-and-find appeal to that too.

3. Witch It

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Witch it A beautiful, mysterious cosmos serves as the backdrop for this multiplayer game of hide and seek. The elusive witches that haunt their communities are the target of courageous hunters! The Hunters want you to discover them as they saunter through unassuming towns, far-off islands, and odd woodlands in search of clues and surprises. Every match will be distinctive and intriguing since each map has a different array of props!

4. Light Bearers

Light Bearers on Steam

In the multiplayer asymmetric hide-and-seek videogame Light Bearers, one player takes on the role of the Shadow each round, while the remaining individuals take on the role of Light Bears and try to escape becoming infested by the Shadow. Once infected, Light Bears change into Shadow Bears and start working for the Shadow in an effort to hunt and infect more Light Bears.

5. Among Us

Among Us on Steam

Superb multiplayer gameplay like that found in Among Us is sorely lacking right now. If you can get up to nine friends and establish two-way audio, you’ll enjoy one of the finest fun games of 2020, even if I wouldn’t advise playing this vs random strangers. You shouldn’t have any problem getting a group of friends together to play a game of hide and seek in Among Us as it’s one of the most well-known multiplayer games available.

6. Dead by Daylight

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Although Dead by Daylight is by no means outstanding, it does offer a thrilling experience as both a killer and a survivor. There is constant activity since the levels are low. Playing with buddies is necessary since that enhances the overall experience.  one player assumes the role of the vicious Killer while the remaining four guys take on the roles of Survivors striving to escape the Killer without being captured and dead.

7. Rust

Rust on Steam

To really appreciate the possibilities of Rust, a dynamic cooperative survival game, you must have persistence and patience. Its player engagement mechanics are always interesting and serve as a superb catalyst for player-to-player natural storytelling conflicts.

Because it is solely concerned with multiplayer, it lacks a conventional finale, but the unpredictable nature offered by its social aspect more than makes up for this.

You may easily investigate and even engage in a game of hide-and-seek on certain other Rust servers, though, which provide non-combatant circumstances.

8. Garry’s Mod

Garry's Mod on Steam

Even without the original Prop Hunt in Garry’s Mods, no collection of hide and seek videogames would have been perfect.

Physic-based sandbox game Garry’s Mod is available online. There are no set objectives or goals, unlike conventional games. Once we’ve given you the resources you need, we’ll let you handle the rest on your own.

The most well-known invention to date is called Prop Hunt, in which participants hold physical objects while someone else tries to locate them and determine whose prop they are portraying.

9. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown on Steam

A gripping first-person shooter with PvPvE components, Hunt: Showdown is hide-stakes and action-packed. Knockdown terrifying beasts as you compete for the rewards that will bring you honor, gear, and money in this merciless – and memorable – multiplayer experience.

This is a strong competitive shooter if you’re ready to put in the effort and endure the delayed character development.

10. SpyParty

SpyParty on Steam

SpyParty is a multiplayer spy simulation that emphasizes fundamental human behavior. A sniper with a single bullet glances inwardly at a posh cocktail party while a spy hides in plain view and tries to blend in with the other attendees while trying to perform assignments.

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